100 percent Without Asbestos Fiber Cement Board

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Product Description:

100% Without Asbestos Fiber Cement Board


Fiber cement board, using high quality fiber and mineral substances as main content,was made with forming by advanced technique & technological process & through high temperature & high pressure maintenance & special treatment.

Fiber cement board, using high quality fiber and mineral substances as main content,was made with forming by advanced technique & technological process & through high temperature & high pressure maintenance & special treatment.





100% Without Asbestos Fiber Cement Board


Sound and Weather Resistant:

Karmeen fiber cement boards deliver optimal sound and weather insulation. Noise as well as changing weather conditions such as freeze / thaw, heat and water pose no threat to fiber cement board. The boards retain their shape at all times.

Low Maintenance:

The ability of the boards to resist mold and algae attacks is equally impressive. The result is a long-lived façade that saves you time and effort on inconvenient and costly repairs and repaints. 


The boards are non-combustible, which is your guarantee for a safe building.

Easy Handling:

Karmeen fiber cement boards are flexible and easy to handle. They can be delivered cut to size, ready for installation. All this makes for lower construction costs, shorter construction times, and lower installed costs. 


Board Edge:

100 percent Without Asbestos Fiber Cement Board 



Packaging Details:
Fumigation wooden pallets+PE cover + corner protector

100 percent Without Asbestos Fiber Cement Board


100% Without Asbestos Fiber Cement Board


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Q:Can the board be replaced by woodworking board?
Ette board is a high strength, durability and other superior performance of the fiber silicate sheet, with a variety of thickness and density, 100% does not contain asbestos and other harmful substances. For non-combustible A1 grade products. With fire, moisture, waterproof, sound insulation effect, environmental protection, installation fast, long life and other advantages. Commonly used for external wall panels, bathroom partitions, outdoor roof roof, external wall insulation board, interior decoration, smallpox, etc .; can also replace the use of gypsum board in the decoration used as a substrate.
Q:We are redoing a small bathroom and I want to redo the old tile and also add some additional tile around some of the other walls. We are planning to use cement board around the tub, but do I need to rip out existing wallboard around the vanity and other walls where I want to add new tiles and replace it with cement backer board? Or should I just add the cement board on top of the existing wallboard in the places I want to add new tile ( I was thinking about maybe tiling halfway up some of the other walls). Thanks!
First take some rough sandpaper like an 80 grit to rough up the wall that is painted, then use a mastic type adhesive like Acrylpro ceramic tile adhesive from Home Depot. It is $6 for a quart or $13 for a gallon. Use the correct size trowel suggested on the bucket for your tile size. Follow the directions and you will be fine. You would only use Hardibacker or Durock in a shower or bath tub enclosure where heavy use of water goes on. Then you would use the screws made for that product and use thinset adhesive instead of mastic.
Q:I have a friend who owns a house who believes it was built in 1968. The basement is in immaculate condition-- completely dry. The walls are poured cement and you can see where the forms were taken off the wall after it was poured. My question -- did they pour walls back in 1968 or was cinder block the building material used? I think the house was renovated within the last 15 years. My friend and I are baffled. Thanks!
They have used concrete since the 1800s. Foundation walls are probably original.
Q:How to remove the paint on the surface of the cement board
And in the ground after the marble pavement, causing the door can not open. In addition to saw the short door, another way is to put the door up a few centimeters, so that the door up to move. This approach can ensure that the door is not shortened, but more laborious.
Q:Home decoration ceiling with what plate is it?
1, gypsum board: is a building gypsum as the main raw material made of a material, it has a light weight, high strength, thinner thickness, easy processing and insulation and fire insulation and other excellent performance. Gypsum board is one of the most popular new lightweight plates used in modern decoration. 2, mineral wool board: mineral fiber cotton as raw material, the biggest feature is a very good sound absorption, heat insulation effect, often used in high temperature and noise and other occasions, such as ceiling decoration, such as kitchen. The surface of the mineral wool board can also be patterned and carved, and more in style. 3, sauna board: is a special ceiling material, a dedicated log room for the sauna, to plug-in connection, easy to install. Sauna board is treated by high temperature degreasing, high temperature resistance, easy to deformation. Often used to the bathroom, balcony and other places, are high-grade materials. 4, silicon calcium board: from natural gypsum powder, white cement, glue, glass fiber composite made of multiple materials. It has a fire, moisture and noise characteristics, can absorb indoor excess water molecules, when the air is dry and can release the preservation of water molecules, commonly used in high-end decoration, to increase indoor comfort. In the choice of ceiling decoration materials and design, should follow the two materials, solid, safe and beautiful and practical principles, according to their own home environment reasonable choice ceiling material.
Q:Cement fiber pressure plate, fiber cement pressure plate (FC board), cement asbestos board, mineral wool decorative plate. Are these all the same? Where are they used?
(Fiber cement pressure board, fiber reinforced cement board, fiber cement board) is a high-quality wood pulp and cement as raw material, by the pulp, forming, cutting, pressing, steaming made of a new building materials, with light, High strength, fireproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, large format, good processing, etc., are widely used in buildings: inside and outside the wall, ceiling, curtain wall lining, steel floor, decorative wall panels, clear cement decoration and other parts The
Q:I use the card light steel keel to do the wall and ceiling, do not want to be fooled, seeking the experience of the people advise
Card keel is used to do the ceiling, do less wall First of all you want to do with what? What is the effect of the design effect? Home improvement or tooling. Home improvement, then you should use a small aluminum ceiling, a small area of ordinary wood keel can, with the keel, simple. Tooling with the words, is the consideration, the specific effect and the use of the main material.
Q:I have a 5x20 room off my basement which sits under my front porch. All four walls of the room are cement block all the way up to the ceiling which is the cement slab from the porch above. There is a wood ceiling in the room that has gotten wet from leaks above. Is it safe to remove the wood joists and plywood in that room, fix the leaks and replace it? This doesn't support any weight from the slab above, does it? I assume that it was probably used as the bottom of the form when the slab was poured. Also, when I replace the ceiling, can I attach the ledger board using concrete sleeve anchors? Can these be fastened into the block wall? I'm not sure if they are hollow or have been filled with gravel or concrete. I plan on using the ledger board to fasten joist hanger to and frame back up my ceiling for insulation and wiring. The current ledger is attached with masonry nails. Any thoughts?
Your ceiling may very well be no more than the bottom forms for the slab, but you really need to make sure. Attempting to seal the concrete slab from the underside isn't advisable. Concrete draws moisture, so you will always have a seepage problem after you're finished. I'd suggest sealing the slab on the surface and make sure it quit weeping before proceeding with the remainder of your project. Not all concrete blocks are filled. To secure your ledger board I'd suggest using a lag bolt with a lead spread type toggle. Drill into the block and insert to lead, which will hold the lag bolt. Hope this has been some help. Good Luck
Q:I want to lay some tile on a portion of the garage where we are putting in a small kitchen for garage use. If the floor is new would you have to lay cement board down on top of new cement before tiling?
Just lay it directly to the cement. Since it's new use flexible bond thin-set to prevent the tile from cracking.
Q:Why does noise do not mean sound absorption? How to use good sound insulation, sound absorption material to handle the hall? Ask the master enlighten me!
Simply put, the sound is to eliminate the sound outside the room, silence is to eliminate the noise inside the room. Depends on what you need in the end of the hall. Is too noisy outside or room sound is not good.

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