Wholesale Mini Bluetooth Keyboard/Mini Wireless Keyboard

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Wholesale Mini Bluetooth Keyboard/Mini Wireless Keyboard


1. Products Description For Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

This product is design for iPad2/iPad3, foldable bluetooth keyboard,with headset design, can use for talk and view chat, easy to use. 

  • With laptop keyboard design, good outlook and feeling;

  • Inside with rechargable lithium battery, could be used for a long time;

  • When you do not use, pls slide the two sides to fold the keyboard; 

  • Charging time is about 2 hours,using time is 40 hours after fully charged;

  • With different keys, easy to use; 

  • Headphone could disassembly out of this product and freely to use for iPad,iPhone;


2. Including Accessories For Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Micro USB Charging Cable × 1   
Wired telephone handset × 1           


3. User Manual For Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

  • When using the keyboard to pair with the iPad, expand the keyboard to click "CONNECT" button. The Bluetooth LED will be flashing blue light (the keyboard will be in the detecting state for 3 minutes until the pairing is completed) When pairing, iPad will be prompted  to enter password. Press the enter key to complete the pairing. No need to enter the password again for the late use.

  • For charging for the keyboard, use fitted the USB charging cable to get access with a PC or iPad AC adapter. When charging, the battery LED indicator is red. When fully charged, LED light will be bright blue.

  • Keyboard is with low voltage alarm. Red LED light is blinking when the battery life is low. Users can charge the keyboard using the above method.

  • When the handset access iPad to make voice calls, hang-up button on the handset cannot interrupt calls (Note: answer / hang-up button on the handset, can only be used in a normal call that the handset alone access to the iPhone).

  • When the keyboard is not in use, the keyboard is foldable. Then the keyboard can be power off. This state does not affect the charging process of the keyboard. 


4. Packing Method:

QTY: 20PCS         

N.W: 17.10KGS    

G.W: 18.64KGS    




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Q:Usb keyboard keeps pressing - button?
i think your usb keyboard has technical problems. have you been using that usb keyboard before you spill the water on your laptop keyboard. if you haven't and if your keyboard is new, then it must be the keyboard with problems.
Q:swedish computer keyboard?
Well, okorder
Q:French Computer Keyboards?
French okorder
Q:Keyboard Beats?
The majority of hip hop beats made by producers now a days are created using two componentsa sampler/sequencer and a keyboard.the most popular sampler/sequencer on the market today is the MPC-2000XL made by AKAI. MPC's are considered the standard in the hip hop industry. Sampler/Sequencers usually create the drums, bass, hi hats etc. The most popular keyboards for hip hop use are the Roland Phantom, Yamaha MOTIF, Korg Triton and the ASR-10. Dr. Dre has been known to have at least four MPCs in the studio with an ASR-10 for instrumentation. BEST ANSWERS PLEASE :)
Q:How do I connect my Bluetooth virtual keyboard to my iPad 2?
Using a bluetooth keyboard on the iPad is easy. The iPad’s on-screen keyboard works fine but if you are going to do a lot of typing a physical keyboard may be more convenient. If you already have a bluetooth keyboard I recommend that you try it with your ipad. Here is how to get the iPad to recognize your keyboard. 1. Go to settings, general, bluetooth and turn on bluetooth. The iPad will start searching for bluetooth devices. 2. Hold the power button on the keyboard for 5 to 10 seconds or until it shows up. 3. Select the keyboard on the iPad. 4. A pop up will be displayed with a pin number. 5. Type the pin number on the keyboard and hit enter. It should indicate that your keyboard is connected, now you can use your bluetooth keyboard. When you need to type the on-screen keyboard will not be displayed, which is good since you don’t need it.
Q:Acer Aspire Broken Keyboard?
Because it is acer. Cheap crap
Q:The enV touch keyboard?
of course you silly goose!
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, small manufacturers can only use the most basic standard, because of poor quality and even make the keyboard key distribution range
Q:PS/2 Keyboard?
The keyboard should be plugged into the purple socket, the green one is for a PS/2 mouse. Considering how as little as £10 - £15 will buy you a nice new USB keyboard it might be worth considering upgrading.
Q:Help wit my keyboard?
hi the lost and wandering soul, you won't be lost of you would take the advice from the yahoo answer services and do buy yourself a new keyboard and trust me you can buy some good ones now. some that lights up or with bigger keys for less mistakes. and plus they are cheap this year and it seems like every place is selling them but i recommend the company that you bought your computer from. Why? it will work with your computer better than another name. good luck i hope i was helpful to you

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