Jacquard Plush Carpet

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Product Description:

Jacquard plush

Technology: jacquard

Weight: 260-1000g/M2

Height:  5mm-100mm

Width:   145cm-190cm

Composition:100%polyester or polyester and acrylic blended

Can be bonded with other knitting fabrics(Suede,polar fleece,denim etc.) by glue,sponge or PU. Mainly used for garments,gloves,boots,throw,kidwear,hats,pets wear etc.

Product advantage

1,soft material,and good hand feeling

2,antislip backside

3,competitive price and high quality

4,the product can wash by the machine

5,the color and the design can be customize

The products are always inspected twice in my factory before shipping to control the quality ..And if the customer need,we can accept the special inspection company to inspect the goods.

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Q:What is the difference between woven carpets and hand made carpets?
Look at the carpet. Handmade carpet woven carpet pattern relatively more complex, but because the carpet is a craft, is an artificial thing, so you can't see the pattern on the carpet pattern completely as like as two peas, there is always some mini fault lines, also would not be so stiff. Woven carpets, however, are rigid and rigid except for simple, perfectly consistent patterns.
Q:My maybelline mineral powder foundation in the carpet?
Ask the Home Depot people, too, cause they know all the latest stuff, but that Resolve worked for me with other stains. If you ever drop something like that again (a dry powder), vacuum it up first. Then, use the carpet stain remover. good luck.
Q:How do you prevent the carpet from static electricity?
In theory, to spray carpet is also possible, because it can increase the humidity of textile carpet, but I think the softener is not expensive, so the use of softener, is used for comfort, other brands do not know how to be.
Q:Area rug for dorm room?
Dorm Room Rugs
Q:antibacterial carpet powder?
Never heard of it.
Q:Can i do yoga on carpet?
yes you can
Q:why do we need carpets?
I think it's mainly personal preference. Carpeting does make the floor warmer---and is much softer on the feet. It comes in a rainbow of hues so it can be utilized to co-ordinate with your decorating scheme. I prefer carpeting because of these reasons but mainly because it is much easier to maintain than hardwood floors. Spills must be wiped up immediately to prevent permanent spots and warping at the seams of hardwood floors. It is much simpler in my estimation to run a sweeper and/or carpet shampooer than to re-finish and buff wooden floors.
Q:What rugs does my horse need?
It's NOT alright to leave a rug on a horse all winter long! the only time you should put any kind of blanket on a horse is if it actually *needs* it AND you can remove it as the weather changes. You can't do that from 2.5 hours away. Mother Nature has designed the horse to manage its own temperature and shed rain just fine, but as soon as you start putting clothes on the horse, you interfere with that wonderful thermoregulation system. If you can't put on and take off the clothes to keep the horse comfortable as the weather changes, you really shouldn't interfere with the horse's ability to keep himself comfortable. Really! Horses live in every climate on Earth, from subzero to burning hot, desert to rainforest and everything in between. It's only silly human arrogance and our concepts of comfort that make us think we can manage our horses' comfort better than they can.
Q:Pictures- area rug difficulties?
Im no good at this but thats why i wanted to look. the brown rug dull . I liked the second rug but the square in the middle did match your table position. but i liked that rug. I think no rug looks better than the brown rug. just my 2 cents.
Q:how to remove ingrained carpet stains?
Chewing it but it can cause enamel and dentin tooth deterioration.

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