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I brought my car to a shop because I get no heat. The mechanic diagnosed my car as having a blown gasket head because there were hydrocarbons in my coolant. The repair cost was too high, so a I figured I'd just run the car until it broke on me. A month later I see it overheating on the way to work and a month after that it completely powers down (electrically) while I'm driving and I see a lot of white smoke (coolant was all over the engine). After it's had time to cool down I can start it up just fine. I pour coolant in and it comes right back out the bottom of the water pump.Could a bad water pump have been the reason for the hydrocarbons and no heat in the first place? Could it have caused the appearance of hydrocarbons in my coolant? If the head gasket is blown and this is just a symptom, is it cost effective to replace the water pump or will it just break on me again in a short time?
A bad water pump can not put hydrocarbons into the cooling system. I had a blown head gasket on my car and it had hydrocarbons in the cooling system.
Ok, simple question, on a 1992 Jeep Cherokee 4.0. The water pump sucks water (not push) through the heater core correct? So the flow of water goes from the block, through the heater core, into the water pump, right?
The heater middle is placed on the passenger edge on the firewall. From the water pump there'll be 2 small strains going into the black container on the firewall. The heater middle is interior the container. you have gotten a undesirable radiator hose. this is the extra value-effective restoration.If it replaced into the water pump, your automobile could over warmth in minutes. the warmth interior the automobile would desire to be from a vent door caught open interior the heater container.
I am looking for a small water pump that I can turn on and off using a computer, preferably via USB. If someone could please post a link or a method of me doing this myself, I will be very appreciative.
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25KW what is the lift of the pump?
Never mind lift and power of pump, series and pump impeller diameter and impeller, the same power pumps may lift hundreds of meters, but the flow may be only a few parties may also lift only a few meters, but the flow may be hundreds of square. The general rule is that under the same power, the flow of the head is high, the flow of the head is low, and there is no standard formula to determine the lift, which is determined by the conditions of your use and the model of the pump.
I have a Miniworks EX Water filter with a ceramic filtering element. It has been used a few times without problem, but I am wondering at what point should I replace my ceramic filter? The replacements are $40 and I can't find any information regarding replacement times--only cleaning information. Does this filter need to be replaced often?I've always pumped from a clear river way up in the mountains and the flow is decent.
Could be months yet if you use good water. A filter is good for at least a thousand liters if you're careful with it. So long as the flow is good keep going. Mine is two years old, no problems. I put sterilizer through it every so often. Simple stuff, just buy Camden tablets or powder from a home wine making store or a pharmacist. Make up the solution, pump it through the filter and leave it for an hour then put tap water through it if you want. The Camden tablets are used to stop fermentation in wines and beers and to sterilize the bottles before filling. It isn't rinsed out. Just fill the bottles with the solution, empty them and fill them them with wine or beer. You drink breaks down to harmless sodium sulfate and releases sulfa dioxide which does the sterilizing. Otherwise you can use ordinary household bleach if it's pure bleach with no perfumes or other bits added. A few drops in a pint of water and put it through the unit just as though you are using it normally. Leave it for an hour then run tap water through it. You can use that pure bleach for sterilizing drinking water too but it's best for hot drinks, juice concentrates, and for cooking to mask the chlorine taste. Two drops per liter of water is enough, and leave it for an hour before using. I've used both methods for over forty years of wild camping on five continents, a long malaria field survey in Malaysia, in deserts and forests and on mountains. Never a problem. We used both methods in the Army too for 500 gallon water trucks with barium sulfate filters. Good for 10 000 gallons before changing the barium sulfate. I was the medic doing lab tests on it. Have a good hike.
I have a submersible pump outdoors for the water to my house. Indoors is a holding tank and pressure gauge. It seems the pressure gauge keeps slowly declining down to 20. Then when the toilet is flushed, the gauge kicks on and climbs to 50. Then left alone for a while the gauge again declines to 20. Do I have a leak somewhere? If so , where? Does the ballast inside the holding tank need to be pressurized? If so, how where? I seem to remember years ago, my husband did something with a bicycle tire air pump. Makes sense? Thanks
If it's going down while nobody is using water then the check valve or foot valve is leaking through when the pump is off. It should pump it to a determined PSI then shut off. I suppose there could be a leak somewhere in the line, but I suspect the check valve. It's pretty common. ....the ballast does need to be pressurized but I doubt that's your problem. If that was bad you would have severe water hammer.
Horizontal pumps, vertical pumps, which kind of expensive?
Vertical multistage pump is expensive, little water, big pressureHorizontal water pumps, instead, are mainly used for spraying
Hey for the past month my car has been leaking coolant, making a wierd noise when i drive it, and saying low coolant when its filled to the husband took it out to get gas this morning and it stopped on him and had to be towed to the mechanicthe mechanic said its the water pump and somethin about anti freeze and this cost almost 300 bucks with parts and laborim just wanting to know if a water pump does indeed cause issues like this before we dish out this kinda money!!! btw its a 96 chevy luminathanks
Yes, when a water pump starts going bad it leaks antifreeze, and if you have low antifreeze engine will get hot and lock up. You'll be lucky if you didn't screw up the bearings(or any thing else). The low coolant light comes on when the water pump quites pumping too. If the car still doesn't turn over after it has cooled down, then the engine is toast.