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i am rediing my furnitureits not old or anything i bought it a year agobut i recently renovatedand my furniture dont match and i dont want to buy new furniture, can anyone tell me if its a type of material that they put over furniture or can u tell me the method stept by step how to paint/spray it to get this high black glossy effect. the picture below is an example of what im talking about.
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The clothes in Sims 3 are abnormally shiny reflective, unlike realistic material which would be particularly dull (Unless it was silk or plastic or chainmail lol)I was wondering if anyone knew of a fix or mod for this 'problem'?
most people here will tell u not to do it..but you can do it without it affecting the fixtures below.if the drain pipe from the water softener is a hose just loop it to form a trap then connect it if it is hard pipe then just get x tra fittings and make a trap
How about the water pipe fittings and millimeters?20mm is 425mm is 6Why
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A firefighter friend of mine has this question. If they had a tank 8'diam x 13' long with a 6 diam line from it down to the ground, what would the flow be when they open the valve? The bottom of the tank would be 11' off the ground, it is a gravity fed system. Assume two 90s for fittings, standard cs pipe (if required), I don't need it to the thousandth of a gpm :)a) What is the flow (gpm) from the tank when full?b) What is the flow (gpm) from the tank with 1 of level?c) What is the time to empty the tank completely (starting from full)?Thanks all.
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How tight is the gas pipe joint?
A section of the pipeline connected with the household is mainly connected from the pipe joint to the ends of the gas cooker. The most common is the use of oil resistant, pressure resistant reinforced plastic pipe. The plastic pipe shall be inserted into the pipe joint so long as to avoid leakage.The plastic tube is inserted, should use the hose clamps or other hoop, or wire tie, then use soap (do not use fire to leak detection)
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Most manufactured pumps have pump performance curves that gauge pump performance based mostly on the head that the pump has to deliver which is partially a factor of overall pipe length, and number of elbows and other fittings. This would require considerable analysis. I would agree with most of the other responders that your reconfigure shouldn't make much difference. If you wish to reduce the effect of the added piping length, you could increase the pipe diameter.
I have a young cousin who has gone into law enforcement and needs some puncture proof gloves. Can anyone offer an opinion about which are the safest/best, i.e., name brand, type, etc. Thanks.
It's called PVC Cement, available at almost any hardware store, from multiple manufacturers. It has an aggressive solvent that partially dissolves the PVC pipe, creating close to a welded joint. Do not use anything but PVC cement.
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Pump performance drops off sharply with increases in the Total Dynamic Head. TDH is the sum of the static head (height of discharge) and the dynamic head (resistance of pipe and fittings). Only small pumps are measured in GPH instead of GPM. 125 GPM (7500 GPH) is not a small pump. Their instructions call for a 18 dia. basin 30 deep. I would not go less than 24x36 for a basin on that size pump. If the basin is too small, the pump will short cycle, and even with internal temperature protection, it could burn out in a few days of short cycling. Be sure to put some holes into the bottom of the basin even if you are filling it from a drainage pipe from the side, as water pressure from the ground will float the basin up out of the hole. The weight of the pump is not enough to hold it down, in most cases. Be sure to drill a 3/16 hole in the pipe between the pump and check valve, preferably just above the pump discharge outlet, to prevent an airlock from damaging the shaft seal. It also needs a dedicated 15 amp circuit, with nothing else plugged into it. Personally, I would go with a Zoeller model 292, for that application, but the price would be much higher for a pump of Zoeller quality. They also have excellent technical support.