Vertical Turbine Water Pump for Pump Station

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Product Description:

Horizontal Centrifugal Double Suction Water Pump

1.Structure of Horizontal Centrifugal Double Suction Water Pump Description


Horizontal Centrifugal Double Suction Water Pumpis used for transporting pure water (particles density shall be max.1%by volumeand granular size shall be max 0.1mm in dimeter) of the liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to pure water. Type MD pump is applied with wear resist material, especially suitable for mineral drainage. The particles density shall be max. 1.5% (Max. of the granular diameter is 0.5 mm).The liquid temperature ofD, MD pumps shall be lower than 80°C.


2.Main Features of the Horizontal Centrifugal Double Suction Water Pump

• Compact structure, good appearance, low construction

•Operation stably, same inlet and outlet

•Convenient installation and maintenance

Customized design is available, OEM and ODM are welcomed.

•Horizontally and vertically installation as different pipeline system

3.Horizontal Centrifugal Double Suction Water Pump Specification



Multistage Pump

Multistage Pump

Horizontal Multistage Pump For Pure Water




Cast iron,Stainless steel






<=80°c< span=""><>


packing seal


Centrifugal Pump


Multistage Pump





Standard or Nonstandard





High Pressure


Hot and cold pure water

Outlet Diameter



6-1250 m3/h



Rotation Speed







High efficiency,Easy maintenance 



What is your product range?

Centrifugal pump, slurry pump, gravel pump, clean water pump, sewage pump, chemical pump, single stage

pump, double suction pump, industry pump, oil pump, paper pulp pump, mud pump, self-priming pump, pipe

water pump, boiler water pump, etc.

Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we have been in manufacturing and marketing industry centrifugal pump over 20 years.

What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

Pump capacity, pump head, medium, medium temperature, pump material, quantity, if possible, please also

provide the pump model you are using now, price will be calculated as per the pump model, if not, we willrecommend relevant product for reference.

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Q:First the shop put in a heater core, but it was still leaking and overheating. Next they put in a water pump. Went to get it and now it wines really loud and the engine use to purr like a kitten, couldn't even tell it was running, now the engine shakes the whole car and it died one the way home but started again. The shop said the cam positioning needs reset again and on the way back to the shop it died again. So from leaking anti-freeze to now it vibrates, dies and wines really loud ! Any ideas what they did wrong ?
Matbe they forgot to replace water pump gasket, timing belt not aligned with timing of engine.
Q:Water pump located on the ground floor of our 10 story building is leaking and therefore it is constantly running and spilling water into the parking lot. Therefore, a plumber shut the water pump off and opened a bypass valve.After we shut off water pump all units still have good water pressure so why do we need to replace water pump?When water pump is on the incoming city water gauge reads 60psi and the gauge measuring the water shooting up into the building reads 80psi. Now both gauges read zero.How can water coming from the city at 60psi travel all the way to the 10th floor without a boost? I do not understand what is happening.
It will be less pressure on 10th floor for sure. If everyone is showering or using water on 2 and 3, 10 wont have any pressure. Its probably time to replace gauges and fix the pump. May just need a seal and impeller adjustment. It also sounds like you need or need to replace the pressure switch that is supposed to only turn pump on when demand is high. Check it out. Run ad on craigslist for a pump man to check it out. If you need to replace pump go with an ANSI pump. All parts are interchangeable.
Q:When my wife was driving on freeway, the alternator belt broke and battery sign showed up. She also told that the temperature gauze showed high. Luckily she reached home with the battery fully charged. When I checked under hood, there was coolant spill surrounding water pump . I could not figure out where the coolant came from. Overnight parking did not show any further leakage of coolant. is there a need to change the water pump also.
For one thing. Once the belt breaks your battery light will come on because the alternator can't charge the battery anymore and also your car will overheat if you have a serpentine belt because once the belt is broke nothing will move anymore including your water pump. Your leak probably came from the overflow tank which is normal when a car overheats. You don't seem to know much about cars so I assume that you really don't know where the water pump is. Change the belt and than hope to god that she didn't run the car to long while it was hot to crack the head gasket . oh and make sure you add enough coolant back to the cooling system before you start the car again
Q:I need to get my water pump replaced because it is cracked, a coolant flush and my belt is dry. I went to pep boys because my check engine light came on.They want to charge me 950 for the job. I am reluctant to pay that much. I drive an '06 Pontiac Torrent. I am suppose to take my car in today but I am not sure if I am being ripped off or not. Is 950 too much?
Water okorder to see what the average cost of a waterpump is in your area.
Q:to see if it is pumping coolant
On some vehicles the waterpump impeller(on the backside of the waterpump) may become detached or rust away. Since you are not being vehicle specific, just taking the belt off and spinning the waterpump pulley may not show you whats wrong. A thermostat that is stuck closed can restrict circulation as well.
Q:30kW what is the flow rate of the pump?
There are many kinds of pumps, so it's difficult to answer you with a 30KW pump.
Q:Variable flow variable frequency water pump how to adjust the flow?
Variable frequency pump is mainly depending on the frequency converter to adjust the speed of the pump motor, thereby regulating the flow and lift pump, the following Q1/Q2=n1/n2; H1/H2= (n1/n2) -, the frequency range of the frequency converter in 30HZ~50HZ
Q:as i asked before in my question what needs to be fixed when a water pump goes bad. so finally it went bad today the car leaked all coolant and for some reason all the blades on the fan broke and the battery light came on. which is connected to the alternator belt so thats not the problem. so now does anybody have any idea how much it would cost to fix and by what i know it needs a new belt for water pump and new fan and water pump etc. taking it to mechanic monday but wanna get an estimate first from u people. any ideass thanks
Oh you found one doe 60 bucks good for you. Lot cheaper than the dealer quoted you. When a water pump job is done the fan and belt are removed anyways. So all you will have to buy is the new fan, the belt if you want. The other parts you listed are probably fine. The tech will inspect them when doing the water pump (if he's on top of things) and he'll let you know.
Q:I just put a thermostat in my 92 chevy but the gauge still shows close to hot but go down to normal pretty fast and occasionally i her a loud sound coming from the area where the belt is but i can't pinpoint it. I replaced the pump about three years ago, could that be it again so soon?
Agree with motorhead. You (question asker) replaced the pump, did you see anything that could break? Only issue with GM water pumps is normally if the cooling system is abused and fluid never changed, which can lead to the impellers rotting away. If the water pump fails fails (not just a leaking seal, the normal failure mode) the engine will overheat. The waterpump is the only thing that moves coolant, if the coolant can't move, the engine will fail from overheating. Take the belt off and see what happens for yourself. Did you purge the cooling system if needed? Did you use a genuine AC Delco thermostat instead of whatever the parts store handed you (probably Stant)?
Q:Can a car turn off due to a water pump. I am thinking of buying a car that the water pump needs to be replaced, everything else in the car its fine, it turns on lovely but after a little while it turns off, the owner says its because of the water pump. is this possible?
What's the make and year of the car? If the water pump is bad the car would overheat, not just shut off edit: If the water pump needs to be replaced the car should be overheating. There has to be another cause for the stalling, perhaps he meant to say fuel pump? or filter? Sounds a bit sketchy to me, have a mechanic check everything for you before you buy it, and if you get the water pump changed get a new timing belt while you're at it. I wouldn't pay more than 500 for it from what I've heard. If you can't do the work yourself you're gonna be looking at some huge mechanic bills. You could definitely find a car for a 1000 that wouldn't require any immediate repairs

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