• Ceiling T Grid /    T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling System 1
  • Ceiling T Grid /    T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling System 2
  • Ceiling T Grid /    T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling System 3
  • Ceiling T Grid /    T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling System 4
Ceiling T Grid /    T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling

Ceiling T Grid / T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling

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10000 pc
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300000 pc/month

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Product Applications:

1) Supermarket, marketplace
2) Service station, toll station
3) Underground, air port, bus station 
4) School, office, meeting room
5) Hall, corridor and toilet


Product Advantages:

  • Galvanized volume is up to national classy standard,strong corrosion resistance

  • Double-sided paint,pacific white polyester lacquer,texture exquisite and high-grade

  • best package,import packing material and brand new product mark instruction

  • Unique design top tank,make the vice keel hard to drop when it inserted,safety and stability

  • The latest improved decompression guiding groove,convenient installation and multi-angle installation

  • Interlock connection piece design,stability connection and strong shockproof,ideal appearance

  • Easy to remove the keel when something wrong,convenient modify and maintenance

  • Technology advanced automation equipment,good product quality

  • Wide application,used in commercial place,office,public places and super-large places

  • Other size also can be produced by your request


Main Product Features:


1. Includes main tee, cross tee and wall angle.
2. Rotary-stitched, for torsion strength and stability.
3. Unique connection design for easier installation.
4. Accurate grid size for best installation effect.


Product Specifications:


Ceiling T Grid /    T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling




Q:How many the warranty years of your products?
A:15 years for indoor used,20 years for ourdoor used.

Q:Can you show me the installation instruction?
A:Yes,our engineering department is in charge of helping your installation.any question,you can let me know.



Ceiling T Grid /    T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling

Ceiling T Grid /    T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling

Ceiling T Grid /    T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling


Ceiling T Grid /    T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling

Ceiling T Grid /    T Bar for Mineral Fiber Ceiling and Grid Ceiling


Q:I need to create a curtain for my office and want to mount a track from the grid ceiling? How do I do this? I see different hardware online but am confused by all the different options. A lot of tracks say ceiling mount is included, but I doubt that means grid ceiling.
Go to a REAL hardware store, NOT HOME DEPOT OR LOWE'S, and ask a customer service person. If it can be done, someone THERE can help.
Q:There is heating the ground, the above to add light steel keel wall how to deal with?
First find out the ground to the laying of the warm tube, it is best to get to warm construction plans. And then according to the marked on the map, looking away from the far away to scribe, look and design the wall is likely to be compatible, and then bolt, install the keel. It is estimated that not easy to get, to be very careful, before the construction of the warm door off, the water vent and then get.
Q:Light steel keel divided into several
Light steel keel according to the use of hanging keel and cut keel, according to cross-section of the form of V-type, C-type, T-type, L-keel. 1) Product specifications series of keel main specifications are divided into Q50, Q75 and Q100.
Q:I am looking for the fire resistance of the building components, see the middle of the house wall with "steel keel" and "light steel keel", what is the difference between the two? What do I want to know is that the two are different in terms of function and practical application? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Light steel keel is galvanized steel or thin steel plate by a special rolling mill by multi-channel rolling process, section U-shaped, C-shaped, T-shaped, L-shaped. Mainly used for the installation of various types of gypsum board, calcium-plastic plate, sound-absorbing panels, etc., for indoor partitions and ceiling keel bracket. Compared to wood keel, with high strength, fire, moisture, easy to construction and so on.
Q:Light steel keel 38 main dragon and 50 vice dragon of the national standard thickness is owe
1.5mm thick is the national standard
Q:Light steel keel ceiling how?
Light steel keel ceiling good, not easy to deformation bending, after any tilt when the inconvenience can also be adjusted, what is bad plate can also be replaced very convenient
Q:We recently did a kitchen renovation which involved taking a wall down between the kitchen and dining room. My house was build in the 50s and the ceilings are plaster over chicken wire (which we've learned on previous housework is excruciating work to remove as its screwed in a grid pattern every 6 inches so we're trying to salvage instead of replace). Here's the problem: The dining room ceiling is a textured plaster- the kitchen was a smooth gloss paint. Now that they are one room with the wall removed, there's not only the two different ceilings but also a patch of drywall between them where old cabinets used to hang. Im looking to texture it all- meaning I have to prep and attempt to match the flat glossy ceiling to the textured dining room. I don't even know where to start here. Help!
When we encounter this, we find it much easier to float the entire ceiling, new and old, with mud to create a smooth surface. Then come back and re-texture the entire ceiling. Even though matching the wall texture might be tough, it is harder to tell a difference in textures at the wall-to-ceiling corner than it is in the center of a ceiling. If you install crown moldings, then it hides the different textures even more. Sure, this costs more than just patching the texture, but it comes down to whether or not you can live with the noticeable difference in texture on your ceiling. In renovation, you almost always get what you pay for.
Q:I'm renting an apartment from a family friend in the lower floor of a raised ranch (basically a basement). It as a (poorly installed) drop ceiling everywhere, including the bathroom. Because the family friend is cutting me a deal on rent, I thought I'd fix up the ceiling, at least in the bathroom. The foam tiles are sagging and discolored, and I'm sure a breeding ground for mold. What I'm wondering is what my least expensive, most expensive, and most eco-friendly option is for a replacement? I've heard bad things (environmentally) about PVC and most of the vinyl I've seen is a little pricey. I'd like to keep it as close to $5/tile as I can (the grid has up to 2x4 squares), and I'm dealing with a space that's approximately 8'x10'. Thanks.
use 1/2 drywall . buy 3 sheets of greenboard drywall. paint the grid and drywall. cut the board and lay it in the grid. it will look like a brand new ceiling and be mold resistant.
Q:Thank you for my doubts! The I have more than ten years of decoration construction experience, and now in Hangzhou to do a deep investment project, Hangzhou Xixi Wal-Mart project, construction area of 210,000 square meters, a new manager said gypsum board must be parallel to the keel installation, In the main keel, tens of thousands of square meters of smallpox, I worry about the future problems, check the specification did not have any results, I hope to know the norms or construction Atlas friends give me a strong basis!
Long side parallel main keel, vertical vice keel
Q:For one of my classes I have to do a floor plan with furnishings and electrical and then I also have to do a reflected ceiling plan of the same floor that includes lighting, HVAC, and finished materials. I was just wondering what the difference is?
Reflected Floor Plan

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