Truck brake assembly OEM for heavy truck

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  • Size: 90x 9.6 x360

  • Car Make: KATO

  • OE NO.: GG-113/1 UK090-01 15240

  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: hi-best

  • Model Number: GG-113/1 UK090-01 15240

  • color: black/brown/yellow/green

  • PC: 4

  • rivets: L7.5

  • holes: 12

  • slot: yes

  • chamfer: yes

  • grade: GG/FF

  • test: chase

  • label: according to requirement

  • noise: none

  • Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details:cartons,pallet
    Delivery Detail:25 days




     bus brake lining                                   

    1.high quality&good yutong bus brake lining  
    2.material:asbestos&non asbestos
    3.400 kinds for truck,trailer,bus,etc
    4:chase test  



    • light & heavy duty brake lining  

    • Very efficient when braking and low wearing, minimum loss of efficiency on wet surface.

    • Low wear of the rotors.

    • powerful and progressive brake that doesn't fade.

    • Low lost of efficiency on wet conditions. Low to no-noise.

    • Smooth on rotors, very effective for high line tourisms.

    • Produced f or both axels, it can  be applied on the rear axel on competition vehicles of front wheel drive








Q:I am driving motorcycle since last 6 months. Unintentionally, I found myself using only the front wheel brake of the bike. I never use the rear wheel brake. Is this normal ? How often do you use the rear wheel brake of your bike as compared to the front wheel brake ?
80 plus % of the front brake is your stopping power. That's why there are rotors on front or one big one compared to rear. I only use rear brakes to square up a corner. When I dirt ride I still use front brakes over rear. Note: using rear brakes only, can make you skid. When you start to skid your actually going fast then when you where free moving. I've been riding 30 plus years.
Q:why liquids are used as brake fluids?
Versus what, a solid? The reason is pretty obvious.
Q:mainly riding during traffic or crowded public area?
In slow traffic or similar wherer you're travelling less than 10mph you're better off leaving the front brake well alone. The back brake (in such circumstances) is more than adquate, gentler and doesn't have the tendency to affect steering. At higher speeds (but you're slowing to a slow crawl rather than stopping), then primarily your front brake should be used to shave the excess with a little bit of back brake until you're down to 10.
Q:I have a 2005 Suzuki GSX-R 600 and i want to mount a brake reservoir with a zip tie to the handle bars. will it suck air into the brake lines if it is not elevated?
The reservoir is where any air bubbles in the line will rise, so it shold be the highest point in the brake system. It also shouldn't be able to spin on the bars and pull on the brake lines, causing possible leaks. Q: What happened to the stock bracket the holds it? If it was damaged, replacements are pretty cheap if bought off a wrecked bike or new online. It is not worth taking any chances with your front brakes on a GSXR, or any sportbike. The fronts do 98% of the braking.
Q:I know how to drive a car of manual,automatic and I have my license and I‘m 18 years old. But I was thinking ? Buying a motorcycle because there cheaper and less gas. But driving a motorcycle it‘s going to be my first time. And i know ima have to take courses. But I don‘t know what too chose because motorcycles look interesting, and more funner. But I love cars also. But I have to choose one those transportations . Not two Please give an advice (:
Definitely a are just fast bikes for fun.and only in nice weather. With a car you can go shopping, keep a lot of things you need inside when you have a lot of things to doit's like your own little moving house.
Q:How do I shift? I was told that the bike is ‘four down - one up‘ (though a book I have says that all modern bikes here in the US are ‘four up-one down‘). How do I up and down shift through all the gears?
pull in clutch on left handle bar click shifter by left foot peg all the way down this will be first gear on an 03 buell should be a 6 speed so 1 down and 5 up from there if it is a 5 speed it will be 1 down and 4 up
Q:I‘m trying to replace the rear disc brakes on my 2009 sonata. I picked up a set from autozone, and they are the wrong ones. Brought the old ones in to autozone, and we checked the 2005-2010 pads referenced in the system and none looked like whats actually on the car. Tried every engine/year combo in the system. WTF? Does anyone know if they used different calipers from a different model for some cars in ‘09? I really need to replace these things, but don‘t know what the heck I‘m supposed to put in there. And the dealer is closed, it‘s Sunday
Q:So the thing is, Motorcycles are following cars technology although they‘re around 20 years behind! Liquid cooling introduced in cars far earlier than bikes. So do fuel injection and now ABS braking. Now my real point is, will motorcycles go automatic in upcoming years? Honda have already showed some interest by introducing VFR1200F and NC700, both of them have optional automatic transmissions. As much as 99% scooters have already gone automatic (CVT to be precise). Piaggio used to had twist shifters in the 70s but now they‘re all automatic. Do you love this trend or hate it? I simply hate it, it disgusts me to my core
You need to lower the Ph in your dogs urine. You can add cranberries, blackberry or raspberry to dogs food to lower the Ph. That will help as well as keeping your grass watered. If you allow your grass to get thirsty and your dog pees the grass than drinks the urine and it dies. Every spring and fall you should over seed the entire yard.
Q:I would like to know the motorcycle at high speed (110-200) speed should be how to brake? I am a lot of Mo friends say before the brake Can not use rear brake But in practice I feel the front brake is very dangerous. Coupled with high speed, then I really do not know what the consequences of the front brake. Especially when you encounter an emergency situation with the front brake. The I can not imagine. The Please understand the friends to explain the high-speed brakes and high-speed emergency measures to meet the brakes. The Thank you
Brakes in theory is the front brake 70%, rear brake 30%.
Q:My motorcycle brakes glassed up. Is there any way to unglass the surface or do I need to replace the brakes?
You can ususally clean up glazed pads with a sheet of medium grit paper on a flat surface. Tape the paper down and lightly glide the pad over the paper. Take special care to not inhale the dust! You can lightly sand the disk if you want, but they actually sell an attachment for your drill that works better. Before and after you do any of it, clean the pieces with brake cleaner. I would only try to save the pads on a fairly slow moving street bike though. To me, the risk it too great on a bike that is going to be ridden hard. Plus, you can get a decent of pads for $30-50.00. I did the cleanup on my old CL350 Honda, but on my Buell, I would just get new stuff.

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