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Brake Disc, Braking System, Brake Parts OEM

Brake Disc, Braking System, Brake Parts OEM

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Product Details

Basic Info.


Type:Brake Discs



Export Markets:Global

Product Description

Brake disc 
Standard: E-MARK 
Origin: China 
1) Hardness: 180-240HB 
2) Long service life 
3) 100% crucial dimension inspection 
4) 100% qualification 
5) Low noise 
Standard for casting is G3000. Standard for machining is SAE-J431. 
We use AIMCO# and OEM# and right now we have more than 1, 900 items that can be supplied to the aftermarket 



































Q:I have a 1982 Yamaha xs 400 and the front brakes are not functioning, the motorcycle otherwise runs well. I was wondering what the approximate cost would be to have the brakes repaired by a mechanic?(In case you're wondering I am looking to have the motorcycle repaired and will gladly accept mechinic quotes. I live in Brookfield, CT.)Thanks.
Most reputable shops charge $65 to $85 per hour of labor, and depending on what the actual problem is, may cost you $100 to $200. You say the brakes aren't functioning, do you mean that you pull the brake lever and the lever moves but the actual brakes do not work, or the brake lever does not move at all? The problem may be as simple as changing the brake pads and draining, replacing and bleeding new fluid through the system, to having the caliper rebuilt, or possibly having the reservoir rebuilt.
Q:you have 212 wheels and 180 brakes. 2 brakes per vehicle. how many motorcycles and 4-wheelers do you have?
2 brakes per. 180 total gives you 90
Q:i never rode but wanna ride but cant tell the outcome of my future.
Life is dangerous. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you want to truely LIVE, or simply exist? Mountain biking, whitewater paddling, parachuting, surfing or skateboarding - they can all easily kill you if you aren't careful. But you have to take some risks to get any enjoyment out of life. As for motorcycling, sure there is some danger. Roads and traffic are a part of it, more or less, depending on where you live. Bikes are safer than ever , however - better tire technology, better brakes. heck, Honda is developing a Gold Wing with air bags! The real key to safe riding, however, is the rider. A recent study in Oregon showed that over 60% of accidents these days are the fault of the rider, not an automobile running into you, like many people seem to think! These accidents are generally due to riding errors that could have been avoided with proper training, skill development, and protective gear. So, if you seriously want to live your life to the fullest, and you think motorcycling is part of the answer, I say go for it! BUT - get the proper training and experience so you need to mitigate the risk and fully enjoy the experience. Take an MSF course, or go to a school like Jason Pridmore's STAR school, Stayin' Safe school, or Motorcycle Riding School. Get some riding friends who are safe and responsible. By all means, get the right gear! Have fun, enjoy your life to the fullest!
Q:I am a new motorcyclist and was just wondering if there were any emergency procedures for this. Our first reaction is to press on the brakes but on a motorcycle that is a terrible idea. I got to realize what that felt like firsthand at the motorcycle safety course. I want to finetune my skills so that I can survive on the city streets. Thanks
When you're hot you're hot (lol). And using your brakes properly is your best choice. Try to chill your jets long before you need a parachute, think ahead. At 60mph you're traveling at 81 fps, your body has approximately 15 sf. of surface area so it only takes 4.7 seconds to totally skin you. Hopefully you are wearing a helmet as the skin on your face and skull is 20% thinner and 50% richer in blood capacity. ALWAYS keep an exit-way open. Added: When in doubt 'gas it' , when doubt fails, lay it down and in a hurry!
Q:What sound do motorcycle brakes make when they lock?
It wasn't the brakes or the tyres, it was the engine and chain. You had the back wheel locked up whilst the clutch was still engaged so you were actually stalling the engine. When you have to do an emergency stop, pull in the clutch.
Q:I have a Yamaha fzr 600 that has been tipped a few times and only has one mirror, plus the only blinkers are on the back. The side blinkers are missing because (I assume) they broke off with the fall. It also does not have a windscreen.Anyone have a link to things a motorcycle needs to be street legal?
i have a black and blue one from vidal sassoon and ive been usin it since christmas and my hairs fine
Q:Bicycle brake system: V brake or a good brakes?
In general, the disc brakes than the V brakes but the type of type that is like to say that we look at the angle I want to say and the above said almost
Q:I rode on a motorcycle for the first time not that long ago. how do i prevent or reduce the amount that I am sliding. I tend to slide when the driver takes off and brakes. HELP!
By your narrative I assume you are a small woman and easily shift during the riding process. Most touring bikes have chrome handles at the side of the passenger seat. If the bike you're on is a street bike then your seat may be less spacious. Your best option is to grab hold the driver's belt or waist--if you are on friendly terms. Soon, you will be able to guestimate the stopping and starting times so you can adjust. Perhaps the trousers that you wear are too slick for the motorcycle seat. Wear sturdy jeans instead. Lean in the curves with the driver; don't try to compensate by sitting straight up. Such an action could throw off the driver's balance. Other tips: Always wear good boots that cover the ankles. Flying rocks can certainly cause much damage to the feet. Never wear shorts and flip-flops on a motorcycle. I hope these tips are useful.
Q:What is the brakes?
This is a more abstract problem because of each have their own advantages. Disc brakes effect better rainy days with the muddy road is not the drum brake is not very spiritual but durable.We are generally riding drums are enough
Q:Lets say I was on a motorcycle and my brakes fail. Will the motorcycle keep going or stay the same speed?
Maybe on one of those new facny motorcycles with ABS and the front and rear brakes connected ... but for any good motorcycle you have *two* completely separate brake systems. The odds of both brakes will fail at the same time is about one in a billion.

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