New French France Layout Keyboard With Backlight For Macbook Pro Unibody 13&Quot; A1278 Mb990 Mc374 2009 2010 2011 Year Laptop

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$55.00 - 60.00 / pc
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1 Piece pc
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100 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month
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Brand New  !  French / France   Layout  keyboard with backlight  For  Macbook Pro Unibody  13" A1278  MB990LL/A  MC374LL/A  2009  2010  2011 Year Version   Laptop  



  • Keyboard Layout :  French  / France   ( Keyboard "  Enter " Key shape like " 7 " )

  • Condition:  Brand New & 100% Working

  • Color: Black

  • Content  : keyboard come with  backlight Paper

  • Warranty : 12 Months

  • Suitable For Laptop Computer:  For  Macbook Pro Unibody  13" A1278 2009  2010  2011 Year Version   Laptop model



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Q:I have my keyboard connected to a USB connection now. I want to move it to the regular keyboard connection with the adapter thats next to the mouse. when I do that my system won't recognize it and I get an error message telling me to plug in the keyboard. Any ideas?
Used to be, most USB keyboards also understood how to talk to the old PS/2 ports, and all you needed was a physical adapter to change the USB plug to a PS/2 plug. However, lately, keyboard manufacturers have taken out PS/2 support and the keyboards ONLY know USB. Look at the label on the keyboard to see if it claims to support PS/2. If it only says USB, you need a different keyboard - one that supports PS/2. --N
Q:Hey, My parents had gotten me a keyboard a year ago and I haven't really been interested in it till now. I've tried looking up the keys to it but there usually isn't enough letters. My keyboard has like 33 keys on it. (not counting the black ones.) Can anyone help?
change it to LOGITECH keyboard this are the standards once . i never heard of 33keys keyboard . May be its mini keyboard.
Q:I have an old imac with osx but i have no keyboard, i looked up how to get onscreen keyboard but didnt find one with click mouse functinality anyone know if there is such a thing?
Windows has no ability to make a picture from a screen shot. All it can do is store it in the clipboard. You must next open some blank document (Word, Paint) and paste the results. To capture a full-screen shot into the clipboard Shift Fn F11 (If your functions key controls the hardware) Shift F11 (If your function keys behave as normal functions keys) To capture a screenshot of the active window into the clipboard option Shift Fn F11 (If your functions keys control the hardware) option Shift F11 (If your function keys behave as normal functions keys) As always with Windows, you must next open some blank document (Word, Paint) and paste the results. EDIT: Your welcome! Ummm What's the next step, Best Answer?
Q:I have an electronic keyboard (musical) what is the best way to clean it and to keep it clean.
Canned air, compressed air, whatever you call it. You can get a can from an office supply store. I would never put any kind of cleaning solvent on a keyboard, musical or otherwise.
Q:i have a pc and i use a mac keyboard.
Q:If i take piano classes on a piano and I get a keyboard, will the keys still be the same or is there such thing as classes for the keyboard? Because I think the keyboard is more portable but I want to take piano classes :)
The most important is to remember that piano's have weighted keys and keyboards have not. If your goal is to play piano it is imperative to have weighted keys on whathever you prefer to play and I strongly advice you to never consider a keyboard in that case. If you are looking for portability you can look for portable digital pianos which also can be transported and have weighted keys.
Q:What is the Troubleshooting method
?that the motherboard PS/2 interface, you can consider using the USB keyboard or to repair.
Q:How would I set up a keyboard on stage? My keyboard is a Yamaha PSR E413. How would I use guitar cables/ instrument cables to connect my keyboard to speakers that are on stage? This is so that my keyboard will directly be connected to speakers. I would plug one end into my keyboard's Phones/ Output port, but where would I plug the other end into? What components do I need?If this is in the wrong section, I'm sorry!
You need an amp of some kind -- a keyboard amp or even a guitar amp (keyboards don't sound very good through guitar amps, but they'll do in a pinch). You plug into your amp, and this is where you hear your sound. I don't know what kind of outputs your keyboard has, so you might have to use an adapter(s) with a guitar cable to plug into the amp. Sometimes you can also plug your keyboard or your amp directly into the house PA system so the sound of your keyboard gets mixed in there, too. This is in addition to the vocals and the drum microphones and the microphones on the guitar amps, etc. that also go to the house PA. Sometimes there won't be a place for you to plug your keyboard into the house PA and your amp will have to be what everyone hears. You need an amp of your own. EDIT: Thumbs down? Really? Is my answer incorrect? You got a better answer? Let's hear it.
Q:how can i program my keyboard to open itunes. and mozilla firefox? i have like the keys for internet home nd my computer nd music keys and that stuff on the keyboard.
Find your keyboard driver program thinger and change the file locations to the ones you want. With a little thing called a desktop and quick launch bar I dont see why every thing needs to be on the keyboard but whatever.
Q:I want to attach an additional keyboard to my thinkpad so that two people can play a multiplayer game togethor using the keyboards. My question is if i attach and extra keyboard to my laptop would the laptop's keypad also work or would only one of them, the laptop's keypad or the external keyboard work?
specific,u could desire to run diablo 3 quite a lot.diablo 3 became began progression some time past in 2001,ur laptop can easily run diablo 3.they simply remastered with HD upload on in 2010 and launch in 2012

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