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Well Dia.:100mm(4")

Capacity from 6 to 10(m
Total head from 68 to 12(m)

Continuous service.
Power:0.75 to 2.2 KW(Single phase)
Power:1.1 to 2.2 KW (Three phase)
Insulation class:B
Protection grade:IP 68
Maximum diameter:?93mm
Highest temperature of liquid:35℃

 SP     SH


Capacity and headDimensions
single phase
Three phase
4SPM 804-0.75
4SHM 804-0.75
4SP 804-0.75
4SH 804-0.75
4SPM 805-1.1
4SHM 805-1.1
4SP 805-1.1
4SH 805-1.1
4SPM 807-1.5
4SHM 807-1.5
4SP 807-1.5
4SH 807-1.5
1.52 43343223252198321
4SPM 808-1.5
4SHM 808-1.5
4SP 808-1.5
4SH 808-1.5
1.52 503936332924103322
4SPM 810-2.2
4SHM 810-2.2
4SP 810-2.2
4SH 810-2.2
2.23 624945413630115724
4SPM 811-2.2
4SHM 811-2.2
4SP 811-2.2
4SH 811-2.2
2.23 685350454033120725

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Q:Help...Need a replacement water pump for my BioCube?
ok before replacing have you cleaned the inside, and if there are air bubbles comming out it is because it is running dry. Basically all biocubes do this, the filter pad is slowing down the water too much, so either rince it well or replace it. Also i would wash out the blue sponge right before the pump as that can hold alot of dirt as well. Then if not add more water. But if you want to replace the pump, try via aqua water pumps. they tend to be the best. owner of the BC 29 and BC 14
Q:Submersible pump coupling, what does this coupling mean?
Submersible pump, mostly in sewage sewage pump, this is more common, QJ submersible pumps generally can not use coupling devices
Q:Isuzu 6VD1 Water pump Gasket replacement?
it depends mainly on the gaskets you are using whether or not they are paper type gaskets or rubber type gaskets or cork type some cars have only sealant and no gaskets most rubber gaskets don't need sealant some install it anyway for extra protection but to much sealant it could clog your cooling system if they are paper type gaskets a little sealant is added protection some mechanics put sealant on the gasket simply to hold it in place during the install some gaskets require sealant and a specific one at that there are many different types of sealant keep in mind if your gasket manufacture requires sealants to install its would be listed on the box it arrives in for the pre installation guides make sure you get the one they say also all sealant that dry some are wet sealants and never dry, keep in mine that if the sealant requires dry time after install you follow those guide lines otherwise it will leak keep in mind also that the water pump housing bolts have a specific install and tightening and torque down for that type of gaskets like 15 foot pounds on the bolts for cork type gaskets if you crank the bolts down to tight its going to split the gaskets and your back to square one replacing it again
Q:what r the signs water pump is going out on 2000 ford focus zx3 2.0l zetec dohc? thanx in advance.?
ummm please make sure you have proper coolant and not just water in your rad
Q:Cost of water pump replacement in 2001 PT Cruiser?
Q:who can recommend me some good water pumpS?
Water pump. ( Pond ) Sump pump. ( Flood prevention ) Auto water pump. ( Radiator ) What is the specific purpose of the pump.
Q:1990 gti water pump replacement?
Buy a repair manual. Or better yet buy a lifetime replacment one at Autozone and they will print out a step by step (with pictures torque specs) instructions for you. :)
Q:Water pump motor often inlet
You are immersed in water or oil pump pump, if flooding do not be afraid, if you put oil thread wrapped with waterproof tape, general water pump inlet is in the end, you want what the price of copper or aluminum pumps, the price is basically the same, do not buy too cheap water pump
Q:How to remove a 1983 Chevy Silverado water pump?
ok, this is every little step you could imagine, in detail, with reasons for doing it as said, in the order ive put it down....negligence on my dads part has caused 2 waterpumps to crack in the winter due to lack of antifreeze, because we just put straight water in it, because the radiator is cracked for the same reason as the waterpumps.(but the block luckily hasnt cracked) remove the fan belt, and lower radiator hose, to drain the radiator, and get the belt outta the way. if its a smallblock, you remove the fan shroud, remove the fan and fan clutch, then remove the 3 bolts on the left, and 2 bolts on the right, after youve drained the radiator. once youve removed the 5 bolts, pull it out. wrap a cloth around 1 of the 4 studs on the waterpump, and take a pair of pliers to break it free, repeat untill all 4 are loose. remove the studs, and take the pump with you to autozone so you can get a core charge. scrape the mounting surface clean(dont get anything in the block). install the studs, and have a cloth around any stud your working with when you use the pliers to tighten it down(to avoid damaging the the threads.).apply silicon gasket sealer to both sides of the gasket, and put the gaskets on the block. quickly put the pump back on, and put the top bolts in for support. put the other bolts on, and tighten to about 10ftlbs minimum. slide the fan pulley onto the studs, and put the fan back on. put the nuts back on, and tighten as tight as you can get them, itd be terrible for the fan to go through the radiator. put the fan belt back on, put the lower radiator hose back on, and put the fan shroud back on, in that order. wait an hour for the silicon to dry, and fill the radiator with the motor running, and go for a testdrive
Q:Timing Belt & Water Pump?
When you remove the timing belt cover, then the water pump is internally built into the engine block. It is a couple hours work, so you don't want to pay that labour charge again...6 months later for a water pump problem. Honestly.. a rubber timing belt is about 35 dollars. and a water pump is about 65 dollars. And the labor is about 3 hours maximum. Any good mechanic can do this in the driveway. So... don't feel any loyalty at all to Firestone or Midas, or uncle Louis if you can save some money. There is absolutely NO delicate adjustments, or computerized readings necessary to do this work. $998?? that's the price for lonely women who don't have a father or boyfriend to help them. Yeah... you teen-age mechanics can give me all the thumbs downs you like. I've done a few belts and water pumps. It's a few hours, but easy! THE WATER PUMP NEVER HOLDS THE TENSION ON THE BELT. That is the tensioner pulley, a separate item. teenage armchair mechanics!

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