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The unique digital gift Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for your teacher, your Supervisor, your Manager also you son. That is very amazing and novel!!! We can print any logo and Language you want on the Keyboard for you. No matter how many piece, just one we also can print for you!!! We also can help you to design the logo and the word you want to say!!! Just let me know who you want to sent, I can give you some suitable gift ideal!!!


The score of MINI Keyboard:

Mini Keyboards are the practical tools of teachers, trainers, experts, scholars, professors, speech personnel and business personnel. it also a exquisite business gifts or advertising gifts, available for colleges, universities, primary, middle schools, scientific research, government agencies, enterprises institutions,  training institutions, hospitals, hotels and other products in the show, business, conferences, report, recruit, bidding explanation, course training, all kinds of business communication ect;

Remote control laser pointer is the necessary accessories of notebook computer and projector.


 Keyboard Compatibility List Apple Mac and Sony Playstation3 system

They are same as the Microsoft Windows XP OS

Google Android OS

HTC Dream-G1

HTC Hero-G2


HTC Magic

Samsung Galaxy



Nokia Symbian S60 OS

Nokia 3250

Nokia 5320 XM

Nokia 5500

Nokia 5700

Nokia 6110N

Nokia 6120C

Nokia 6210N

Nokia 6220C

Nokia 6290

Nokia 6650F

Nokia E50

Nokia E51

Nokia E60

Nokia E61/E61I/E62

Nokia E63

Nokia E65

Nokia E66

Nokia E70

Nokia N71

Nokia E90

Nokia E71

Nokia N73

Nokia N76

Nokia N78

Nokia N79

Nokia N80

Nokia N81

Nokia N82

Nokia N85

Nokia N91

Nokia N93

Nokia N95

Nokia N96

Samsung G840/G818

Samsung i400/i408

Samsung i450/i458

Samsung i550/i558

Samsung i560/i568

Samsung i7110

Samsung I8510

Samsung L870/L878

LG KT610

Samsung i9300

Samsung i9220

Samsung i9100

Samsung N7100




Microsoft Windows Mobile6.0 OS

HTC P3470


HTC P3350

HTC P4350

HTC 818Pro

HTC 838Pro

HTC C800

HTC D600

HTC D810

HTC P3400

HTC P3300


HTC P3600i

HTC M700

HTC P3000

HTC C500

HTC C730

HTC S730

HTC S740

HTC S710

HTC Touch Diamond2

HTC Touch Diamond

HTC Touch Cruise

HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch 3G

HTC Touch Viva

HTC Touch Pro

HTC Touch Dual

HTC Touch


Samsung i710

Samsung i780

Samsung i200

Samsung i900

Samsung i908E

Samsung SGH-i617

Lenovo ET600e

Lenovo ET880


Motorola Q8

Motorola Q9










Items Problems and answer

Q: Dose the bluetooth is better or the 2.4G wireless

A: If you device have USB post, I think you buy the 2.4G is better, cause the 2.4G no need to connect with the bluetooth, plug the usb in the device can use, and not limited with the control range, Suitable for Desktop, laptop, Smart TV and so on.

    If you device dont have USB post, you need to buy the bluetooth one, Likw the Smart phone and the ipad. Cause you need to connect with the bluetooth device, then it can work.
Q: How to connect with bluetooth
A: That is very easy. First you need keep the mini keyboards bluetooth device open, then open you device bluetooth( Smart phone, Ipad) to search the mini keyboards bluetooth, and you can connect
Q: If I buy the bluetooth one and want to work with desktop or some devecie have USB post, How to do
A:  you need to plug the usb receive to the computer from the keyboard, then ur computer will have bluetooth device on the bottom right corner of the computer, and u need to open this device to search the keyboard bluetooth device and pair, at the same time the keyboard bluetooth must keep open, then that will have some code NO. or Letter in ur computer bluetooth window, and just enter this code via ur keyboard is pair success, and u can use with computer.  Other device have USB post connect like above


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Q:Pianos and Keyboards?
does it really matter it is just something that can play music but i like the piano myself
Q:Where can buy french keyboard?
agree with OKorder
Q:Where can I find a keyboard wo number pad?
why would you not want the number pad?
Q:Questions about the electric (piano) keyboard?
A bit broad, but I'll take a shot 1. Materials vary depending on the keyboard. Older keyboards use simpler components such as vacuum tubes and mechanical parts (tone wheels, tines, etc.). Several are encased in wood. Modern electronic keyboards are basically computers with dedicated functionality. Of course, analog keyboards are still produced as well that use simpler parts. This is about the simplest explanation I can give without going into more detail than is available here. 2. The earliest example of an electric keyboard that I'm aware of was the Telharmonium, developed in 1897 and introduced to the public in 1906 in New York. 3. The Hornbostel-Sachs classification system places instruments into 5 categories: idiophones, membranophones, chordophones, aerophones, and electrophones. The electric keyboard would belong to the last category. Hope this helps.
Q:Piano or keyboard lessons?
Of course you can practice on a keyboard while taking piano lessons. If you buy a nice keyboard, especially if it has al 88 keys, you should not notice much a difference between the piano and keyboard. Low quality keyboards are less responsive than a piano in that when you press down a key, no matter much or how little force you use, the volume does not change. Even if you can only get a cheap keyboard, you will still be able to use it while taking piano lessons.
Q:Can I change the keyboard on my Laptop?
I do not believe so, but you should be able to buy a USB Spanish keyboard.
Q:Force, Pressure Sensor in Keyboards?
No desktop keyboard has pressure-sensing contacts; for such an application, they are all simple switches. Some electronic musical instrument keyboards are pressure-sensitive. Adapting one to your needs may be either fairly easy or very tricky, depending on both the design of the specific keyboard involved and exactly what you are trying to accomplish.
Q:My keyboard won't work?
Because it is broken
Q:iPad 2 case that fits Apple keyboard?
There are a lot of options for an iPad 2 case that includes a space for an Apple keyboard. I've linked the Google Shopping results below that will give you a big list of your options, how much they are, and where you can buy them.
Q:How big is a Chinese keyboard?
I have a Taiwanese colleague at work and she types happily in Chinese characters using a normal keyboard. She builds the individual characters from their radicals using the Tab key, I think, and the result is perfect Chinese.

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