Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Butt-Welding Equal Tees

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Product Description:

Features standards and products of our butt welding fittings:

Features of butt welding fittings:

1.       High class materials

Our products only use high class raw materials of carbon/alloy steel pipes made from NKK or MANNESSMANN equipment for ordinary, high pressure, low/high temperature,boiler and other purposes.

2.       Uniform wall thickness and perfectly round

This can be achieved by our particular technical knowhow and our quality control program.

3.       Accurate dimension

Efficient piping work can be made only with fittings of correct dimensions and shapes. Our fittings are finished to have accurate straight/ plane ends, beveled angle...etc. to applicable standards by means of two or three spindle beveling machines.

Standards of butt welding fittings:

Our welding fittings are manufactured in compliance with the following appliance standards:

ASME B16.9   ASTM A234   MSS-SP43   WPHY60   JIS B2311   DIN2605

                      ASTM A403   MSS-SP75   WPHY65   JIS B2312   DIN2606

                      ASTM A420   WPHY42    WPHY70   JIS B2313   DIN2616

                      ASTM A860   WPHY52                                       DIN2615

Manufacturing method and process:

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Butt-Welding Equal Tees



Equal Tees:

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Butt-Welding Equal Tees

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Butt-Welding Equal Tees

Packing of butt welding fittings:

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Butt-Welding Equal Tees

FAQ of butt-welding fittings:

1) Q: What’s your main product? Which kinds of products are more competitive in your product range?

     A: Our main products are steel flanges, pipe fittings and steel pipes.

     Competitive Items: flanges in stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel  and punching carbon steel

     Butt welded pipe fittings in stainless and carbon steel

2) Q: what’s your largest size of flange and fitting? How long is the  production cycle?
      A: The largest flange we could produce is 80’’ and the largest fitting is 50’’.

      In general, we spend 20-25 days in a 20-ton order. If necessary, we  could make it shorter.

3) Q: Could you produce according to the drawings?

     A: Sure. We could produce according to the provided drawings, which  include forged and casted items.

4) Q: What kind of certificates do you have?

     A: We have ISO, TUV, API,SGS,BV etc. fittings in stainless and carbon stee

     Malleable Iron ,Stainless and carbon steel pipes

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Q:How do you explain the pipe joint?
The fittings are expressed in part according to the British system
Q:Can flared and jacketed hydraulic couplings be used as gas line couplings?
The pressure of the pneumatic pipeline is usually 0.8MPa.Yes, the life is longer than the pneumatic one
Q:PVC can the pipe joint be butted with the joint? How do I get it?
One is welding, the other is adhesive bonding, and the other is double headed thread connection
Q:Is it safe for me to practice my trombone outside during a thunderstorm?
If you're talking about the pressurized extinguishers that are commonly found mounted in office buildings, etc., they are periodically tested to be sure they hold pressure. This is done before they are refilled. When the fire protection company visits, they look at the extinguisher to be sure it's not damaged. Then they check the pressure valve to be sure it's at the proper pressure level. Finally, they look at the date the extinguisher was last filled and tested because that has to be done periodically.
Q:Kidde 1275 smoke detector going off ?
Best answer, the batteries are low and need to be replace. I have a hard wire system with battery back-up. I replace the battery the the alarm stop chirping. I have (4) units in my townhouse. Just save $21.00 an hour for Handyman services.
Q:If my brother and I discovered a fire could he come with me to pull the fire alarm?
No, it would feel horrible for the hamster. They would feel itcy and traped. They'd be confused and not know what is happening, and they might even suffocate or lose the fur the 'clothes' are covering. They have fur, what more do you need?
Q:Any suggestions..?
No one can guarantee that theft will not occur-that can occur at home or anywhere; no law requires video surveillance. I don't really see negligence. Almost anywhere is park at your own risk. You should have rental car insurance to cover most of this (your home insurance, your CC or additional insurance purchased at the time).
Q:Hydraulic hose connector size 20As shown in Figure six, the angle is 71mm to the edge, 80mm to the diagonal, approximately 34mm higher
Two. Metric general threads1. metric screw thread with a capital M, tooth type angle 2 degrees =60 (alpha tooth type half angle);2. metric ordinary thread by pitch, coarse teeth, ordinary thread and fine teeth, two kinds of ordinary thread;2.1. coarse tooth ordinary thread mark generally does not indicate the pitch, such as M20 means coarse thread; fine tooth thread mark must indicate the pitch, such as M30 * 1.5 for fine tooth thread, in which pitch is common thread is used for the connection and fastening between the mechanical parts, and the general thread connection is mainly made of coarse thread. The thread strength of the fine tooth thread is slightly higher than that of the same nominal diameter, and the self-locking performance is better.Mark 3. metric screw thread: M20-6H, M20 * 1.5LH-6g-40, where M represents a common thread metric, 20 nominal diameter thread is 20mm, 1.5 pitch, LH said, 6G 6H left, said thread precision grade, precision grade of internal thread uppercase, lowercase precision grade of said external thread, 40 screwing length.
Q:How to distinguish between flared pipe joint and welded pipe joint
Welded pipe joints: welded pipe joint applicable medium: oil, water, gas and other non corrosive or corrosive medium. The welding type sealing pipe joint with steel pipe specifications and flexible pipe welding, has the characteristics of reliable connection, good sealing performance, so it is widely used in oil refining and chemical engineering light industry, textile, metallurgy, aviation, defense, and ship system; also suitable for hydraulic transmission of various mechanical engineering, machine tools and other equipment pipeline. When the sleeve type pipe joint production can not meet the needs, and in the case of strong corrosion, priority can be adopted.
Q:How do I safely remove my smoke detector?
Other than gluing , smaller sections of pipe can be fused (melted)together. Fusing is a common technique in industrial and civil applications and for joining types of plastic pipe for which there isn't a solvent based glue available. HDPE (High density Poly Ethelyene) is an example of a thermo plastic, one which is joined by heat and not a solvent based glue. PCV (Poly Vynil Chloride) pipe like what you would find at home depot uses a solvent based glue. The solvent based glue chemically softens and joins the pipe sections together without the use of heat. The attached link shows a mile long section being fused together as its being pulled into an old pipe. Fused joints do not require addtional pipe fittings like couplings. Couplings used in glued PVC joints are larger diameter than the pipe and would not be able to be pulled through an old pipe section with a significant loss of inside pipe diameter. Fused joints are nearly the same outside diameter of the pipe and do not require a coupling fitting. As a result the fused pipe can be pulled into an old section of pipe and use nearly the entire inside dimension of the old pipe. The process of placing a new pipe inside and old pipe is called slip lining. It is a means to rejuvinate and old leaky pipe without he need to dig up all of the the old pipe.

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