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Type:Brake Discs



Export Markets:Global

Product Description

Brake disc 
Standard: E-MARK 
Origin: China 
1) Hardness: 180-240HB 
2) Long service life 
3) 100% crucial dimension inspection 
4) 100% qualification 
5) Low noise 
Standard for casting is G3000. Standard for machining is SAE-J431. 
We use AIMCO# and OEM# and right now we have more than 1, 900 items that can be supplied to the aftermarket 



































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Q:why do brakes lock up on a motorcycle?
Just carefully remove the hose from where it attaches to the connector under your hood. Have someone hold the hose into a jug while you push the pump button, Dont just throw that stuff into the street somewhere. find a safe place to dispose of it. Its probably NOT cat pee, someone probably put amonia into it. That is a traditional glass cleaner.
Q:Any suggestions for good bikes?
Most motorcycles have simple bicylcle styled odometers. When buying used don't pay attention to the miles. It is too easy and too common to turn back the miles. Instead, look at how easy does the bike start. Does it smoke on startup. How much tire tread does it have. Do the valves make a lot of noise. How much depth is left of the brakes. Even with drum brakes most bikes have a guage where you can see how much life is left. How worn are the rubber parts, such as foot pegs and hand grips. Do all the lights work. Does it have factory original parts. Many people claim that certain modifications add to the value of a bike. But, if it doesn't have the factory original to me it means they intended to run it hard. How many years old is it. Lastly, I would ask if the miles sound reasonable. If it doesn't state so to the owner. Less than 2000 miles per year is a formula for gummed up carburators. If it starts and runs fine and is 8 years old with less than 16,000 miles. I would ask if they have had to do any work on the carburators.
Q:I‘m interested in knowing the manufacturing process of the motrcycle parts mentioned:piston,engine block, brake shoe. Also, a full equipment requirement for manufacturing these products and the dealers involved as well as the invoices for these equipment. It‘s not impossible but tasking
Most of the parts are cast aluminum or iron. Google the rest under casting machines equipment as it is too tasking to put everything here.
Q:I would like to learn how to ride a motorcycle. The problem is last time I tried, I skidded and fell off twice. Thankfully it was in the grass so I suffered just brusing and mildly skinned arms. So I‘d rather not get on one again. But I was hanging with the relatives last night, and it turns out I‘m the only guy not riding. They could basically start a club/gang. I‘m looking for motivation and inspiration to get on it again. What got ya‘ll riding?
Just for the sake of curiosity, what was your first bike? I first started riding because I was kind of pushed into it but I just wasn't ready at all and I'd had zero training - not even a CBT. I didn't have a clue what I was doing and I wasn't safe at any speed. To give you some idea how totally inept I was, I thought I was supposed to put my feet on the rear pegs and hit the brake on bends and corners. I gave up for a long time after my bike skidded on black ice - no harm done but it scared me. I did the CBT two years later (to ride for another two years on learner plates) and after some p*ss poor training at a local motorcycle training school I took the motorcycle test and failed five times. A couple of years later I got back into it (I had to do yet another CBT!) and trained on a full-size bike (two 650 Nighthawks) at a much better school and took the test again. I failed again but only by a whisker and the examiner told me himself I had just been unlucky so I didn't feel too bad and when I took the test again six weeks later I passed. I only just got back into motorcycling again this year but for the first time ever I'm riding with a degree of confidence and I'm slowly learning how to corner. I'm still slower than just about anyone else on two wheels but I'm making rapid progress and I'm enjoying it. I'm looking forward to the summer weather so I can get out there and spend some quality time in the saddle.
Q:I‘m 16 years old and am going to get my car and motorcycle license in about half a year. Although I don‘t have experience on the road by myself. I feel confident in my abilities and am eager to start on a 2008 Honda CBR600rr. I‘m not looking for people to tell me Oh you shouldn‘t start on a 600cc bike. Rather I‘m looking for tips and advice to improve my knowledge of what and what not to do. I have never driven a motorcycle yet but will definitely take the safety courses and be responsible in learning to ride the CBR600rr. Any advice from starting up the bike, to riding it on a main highway wIll be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Are you F*cking insane? A CBR600RR is a high-powered sportsbike intended for experienced riders on tracks, not newbies on the road. You may take as many courses as you like, but without practical experience and several years building your skills YOU WILL PROBABLY KILL YOURSELF. To put it in perspective, it will out-accelerate a Dodge Viper to 100mph with about a quarter-inch throttle movement between off and full-on batsh1t acceleration. Read up on the number of New riders, say the first year, who kill themselves on sportsbike and think again before you hand more.ammo to the #x27;ban deadly motorcycles#x27; lobbyists. Start with something forgiving, e.g. a 250, there are reasons why most of the world limits New riders to 125cc and newly tested riders to low hp (33 vs the CBR#x27;s 100+) for a few years after they pass the test.
Q:I had just bought some money, want to buy a motorcycle, the kind of big shark, but I did not buy a car, do not know how to distinguish between good and bad, I hope you can give me a lot of points, you can also add!
You think it is cutting-edge technology equipment ah, today's products with scrap iron is not much difference. It is not necessary to pay attention.
Q:How do I change my front brakes on a 2003 suzuki Savage LS650?
Q:how to remove a motor from a 2005 z-10 kawasaki motorcycle ?
My experience has been it is easier to remove the frame from the motor. Using scrap 2x4's I make a platform to support the motor. I follow the service manual as what to disconnect and unbolt. I also remove the forks and swing arm. However, instead of removing the motor from the frame, I remove the frame form the motor. It is more manageable specially if one does not have a helper. I was able to assemble a 1500cc Vulcan using this technique with no help.
Q:What is the brake on the left hand of the motorcycle?
Rear brake
Q:i have a honda ls 125 r and have bought a back disc brake from a cbr125. i think the fitting is the same (four holes) but the disc is visibly much larger. would i still be able to fit it? i have a facebook friend that says itll fit because he has tried it with his. am jst asking to stop myself worrying because will be getting a mechanic to put it on (or not) on thursday
Try it, then check and see if it rubs anywhere. can't hurt

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