Genuine Laptop Keyboard For Lenovo Ibm Thinkpad X60 X60S X61 X61S 42T3435 42T3467 With Point Stick

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$1.00 - 19.90 / pc
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China, USA, Europe
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1 Piece pc
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10.000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month
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Genuine Laptop Keyboard for Lenovo IBM Thinkpad X60 X60S X61 X61S 42T3435 42T3467 with Point Stick


Item: Laptop Keyboard for ThinkPad

Layout: US, UK,FR, All Layouts

Color: Black

Status: 100% Genuine Brand New

Surface: Glossy

OEM: Laptop Keyboard Color and Layout Can be Customized

Remark: Ribbon Cable Included

P/N:  42T3435, 42T3467


Compatible Laptop Keyboard Models

for Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X60 X60S X61 X61S


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Q:A brief introduction to the keyboardkeyboard
it can also refer to the use of keyboard instruments, such as piano, digital piano or electronic keyboard
Q:I'm 66 and not very knowledgeable about computers. I'm trying to learn how to cut and paste on my mini mac. The keyboard quit working a while back and I replaced it with a pc keyboard. The pc has a ctrl key and the mac has a command key. I was told they do the same thing, but Best Buy Geek squad tells me I need to get a mac keyboard with the command key to be able to cut and paste.Is that true?
So, you have a Mac with a non-Mac keyboard and want to cut and paste, right? Basically, the ctrl key on your keyboard is the same as a control key on a Mac keyboard, and the Windows key (between ctrl and alt) on your keyboard is the same as a command key on a Mac keyboard. On a Mac keyboard, the command to copy is command+c. On your keyboard, you would use the Windows key+c. For cutting, it would be Windows key+x. For pasting, it would be Windows key+v. I hope that helps!
Q:i have audacity but it wont record my keyboard what do i do
If the keyboard is connected to your computer's line input, you need to select the line input or sound card input as your audio input device in audacity. Go to - edit - preferences - Audio I/O
Q:i think most keyboard have them? but what is it?
MIDI is Musical Instrument Digital Interface. it is a method for different electronic instruments to communicate with each other, or for a electronic instrument to communicate with a computer. For instance, a keyboard may connect with an electric drumset so you can record a drumset part into a recording on the keyboard. Or a keyboard may connect to a computer to play a part into a music notation program.
Q:I am considering buying a laptop but find it difficult typing on the flat keys of a laptop keyboard. Can you plug a regular desktop keyboard into most laptops to type on?
Yes as long as the laptop has some sort of connector, either regular ports (the pin ones) or a USB port - which most have. Just make sure that the connectors are the same. I have a wireless mouse for mine since the touchpad is wonky sometimes.
Q:Hello there, I have this issue where during bootup my keyboard does not work, and I need to go to BIOS to chage that as far as I know, and Irony enough I need my keyboard working to enter BIOS.
Keyboard don't work, unplug then re-plug. When the power is off. If you use usb try a different port. Wipe corrosion on connector don't use liquid. Borrow someone's keyboard or buy a new one to rule out malfunction.
Q:Any comments on HP Pavilion laptop keyboards? Someone suggested they were too small and inconvenient I have in mind 101-key compatible with full size keyboard with integrated numeric keypad.
I haven't had any problems, I was using an apple power book before and they are a lot smaller, and actually get stuck more often. mine is about a year and a half old though, Not sure about the future :)
Q:help! The CPU is beeping and the keyboard and the speakers arent working. I am using an on screen keyboard. whats wrong and what shall i do? no technical language please, i wont understand :-)
When your CPU beeps at start up it means that the power supply is at 100% load and cannot handle any more stuff hooked up to it. Try starting your PC with nothing but keyboard, mouse, and monitor hooked up to it.
Q:How can I build my own homemade keyboard for computers?
Get okorder
Q:I spilled water in my keyboard on a accident (it still works but some keys dont)
Turn it over and let it dry. Remove the keys and use compressed air to dry it out. Or buy a new one. You can find one for under $10.

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