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<1>Technical data:

   a) Flow Q≤2400m3/h

   b) Head H≤300m

   c) Operation pressure P≤2.5MPa

   d) Medium temperature:T -80-+450


   a) Single-stage horizontal radial cut-opened spiral casing pump;

   b) The impeller is a single-suction radial one

   c) Axial suck-in and radial drain

   d) Axle seal at ex-works uses a single or dual endface mechanical seal, either a packing seal

   e) Anle seal fitted cooling


   a) Oil refinery, petrochemical industry, coal process Industry and sub-zero engineering;

   b) Chemical industry, paper making, paper pulp, sugar refinery and common process engineering;

   c) Water works, sea water desalt plant;

   d) Warming and air-conditioning system;

   e) Power plant;

   f) Environmental protection project;

   g) Ship and maritime industry and so on.

<4>Structure characteristic:

     This pump is single-stage horizontal radial cut-opened spiral casing pump. The pump casing is foot supported and the impeller is a single-suction radial one, axial suck-in and radial drain- out. Both front and rear oral rings and balancing hole are used to balance the axial force upon the conditions of use. The stan-
dard designed axle seal at ex-works uses a single or dual end face mechanical seal, either a packing seal, and is fitted cooling,rinsing or seal liquid system.(Please make a note in the contract ,in case of a special requirement with the axle seal).The standard pipeline is designed per API. The rated pressure
classes of the flanges on both suck-in and drain-out pipelines


    The vitriol, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid etc. inorganic and organic acids of various temperatures andconcentrations; the sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate etc. alkaline solutions of various temperatures and concentrati ons; various salt solutions.Various liquid petrochemical products, organic chemical compounds and other corrosive raw materials and products.The corrosion-proof materials available at present in this C o.can meet with the demands of the above media. Please provide the detailed information about the medium to be transported at order.

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Q:how do i replace water pump for 1993 oldsmobile royale 88?
its better to have someone show you instead of tell you
Q:help with 95 dodge neon sludge and water pump?
Correct Sugar in the tank, is a MYTH. The problem you have, is NOT due to someone putting sugar in the tank. Secondly, your fuel system doesn't connect at all to your radiator. So, replacing a fuel pump has nothing to do with sludge in your coolant. So, is the sludge in the coolant, or the fuel? Because honestly, your question makes no sense right now. Edit: I didn't correct your spelling. I corrected the fact that you are incorrect about sugar in the tank doing anything. IF anything, it would have clogged your fuel filter. Not your fuel pump. Go read the article.
Q:explain the operation of a water pump....?
There are a number of different types of water pumps that operate according to different principles. For lots of information, including pictures and diagrams, do an internet search on water pump.
Q:took car to mechanic put in timing belt engine coolant and water pump now green fluid leaking what is it?
What kinda car is it? I bet you they didn't clean and replace the o-ring in the area where the back of the water pump connects to the cross-over pipe. The area is usually neglected and it'll cause a leak that will run across the LIM onto the top of the bell housing.
Q:Water pump for distillation unit?
The only thing you might need a pump for is if you are distilling/refluxing something and it is not all condensing before it reaches the end/top of the tube, resulting in vapor escaping. In that case you would use a bucket of ice water with a submersible pump.
Q:surface water pump?
If what you mean with surface water pumps are those pumps mounted on the ground to distinguish them from submersible pumps , yes there are surface pumps that can pump water from a 1000 ft well. These are the so called jet pumps or deep well pumps wherein part of the output water is returned back to the bottom of the well pipe through the space between the outer pipe casing and the inner pipe and passed through a venturi opening to create an upward water jet which will push more water upward.
Q:Problem with my domestic submersible water pump?
Try raising the pump a couple of feet. You may eventually need the well cleaned out.
Q:What is the reason that the centrifugal pump outlet pressure decreases and the operating current increases?
See if the impeller problem is loose or something else. Impeller problems are generally
Q:How to identify the motor series of pumps
You can also use the motor speed divided by 50, equal to the motor series.
Q:Explore the flow of water pump production process is like?
The selection of water culture equipment: processing and improvement of mineral water bottles, coke bottles, plastic barrels, glass bottles and so on. Design and manufacture of pipeline circulation device;From the hydroponics: root washing water method, interpolation method, clipping rhizome plant method, cutting method of tiller buds;The disinfection of plant roots or wound: 0.05 - 0.1% of the Potassium Permanganate solution soak for 10 minutes;Scientific cultivation: rooting and domestication, bottling and maintenanceB, a general management method for hydroponic plants:The root of the reasonable fertilization for washing the water to wash the leaves and proper ventilation timely pruning maintains health2, cultivars and quantities:A, selection of cultivated species: Based on the adaptability of plants to local environmental temperatureThe main products: green, Chlorophytum, iris, reineckea and other 5 - 8 pots, used to decorate the classroom office.Product development: Canna, jiupinglan, geranium leaves, Jasper, Calla, life Rong, money tree, pocket coconut, Schefflera, lotus and other stone 1 - 2 pots.B, the source of seedlings:(1) encourage students to actively participate in and prepare for saplings, such as iris, reineckea, Canna.(2) the market to buy a part, such as: Scindapsus, Chlorophytum, jiupinglan, geranium leaves, Jasper, Calla, life Rong, money tree, pocket coconut.

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