85 /109 Flexible Keyboard, Foldable Keyboard, Roll Up Keyboard

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$2.00 - 3.00 / pc
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1000 Pieces pc
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100000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

  109 / 85 Keys Waterproof Flexible Keyboard, Foldable Keyboard, silicone keyboard


Standard 109 / 85 keys silicone flexible/ foldable keyboard

Cheap promotion keyboard

Material :

100% pure silicon

Model :


Dimension :

495 x 140 x 12 mm

Key high :

5.5 mm

Weight :

235 g

Key Life :

15,000,000 times

Color :

Available any color

Layout :

Available any layout

Language :

Available any language


1000 pcs

Feature :

1.Compatibility: IBM AT, Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/ Win 7.

2.Connection: PS 2 or USB Ports.

3.Operating temperature: -30 to 80 C.

4.OEM or ODM is available.

5. USB / wired /wireless /bluetooth is available.

Advantage :

1.water-proof surface and washable,can be ued even inside shallow water .

2.storage convenience: can be rolled up and save the storage space .

3.100% silicone rubber, non-toxic,harmless,eco-friendly .

4. the colorfast printed letters won't come off even after long period of time, no noise while typing.

5. Button life of up to 15 million conversion USB and PS/2 interface.

Inner Packing :

1 pcs / pvc plastic barrel


Packing :

40 pcs / CTN

N.W :

10.9 KGS

G.W. :

11.5 KGS

Carton size

51 x 40 x 34 cm




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Q:Good USB keyboard thats compatible wiht Xbox 360?
any okorder
Q:guild wars factions keyboard?
Yes, the control are easy. I mean its just like a FPS to control (But you dont aim attacks) but that board just makes it easier than using a regular keyboard.
Q:I am searching for a simple gaming keyboard?
As far as simple gaming keyboards go, you are sort of limited. Most manufacturers like to cram as many bells and whistles as they can into a keyboard anymore, same with mice. If you want a simple keyboard with gaming quality function then I would go with something like the Microsoft Sidewinder X4. It is more or less a basic keyboard with just a few extra macro keys but its designed for gaming so they keys and whatnot are built a little stronger than a standard keyboard. You could also go with the Razer Black Widow although I personally have never had much luck with any Razer product and it is twice as expensive as the Microsoft keyboard. Steelseries has the 7G which is a very simple gaming keyboard but it is upwards of $115.
Q:What is the difference between a workstation keyboard, a synthesizer keyboard, and a sequencer keyboard?
This Site Might Help You. RE: What is the difference between a workstation keyboard, a synthesizer keyboard, and a sequencer keyboard? ^^^ That is, a musical/electrical keyboard (not a computer keyboard). A detailed explanation would be greatly appreciated! Like, what are the functions and the special features of each type? Is it true that with the workstation you can only play along? Most importantly!!!: Which keyboard is
Q:Need help to choose keyboard?
get okorder
Q:If a keyboard has harmony?
Not necessarily. It depends on the keyboard and how the manufacturer built the harmonizer function, but normally they work by adding an unplayed note to the melody line that is in harmony with the note you played. If you're playing chords with the left hand the harmony note will be selected according to the chord you're playing. Otherwise the note will be selected according to rules of harmonization that are programmed into the keyboard. The harmony note will sound nice usually and will be correct according to the rules, but it may or may not be the note you really wanted. That is, there can be a number of notes that will harmonize with the melody note and the computer inside the keyboard may pick a different one than you would have chosen yourself or that the composer of the song you're playing actually used.
Q:Impregnation (also called sublimation printing method)
It is not a common liquid pigment ink, but a solid resin ink. This ink will sublimate into gas at high temperature to form into gaseous molecules can penetrate the surface of printing 
Q:Wireless keyboard similar to MacBook Pro keyboard
you ought to decide what you pick maximum. A) A computing device constantly-constantly will out carry out a computing device using fact it does not choose battery to run so it does not ought to compromise overall performance for longer battery existence. A down area is that a working laptop or computing device should not be common to pass from place to place or to take it with you on the faculty as an occasion. B) a computing device would be intense high quality for the reason which you would be waiting to take with you maximum the time. A down area is that's overall performance is decrease than a working laptop or computing device. you may now decide for the two abode windows or MAC, yet my own advice is to get abode windows for the reason that Apple products are over-priced which ability you may get a abode windows device which will do greater advantageous than an Apple MAC with the comparable money or much less. to boot you say you artwork in an admin computing device so i'm no longer very specific if MAC would be like minded with the utility whether it may run it in compatibility. for the reason which you do no longer choose a computing device to apply each and every of the time i might advise an iMAC.
Q:Keyboard or digital piano?
A digital piano has the same touch as a piano - i.e. the keys are weighted. This means that if you press a key harder you get a loud sound and vice versa. A keyboard doesn't have weighted action like a digital piano, it would feel rather like an organ to play. As to which you purchase - it depends on what you are wanting to learn. If you wish to learn all the technique required to play a piano then you need a digital piano. If you a just wanting to learn to read music and play for enjoyment then a keyboard might be all you need. Generally these days there isn't that much difference in the prices - if it was me I'd go for a digital piano.
Q:Several simple methods of fault maintenance
, to clear up the dirt sticking to it, then turn the keyboard downward and pat and shake it.

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