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drill bit

1.Electric Hammer Drill Bit;

2.Degree:118 and 135

3.Mainly used For cutting thick steel and Stainless steel


left hand  drill bits :

1.Description:Drill Bit, HSS Drill Bit 

2.Material:HSS ,HSS Cobalt ,40Cr,M2,M42

3.Degree:118 and 135

4.Used for drilling metal

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Q:Would you tell me if there is an approximate range of speed required for machine reamers in reaming?
With my experience:The next thing we can do is to reduce the amount of stay as much as possible.I think the lower the speed, the better the roughness.The slower the feed, the better the roughness.Enough cooling water must be added.
Q:Reaming Reaming hole diameter smaller, why processing material for ductile iron 500?
Possible causes1., cold shrinkage 2. plastic deformation of material, 3. tool edge wear, processing surface roughness is too bad
Q:If you want to drill out 20 of the hole with a reamer, what size drill should you use first?
Because some of the drilling bit out of the hole is too large, such as drilling 19 of the drill hole is often 19.1/19.2, this situation should be more often encountered. If the reamer you use for machining is of good quality, it is recommended that the drilled hole be 19.9. Usually, the allowance for the reamer is 0.1-0.2mm. As to how large the drill is, it depends on how large the hole you drill out of. You can try using the 19.5 bit.
Q:The difference between the reamer and tool?
The cutter can not be changed, change the boring tool
Q:Can the machine reamer be installed on the milling machine?
You just have to find the right milling chucks, and that's OK
Q:Cutting amount of reamer when reaming
No matter how much you began to drill the hole, I suggest you use the whole hard alloy reamer cutter 16.75 to 16.8 or 3 edged blade (YG8 can), expanding a hole, and then reaming, i.e. unilateral stay 0.1~0.125 margin, S500~S800 F150~F240, thick hinge you see traces. I think it is too much allowance, resulting in poor chip galling, your diamond reamer containing slot cutting may be a bit small, you if you can 4~8 reamer blade consider S150F120 or S200F160, is a constant speed to return to double check, cutting fluid pressure, suggest that you try Mobil 232 try cutting fluid (1:20 ratio).
Q:The reamer H7 and H8 are of high accuracy
The H7 of the reamer is higher than the reamer H8, and the accuracy of the reamer is D4, H7, H8, H9 and so on;Their difference: the deviation is different; the structure of the reamer is mostly composed of the work part and the handle part. The main part of the work is cutting and calibration functions, the calibration Department has inverted taper diameter. The shank is used for clamping by the clamp and has a straight handle and a taper handle.A rotary tool with one or more cutter teeth used to remove thin metal on the surface of a machined hole; a rotary finishing tool having a straight or spiral blade; used for reaming or trimming. A rotary finishing tool having a straight edge or a spiral edge; used for broaching or trimming holes. The cutting accuracy is usually higher than that of the drill because of the small amount of cutting. Can be operated manually or installed on a drilling machine.
Q:What's the difference between the reamer and the milling cutter?
Reamer: two kinds of coarse reamer and precision reamer. The reamer has fewer cutting edges, larger chip size, and a spiral chip separation slot on the blade to prevent excessive chip formation during thick reaming. The reamer has more cutting edges and a very small edge to ensure the quality of the holes. The commonly used reamer specifications are l:50, 1:20, 1:5: installed on the lathe tool used for cutting metal tools. The welding tool, cutter rod is made in the ordinary steel, cutter processing hard alloy blade corresponding incision, copper solder and borax and brazing. Indexable blade structure is the center hole, the fixed blade of the cutter rod gap with bolts, the blade three or four cutting edges can be turned to use, unlike the welding structure has only one cutting edge can be used. The lathe tools are divided into numerical control turning tools, excircle turning tools, diamond cars, alloy turning tools and carbide turning tools
Q:The drill holes to make reamer reaming little what method is solved, (drill reaming to hit Phi 8.5, Phi 9)
How long has the reamer been on? What's the depth of the hinge? First change a new one that meets the accuracy requirements of the reamer.
Q:When reaming the piston pin hole and connecting rod copper sleeve, how much is the pin allowance?
Repair the car when the hinged piston pin hole and the connecting rod copper sleeve hole is generally used manual reaming holes, more than the amount of not more than 0.2mm, margin will put the heating hole reaming Reaming with best ream, plant oil, reaming allowance of not less than 0.05mm, the low margin is not hinge hole light. The roughness is not standard, affect the service life, the conditions can also toggle, low speed, feed to slow, do not reverse or scrape pores, also use vegetable oil to stop hinge, hinge reamer can lift it up and out. Reaming allowance 0.05mm-0.2mm.
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