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The installation method of the electric hammer drill
The installation method of the electric hammer drill:When installed, the drill chuck hammer directly inserted, can rotate around until the drill bit is automatic locking, finally pulling the drill bit to determine whether it is locked correctly.
New drills usually need sharpening before they can be used. Why?
We monitor only a bit grinding blade; another edge to teach short, and a big pot. The hole is 60 millimeters deep; this is called a folk prescription, and the drill hole is asymmetric. The hole will appear in the big hole. If there is any deviation between the two sides of the deep hole, the drill will be drilled
How big expansion screw does the 6mm bit have?
6mm drills are generally equipped with 5mm expansion screws (the smallest specification).The relationship between the drill bit and the expansion screw is the drill diameter = the expansion screw diameter +2mm. For example, the expansion screw of 6mm shall be opened with 8mm drill bit.
What are the differences between a twist drill and a construction drill? Where are they used?
A twist drill is a tool for cutting round holes in a workpiece by rotating it in a relatively fixed axis. It is named because of its shape of spiral groove.
How to use glass drills?
The bit rotates about the vertical shaft and moves in the axial direction. The soil is cut under the action of the torque and axial force of the bit, and is crushed and crushed by the compression and centrifugal force of the working blade, forming the earth flow toward the wall and ascending to the surface along the page. When the soil flow to the pit wall barrier at the time, due to the centrifugal force around the broken soil thrown into the pit, to complete the whole process of digging.
What drill is drilled after quenching?
Carbide coated tools can handle around HRC50 of materials, such as Mount Vickers 840, and material 1220
8mm iron expansion bolts with few drilling drill mm?
8mm iron 12mm impact drill drilling expansion bolt, this is because the expansion bolt is normal, the bulk of the direction of 11MM, so we must use 12MM bit, if the use of a small number of bits, the expansion bolt is difficult in the walls, attention should be paid attention when the fastening nut screw slip.
Who can do this? Put the drill into it
Change the hammer and steel ball to the service point. 3, time does not need, may not plug in, according to 1 of the method of force a few times just fine