Fashion Living Room Natural Sisal Carpets

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Specifications of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

1 Material: Natural sisal

2 Thickness: 5-10mm

3 Regular Roll Size: 4*30 M

4 Regular Rug Size: 2*2M,2*3M,2*4M,3*4M,4*6M,4*7M or other size as your request

5 Pattern: Customized,we have available design for your choice,don't hesitate to contact with us

6 Width: 4m

7 Lenth : Can be adjustable

8 Backing : Latex

9 Additional Backing : Non-woven backing,PU leather backing or other backing as your choice

10 Border: 3-12CM

11 Use Range: Home, commercial, hotel.

Advantage of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

1) 100% natural  sisal yarn.

2) Made from infinitely replenishable resources.

3) Sisal absorb moisture from the air when it's humid and release it when the humidity drops, this stabilise the surroundings for sensitive noses.

4) Natural colours - fits almost any decor.

5) Hard and resilient fiber provides excellent scrubbing action (ideal for door / entrance mat applications) .

6) Sisal carpet and rugs: hard wearing, rustic and elegant.

Pictures of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

Q:How can I convince my parents to get carpet installed in my room? Our whole house is wood flooring. But the floor gets too cold for me. they dont want it because our dogs sometimes, quot;don't go outsidequot; and it ruins the carpet. But lately they haven't done it in my room. They also dont want it because it costs hundreds. Any ways I can earn money for it? Thanks!
you could tell them the advantages of having a carpet in your room, and you told us that you'll be the one to gather money for it so your parents might agree with that. you can always lock your room so that the dogs cannot enter or whatever, just make sure you have the key. hope you can have your carpet.
Q:What is the average price of wall to wall carpeting for a 2,000 quare foot house?
Residential carpet start around $14.00 per sq yard ( carpet are sold per sq yard) this price is include ?” padding and installation, you looking for apex $3300.00, this is an apartment grade, a dissent quality will cost about $18-20 per sq yard include padding and installation. Home depot is the most expensive for home owners. Look for your neighborhood carpet stores, most stores will also have special or what will call it remnant, you can get higher quality carpet for price of apartment grade. When some one giving you a price per sq ft, the just trying to hide the big number in sq feet
Q:Let me first say, I am Christian. I want readers input on this: I am praying daily in my home. I would like a prayer rug, a Muslim prayer rug. I don't think it has any value to my prayers. I just like the idea of praying from the rug. What is your take of this idea? Thank you.
If it has no value to you, what is the point? Why don't you just go buy a soft rug and turn it into a prayer rug. Stop thinking about what you are praying on and get to the real point! Communicate with GOD! I don't think God cares what you are praying on, but, you don't need to bring in traditions from other religions.
Q:We have carpet in our kitchen, that's right CARPET! We want the carpet out and purchased some vinyl flooring to replace it. However we just found out that the carpet is GLUED down and therefore a much bigger project to remove it than we once thought. So, we were wondering if the vinyl can be installed on top of the carpet. Like I said the carpet is glued down and it is very low and smooth there is very little give to it when you walk on it.
No, vinyl will stretch in the traffic area and or crack. In a short time there will be pockets or puffed up parts. remove the carpet and install lauan plywood properly nailed. Over this you need a sealer mastic for cracks and such. The vinyl will last a life time with out cracks and such. Tough pulling up the carpet, it should be pretty good under this. There are some chemicals to help with the glue. After the floor could be covered with the fake wood tiles. It uses a floating foam cover to help with any problems below. Cost less than vinyl and prep.
Q:help i need a round white rug preferably shag for under 100 dollers!!!help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check okorder for a variety of products from sink faucets to outdoor furniture and I am a pleased customer. Use the search features to narrow down your rug search or you will go dizzy looking at thousands of rugs. Good luck.
Q:If I were to knit a throw rug, what size needles and what type of yarn would work best for the project?
It's not uncommon to knit a rug. A few patterns are below with their specifics for needle and yarn. Good luck with whatever you end up knitting. Happy Knitting! IndigoMuse
Q:could i turn my highland out in winter with a summer turnout/sheet with a rambo fleece underneath ( best fleece on the market ) because hes a highland i dont want him caked in thick heavy turnouts. i just think a summer turnout would be enough to keep the snow off his fleece which is really what i want. i will only use this method on snowy/frosty days.
Yeah maybe. But the thin rug may rip easily if he rolls on frosty ground and catches himself, or the snow may melt in the middle of the night and the water will seep through the rug and soak the fleece. You would be better off buying a proper turnout rug. Just use a old summer sheet and see if it works, if not, buy a turnout rug. Good luck! x x :)
Q:I want to redo my basement but getting new carpet is so expensive! Right now I have a really ugly green carpet with red and light yellowish squares. My kids want to make it in to a more loungey basement so the carpet is gonna be really hard to work with. Is there a much cheaper alternative to carpet or even any ideas as to how we can blend it in or make it work? We really dont want to use the colors in the carpet for anything in the basement. The basement is very very big so even semi-cheap things might be expensive. Thank you!
Click faux hardwood is really cheap, and looks very nice. Its the alternative to vinyl, cost comparitively the same. Looks as nice. Colored concrete is cheap also, lasts for decades. But you can do a diy job on the faux hardwood lumber, w/ the concrete I don't know.
There is no connection between stitching carpet and rubber mat. There is no problem for a kind of iron like tool to hot strip.
Q:I noticed a bunch of sand under an area rug in our living room, and my mom said something about how fibers in old carpets an rugs turn into sand. Is this true? And if so, how does it work?
The latex that holds the primary and secondary backing has sand in it. As the latex breaks down, sand is released.

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