Ceiling Grid for False Ceiling Aluminum Suspended Ceiling Grid

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Product Description:

Aluminum Grid ceiling is one of the materials for ceiling system.It has various patterns and beautiful designs, and could be installed optionally to be more fashionable.  Moreover, it's very easy to be installed and disassembled.So these series are your ideal decorating material. 


Product Applications:

1) Supermarket, marketplace
2) Service station, toll station
3) Underground, air port, bus station 
4) School,
office, meeting room
5) Hall, corridor and toilet
6) Sport center
7) Office, store, plaza 
8) Hotel, restaurant, kitchen
9) Hospital


Product Advantages:


1) Surface smoothness and easy cleaning 
2) High precision, rigidity and consistency 
3) Strong corrupt proof, weather proof and chemical proof


Main Product Features:


1) Surface smoothness and easy cleaning
2) High precision, lighter weight, higher strength, better rigidity
3) Strong corrupt proof, weather proof and chemical

Product Specifications:

Ceiling Grid  for False Ceiling  Aluminum Suspended Ceiling Grid




Q:How many the warranty years of your products?
A:15 years for indoor used,20 years for ourdoor used.

Q:Can you show me the installation instruction?
A:Yes,our engineering department is in charge of helping your installation.any question,you can let me know.



Ceiling Grid  for False Ceiling  Aluminum Suspended Ceiling Grid

Ceiling Grid  for False Ceiling  Aluminum Suspended Ceiling Grid



Ceiling Grid  for False Ceiling  Aluminum Suspended Ceiling Grid

Ceiling Grid  for False Ceiling  Aluminum Suspended Ceiling Grid

Ceiling Grid  for False Ceiling  Aluminum Suspended Ceiling Grid



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Q:I now decorate a facade, want to save some money, the original use of light steel gypsum board separated from the good, but not what I want the effect, I would like to use the original material change, and listen to people say that gypsum board movement fragile. Demolished on the bad equipment. The specific situation is that there are two rooms are separated by gypsum board, that is, there are four walls are gypsum board, I would like to change the main are: 1, all the gypsum wall to move the location. 2, which has two walls need to take off a large part of the excess. Would you like to ask my friend to see if my program is feasible? I left this point, all reward
This is a bit harder. Under normal circumstances, light steel keel can be reused, but also pay attention to the demolition method, otherwise it is likely to cause damage; gypsum board will generally be damaged, if you want to keep the gypsum board intact - in fact is not Possible - demolition of the labor costs it needs, I am afraid it will be comparable with the price of gypsum board, and then removed or old, will affect the re-construction. Therefore, in this regard, it is better to buy a new gypsum board to be cost-effective.
Q:It is good when the ceiling is light steel keel and wood keel
In fact, the development of the ceiling process to the present, is not purely with wooden keel or light steel keel, and these two years have seen a lot of the combination of the way the ceiling. Wood keel easy to do modeling, light steel keel support strong, not easy to deformation, so now when the ceiling, in the need to shape the place with wooden keel, the other to do with the support of light steel keel is the most reasonable way.
Q:each point on the grid. The weight of each 4x4 area is 144# ( square footage is 9# PSF ) which I divide into four seperate areas and come up with a reaction so I know what spring to use at each point. The basic areas are easy to calculate because it's either rectangular or square but some areas are cut up, for example there are areas shaped like an L on the grid with two rectangular sides and I don't know how to get their reaction because there are more than four points. Could someone show me a formula for this?
Sounds like you will probably need to break up the oddly shaped areas, and consider them as a collection of rectangles. However, my understanding is still a little fuzzy. What's this reaction stuff? I don't have a clear picture of the layout in my head.
Q:Yes, I know I should get floor lamps since I have no overhead lights, but are there any non permanent ceiling hooks that would let you hang a light (as in weight) plug-in fixture?Also, what about from a tiled ceiling? Are there accessory stores for things that hang from the grid part?
What I have found to work quite well in my basement with a suspended ceiling is to remove one of the ceiling tiles, place a lightweight board across the frame and hang my light from that by making one tiny hole in the tile for the wiring..good luck
Q:I want to finish my garage. I can handle the walls and floor, but I can't seem to get any help for the ceiling. I went to my local Home Depot and talked to two different people. They sell the stuff, but don't have a clue as to what I would need. The room will be 14' x 24'. Any help would be a appreciated.PS: My zip code is 02816, if that helps.
Home Depot lists a 400 sq ft drop ceiling grid installation kit for $14.38. They also list 2' x 4' ceiling panels for $4.11 each. I could not tell it the grid kit included the actual grid, or just hardware. Your room is 336 sq ft.
Q:Offering 800,000$ worth of machinery and patents in collateral. Any suggestions? I am in the construction industry dealing with powder actuated fasteners for the installation of acoustical ceiling grid, panels, electrical fixtures, electrical wiring, data cables etc... I have an extensive 70 page business plan.I also have bad credit.
You could find a patent trading platform to show your patent, then the one who wants to have such a patent will contact you. Or you could directly find some potential individuals and companies to sell your patent. You could implement your business plan with these money.
Q:Introduction of paint keel
In appearance and aluminum alloy keel is very similar, but also commonly used on the ceiling of a material
Q:Gypsum board shed light steel keel production
Cost, 9.5 gypsum board 17.6 a 2.88 square, gypsum board price of 6 yuan, keel 10 yuan (the main keel and vice dragon, hanging tendons, corners) around, artificial 8-10 yuan.
Q:Light steel keel ceiling by which parts
Cover panel installed in the small keel below, can be used plaster board, decorative gypsum board, calcium plastic board, mineral wool board, asbestos cement board. According to the structure of the ceiling keel, there are two kinds of double and single layer. In the small keel close to the bottom of the big keel hanging called double structure; large and medium keel bottom with a flat, or no big keel directly Hanging in the keel called single-layer structure; single-layer structure is not used for the ceiling (light ceiling). Light actinized keel ceiling according to the large keel bear load capacity Dan for three categories: 1. Light: can not afford the man load. 2. Medium-sized: can bear the occasional man load, can be laid on the simple repair Ma Road; 3. Heavy: can withstand the maintenance of 80-JN concentrated live load, can be laid on it Permanent maintenance of the road.
Q:Light steel keel mark which category
I think that belongs to Category 6 and Category 19, light steel keel should be a relatively new material, so when the trademark to improve these two categories, and he is between the metal building materials and non-metallic buildings Between materials.

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