Carpet China Axminster Mosque Carpet Masjid Carpet

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Min Order Qty:
300 m³
Supply Capability:
10000 m³/month

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Product Description:

1.  Why choose us? 


  • We are the carpet & mat manufactury;

  • Efficient and innovative Designer Team;

  • Strictly Quality Control System;

  • Professional Technical Online Service;

  • Any mail or message will be replied within 8 hours;

  • 3 No: No MOQ, No Color Limited, No artwork charge;

  • Completive Manufactory Price;

  • 5 years limited Manufactory Warranty to special mats;

  • More than 7 years cooperated experience with Top 500 Companies in theworld. 

2.   Woven Axminster Carpet Specifications


Style Name:

   Axminster Carpet/5 star hotel carpet/luxury carpet , High Quality Hotel Carpet

H.S. Code:

5702 4100

5702 4100

5702 4100

5702 4100

Area of Suitability:

Hotel, Suite, Room, Mosque, Conference, Lobby, Hallway, Corridor, Meeting Room, Casino, Restaurant, Public Areas

Yarn Fiber:

80% NZ Wool and 20% Solutia Nylon

Color No.:

Max. 16 colors as approval, 2 stocked sets 18 colors/set


7 per inch

7 per inch

7 per inch

7 per inch






Tuft Density:

49 per inch

56 per inch

63 per inch

70 per inch

Yarn Count:

2/47's Dewsbury – 660/2 Tex

Pile Height:

8mm +/- 0.5mm

8mm +/- 0.5mm

8mm +/- 0.5mm

8mm +/- 0.5mm

Total Height:

10mm +/- 0.5mm

10mm +/- 0.5mm

10mm +/- 0.5mm

10mm +/- 0.5mm

Pile Weight:





Total Weight:






Polyester, Jute/PP, Constructive BASF Latex






Permanent Antistatic:





Fire Rating:

Passed Bf1-s1, t1

Passed Bf1-s1, t1


Medium Contract Use

Heavy Contract Use

Special Treatment:

Anti Bacteria Protection (Free), Anti Stain Finish (Additional Charge)



3. Payment Term & Lead Time


MOQ (Min Order Quantity):

300 sqm

Payment Terms:

40% Payment in advance, balance before shipment.

Shipping Port:

From Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen to any ports.

Container Capability:

20’GP: 3000sqm, 40’GP: 6000sqm, 40’HQ: 8000sqm

Delivery Time:

25-35 days upon the deposit, please double check, when ordering.

Packing Details:

In rolls


Axminster Carpet 
1. 80% Wool 20% Nylon 
2. 8mm Pile Height 
3. Max 4m width in roll 
4. Jute Backing, Heavy Duty Traffic


Carpet China Axminster Mosque Carpet Masjid Carpet

Carpet China Axminster Mosque Carpet Masjid Carpet

Carpet China Axminster Mosque Carpet Masjid Carpet

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Q:rugs, people?
If they are washable rugs. Otherwise, yes you could very well damage the material the rugs are made from and could cause damage to a regular washing machine.
Q:Would this go together? couch & Rug?
Your opinion is the only one that really matters. But I think it would look too busy...stripes + the print of the rug. Me? I'd go for a plain, solid rug in a color that picks up one of the stripes of your couch. Or a grass mat. (These are woven. They don't look like a lawn. lol )
Q:Is a sheet rug + a cotton rug enough to keep my horse warm during winter?
Unless you're dipping into the twenties and teens, I would use only the polyester rug - that is, if it's totally necessary. If you're not showing this mini, leave the rugs off. He will be plenty warm with just his coat. I have a trail mare that I left unblanketed into the low twenties this year, and she grew an appropriate amount of hair and was perfectly fine - she was even warmer than my show horse gelding, who was rugged up in slickers and heavy blankets. EDIT: If your mini is body clipped, and kept outside, you should definitely put at least the sheet and rug on. I would recommend getting a neck cover as well if it gets into the mid teens. Put the slicker on only when the weather is very severe.
Q:Hand made scrap rug?
cut your cloth scraps into long strips about 1 inch wide, sew ends together to make really long strips, sew 3 together at one end, attach that end to something and start braiding. when you get near the end of your strips, sew on some more strips and braid some more. Starting at the sewn end of your braid, tuck together and start a spiral sewing the edges of the braid to each other with button thread, keep going till it's the size you want. If you start folding a 3 - 8 inch length back on itself then keep going around, you will end up with an oval rug have fun
Q:Can a clawed cat be trained not to tear up the rugs and furniture?
Thats tough because its a natural behavior for cats. You can try Soft Paws. Its a product which you glue over the nails. You can do it yourself and it won't shred the furniture. Just make sure you don't trim the nails too short since the super glue needs something to hold on to. Yes super glue. Thats what we use at the vet clinic where I work at. They come in different colors as well.
Q:my hamster tore up the carpet?!!!?
put it back into the habitrail! now go to the carpet store and go into the back. Look for a large dumpster full of carpet peices and cut off the one thats closest to yours and get some Elmers white glue to hold it in place and put a weight on it till it's dry. no one will ever know! (unless your hampster's a snitch too!)
Q:difference and selection of 3D foot pad, hairy pad and the new wire circle pad of car carpet ~
I am using the wire circle pad, it feels good.
Q:Stable rugs?
Why? I've always felt that the less clothing I pile upon my horses, the better.
Q:possible 3rd degree rug burn?
You cannot get a third degree rug burn. Third degree burns are full thickness: all the layers of skin and into the muscle is burned. You have a 1st degree burn. An open burn, yes, but still first degree. You scraped off a layer or two of skin, which is why it was leaking plasma. Stop using peroxide as that is often too harsh and causes more damage as it will kill the regenerating cells. Stick with a simple antibacterial cream or ointment and bandage it. If band-aids won't say on, buy some gauze pads and medical tape.
Q:Carpet cleaner residue stuck to my floot?
First rinse and blot the carpet ( don t soak just wet to rinse) with white towels or white paper towels. Do this several times. If this doesn t work, then reuse the capet cleaner and do nothing but rinse and extract the water. Do this several times while drying the carpet between times to check. Sorry to say buy using dawn or any improper ingredient in the carpet cleaner was a mistake. Plus the use of a rented or home carpet machine isn t good for carpet. If rerinsing doesn t work , haveing it professionally done is the next step. If this residue isn t remove it will attract dirt.. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

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