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E.S Optical Edge Finder

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Q:Would you tell me if there is an approximate range of speed required for machine reamers in reaming?
With my experience:The next thing we can do is to reduce the amount of stay as much as possible.I think the lower the speed, the better the roughness.The slower the feed, the better the roughness.Enough cooling water must be added.
Q:How do you choose the tolerance of reaming when reaming?
The processed reamer size with many factors, such as what the coolant, cutter speed, feed rate, exit reamer also pay attention to.The standard reamer is generally the axis system size. Such as H8, H7, H6. Of course, also can according to the hole size to build special dimensions and tolerances of the reamer.The theory of pore size is negative to wring size zero. But the actual wring hole must be more than theory. General tolerance of hole is smaller, the precision is higher.The general processing speed is slower, the cooling liquid, fully feed more quickly, the size of the hole is out of tolerance near.High strength high speed steel and hard alloy can be used as tool materials when reaming high strength steel and ultra high strength steel. High speed, high cobalt, cobalt or aluminium containing high speed steel in high performance high speed steel is very suitable for processing this kind of steel. For example, a reamer made of cobalt carbide super high speed steel W12Mo5Cr4V3Co5Si is 18mm in diameter,When reaming high strength steel (b=1200 to 1300MPa), each reamer can be reamed with 60~70 holes. When the hinge is n=140r / min, f=0.05mm / R, the roughness is Ra, 1.6gm.Carbide reamers for high strength steel, shown in Figure 4-4, are made of YT15 carbide. The reamer for L/D is less than or equal to 5 and D=6 to 80mm hole. Full use of emulsion when in use. If a drill bush is used, the rotary drill sleeve must be used to avoid the friction between the hinge blade and the drill sleeve. When the operation, the first contact with the workpiece after the tool and then drive, the best time to stop the car when the knife is returned.
Q:Can the machine reamer be installed on the milling machine?
All right。 The machine reamer can be installed in the milling machine. Drilling machine. CNC machining centers are available.
Q:Why are the dimensions of the reamer larger than the size of the hole?
The reamer is fine cutting tools a certain size of the hole, the hole in finishing before must leave the finishing allowance, so the hole than the knife which small dumplings,There is a movable reamer, the blade can be adjusted in a certain range.
Q:What's the difference between the reamer and the milling cutter?
Depends on what you use, the milling cutter is broken, you can grind the reamer can not,
Q:Machining center reamer reaming holes, big head, small head, bell shaped, this is what is the reason?
The allowance is large. Use the 13.8 reamer to enlarge the table. Hit the blade to see if the blade is on the same heart. Measure both the front and back blades.
Q:In mechanical engineering materials, what are the materials of the reamer?
General hand long edge reamer reamer and material for machine tool steel, machine reamer high speed and large machining allowance for hard alloy, including the use of hard alloy reamer to do some non-standard materials with complex shape machine.
Q:CNC lathe reamer, how to hinge out 0.4 of the smoothness?
Coarse hinge and precision hinge,The reamer must be correct,When reaming, lower the allowance, add kerosene or vegetable oil.If my answer is helpful to you, please accept it as the best answer in time. Thank you!
Q:Difference between milling cutter and reamer
Besides they say, the most intuitive is that the blade part of machine reamer is very short, while the neck is very long, so it looks like a long dumbbell.The end mills have longer cutter teeth, accounting for 1/2~2/3 of the overall length of the tool, and the neck is short. The cutter tooth is spiral and has fewer teeth. It looks sharp.People who don't know much about knives do so.
Q:When reaming the piston pin hole and connecting rod copper sleeve, how much is the pin allowance?
For better reference data, please Baidu search, Li Hao CNC tools, data on reamer tolerances and machining allowances
We developed small high-precision CNC lathes based on the imported technology, with high-quality accessories and universal electric control systems. Our machine tools are mainly used in aviation, automobiles, electron, clocks, optical instruments, moulds, computers, medical equipment and so on. At present, these machine tools are enjoying a good reputation among our customers. Accessories and tools are the basic of high-quality precision machinery.

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