Carpet Wool and Nylon Axminster Carpet Needle Punch Printed Carpet

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Min Order Qty:
300 m²
Supply Capability:
10000 m²/month

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1.  Why choose us? 


  • We are the carpet & mat manufactury;

  • Efficient and innovative Designer Team;

  • Strictly Quality Control System;

  • Professional Technical Online Service;

  • Any mail or message will be replied within 8 hours;

  • 3 No: No MOQ, No Color Limited, No artwork charge;

  • Completive Manufactory Price;

  • 5 years limited Manufactory Warranty to special mats;

  • More than 7 years cooperated experience with Top 500 Companies in theworld. 

2.   Woven Axminster Carpet Specifications


Style Name:

   Axminster Carpet/5 star hotel carpet/luxury carpet , High Quality Hotel Carpet

H.S. Code:

5702 4100

5702 4100

5702 4100

5702 4100

Area of Suitability:

Hotel, Suite, Room, Mosque, Conference, Lobby, Hallway, Corridor, Meeting Room, Casino, Restaurant, Public Areas

Yarn Fiber:

80% NZ Wool and 20% Solutia Nylon

Color No.:

Max. 16 colors as approval, 2 stocked sets 18 colors/set


7 per inch

7 per inch

7 per inch

7 per inch






Tuft Density:

49 per inch

56 per inch

63 per inch

70 per inch

Yarn Count:

2/47's Dewsbury – 660/2 Tex

Pile Height:

8mm +/- 0.5mm

8mm +/- 0.5mm

8mm +/- 0.5mm

8mm +/- 0.5mm

Total Height:

10mm +/- 0.5mm

10mm +/- 0.5mm

10mm +/- 0.5mm

10mm +/- 0.5mm

Pile Weight:





Total Weight:






Polyester, Jute/PP, Constructive BASF Latex






Permanent Antistatic:





Fire Rating:

Passed Bf1-s1, t1

Passed Bf1-s1, t1


Medium Contract Use

Heavy Contract Use

Special Treatment:

Anti Bacteria Protection (Free), Anti Stain Finish (Additional Charge)



3. Payment Term & Lead Time


MOQ (Min Order Quantity):

300 sqm

Payment Terms:

40% Payment in advance, balance before shipment.

Shipping Port:

From Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen to any ports.

Container Capability:

20’GP: 3000sqm, 40’GP: 6000sqm, 40’HQ: 8000sqm

Delivery Time:

25-35 days upon the deposit, please double check, when ordering.

Packing Details:

In rolls


Axminster Carpet 
1. 80% Wool 20% Nylon 
2. 8mm Pile Height 
3. Max 4m width in roll 
4. Jute Backing, Heavy Duty Traffic


Carpet Wool and  Nylon Axminster Carpet Needle Punch Printed Carpet

Carpet Wool and  Nylon Axminster Carpet Needle Punch Printed Carpet

Carpet Wool and  Nylon Axminster Carpet Needle Punch Printed Carpet

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Q:Can i put a big rug over carpet?
I do, I just make sure I lift the area rug once a week and vacuum the carpet underneath.
Q:I want to do carpet business. Now what kind of carpet do you sell well?
Finally, you can also contact some of the production of carpet manufacturers, to give you some samples for those placed in your shop, do some carpet business, sometimes a month to do two single shop list, you this month's expenses came out. Good。 Placed in the shop some kind of block, the customer needs, and you go to the warehouse to pick up the goods, do not pressure costs.
Q:What color of the carpet looks good with white tile?
Black, green, violet and orange are all good, nut the whole room style and tone should be considered. But for the coordination of the whole style . yellow floor matches well with white, blue and many other colors if the color blending is the only consideration.
Q:Can a chestnut where this rug?
any horse can ware any rug as long as it fits
Q:What is a home remedy for getting red kool-aid out of light colored carpet?
Blot all of the kool aid out with cool water and a towel When satisfied that you removed most of it, pour on some hydrogen peroxide, let it bubble, then blot somemore.
Q:Any advice how to remove smell from damp carpet?
If you have a carpet cleaner (or can borrow or rent one) I would do it. There are special carpet cleaners that are heavy duty and for mold/mildew/pets and will get rid of most smells. We had some flooding in a carpeted room, and it took a couple of cleanings, but you can't smell anything funky any longer. We used regular cleaner the first time and the heavy duty stuff the second time. As a temporary solution, you could out some baking soda on the carpet, leave a day or so and vacuum it up. But, if the smell is in the carpet pad, it won't do much.
Q:Pulling the Rug: Yu-Gi-Oh! Trap Card Ruling Question?
Ok here is the Special Effect of Pulling The Rug Negate The Activation and the effect Of an Effect Monster Whos Effect Activate When a Monster WAS NORMAL SUMONED (Even It Self),And Destroy That Monster You know in Yugioh TCG Alot Of Secrets,that makes you do alot of Wrong Moves,You have To Focus Dark Red Enchanter Special Effect makes him When he is Normal Summoned,You Put 2 Counters on him (That Count as an Effect),So Dark Red Enchanter Made an Effect when He Got Summoned,So he Will be Destroyed Immediatly Ok so here is how u should Play it You have Pulling The Rug face down on the Field,Of any Monster Got Normal Summoned and Activate His Effect,you can activate Pulling The Rug and Destroy D.R.E,But If you have Dark Red Enchanter Already on the Field,You can Activate his Effect Normally,because u didn't activate Pulling the Rug When he Got Normal Summoned Same With Mobius and the Other Monarchs,If they got Normal Summoned and you have a face Down Pulling the Rug,You can Activate it to Negate and Destroy the Monster,But you Cant Activate it if you have the Monster On the Fild and Already Succe Normal Summoned Hope This Helps
Q:has anyone got a link a mega doily rug tutorial?
At my twelfth birthday, each person made up our minds to have a séance. Some persons didn’t wish to be in whole darkness, so I grew to become on a black mild (and not using a coloration) and positioned it subsequent to me. I’m identified for goofing off and looking to scare persons, so while I began screaming and crying, no one paid instant concentration to me. The black mild blub fell proper on my thigh and it harm so unhealthy I couldn’t even take it off. Finally anyone grew to become at the lighting they usually essentially needed to rip the blub off of my thigh. It was once a third measure burn and I nonetheless have a scar 10 years later :-/ Your burn appears quite painful too! OUCH!
Q:No one answered my last question . CAN BAMBOO RUGS BE USED ON CARPETED FLOORS?
Any rug can be used on top of carpets. You may have to get a carpet mat to place under the bamboo rug so it doesn't move and buckle on the carpet.
Q:how can i get nail polish out of my carpet?
that is effortless, nail polish remover. get the form with out lanolin, if u can, however any form will paintings. pour a few remover on an ancient rag, paintings in circles from the external inward. hold operating w/ contemporary remover until u get all of it, then use just a little diluted dishwashing liquid in scorching water and a scrub brush. recall the cleaning soap u r leaving within the carpet from the dishwashing liquid is similar to carpet shampoo, and can go away a place as a way to draw in just a little dust, if u do not get such a lot of it out. inform the carpet cleanser subsequent time u have it wiped clean, so he can extract that spot good, with blank water, or do it urself with a condo unit, like from wally global. recall, carpet is close to indestructable, so do not fear an excessive amount of

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