Petrochemical Process Pump ZA Series

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Product Description:

General Description
Type ZA Petro chemical process pumps, according to API 610(8th edition), for pumping clean or slightly polluted. cold or hot, chemically neutral or aggressive liquids.
Application ranges
In refineries, petrochemical industry, coal processing and low temperature engineering.
In chemical industry, fibre and general processing industries, particularly in paper and pulp industries, sugar industry.
In water industry, particularly seawater desalination plants, power stations.
In heating and air-conditioning, environmental protection engineering, ship and offshore industries.

Performance range
Sizes  DN:25-400mm
Operating Pressures(P)2.5MPa
Operating temperatures (T):-40℃~+300℃-40℃~+450℃(Center support)

Instruction of pump type
For example:ZA80-160A
ZA—single stage Chemical Process Pumps
80——pump outlet diameter
160——impeller diameter
A—— outer diameter of impeller is changed the first, second time.

Single-stage, horizontal, radial split volute casing pumps with feet below and single-entry radial impeller, end suction branch, radial upwards discharge branch.
Depending on operating conditions hydraulic balance provided by front or rear wear rings and balance holes. Casing cover with cooling or heating connections, shaft sealing by packing or mechanical seals of any design(single or double working), connections for cooling, flushing or sealing liquid
Standardized pipe work according to API plans.
The rotation of the pump rotor is clockwise looking from the motor to pump.

Pumping medium
Organic acid and inorganic acid such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, which at various temperature and concentration.
Various salt solution.
Various liquid petroleum chemical products, organic compound as well as raw materials with corrosive and the products.
At present, anti corrosive materials for pumps provided by our plant can meet all the requirements of the medium mentioned above. Please provide the detail service conditions for pump to us, when you order.

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Q:Why does my water pump switch on and off about every 5 seconds?
It sounds like the bladder in your pressure tank has ruptured.
Q:Hit and Miss Engine Water Pump?
A horse and a half won't do much. You would be better off with a hydraulic ram type pump if you can get about a 10 or 15 foot fall before the ram. It will pump about 4 or 5 times the height of the fall, but in small quantities. It will run 24/7 without gasoline, so it will fill a tank over a long period of time. The railroads used them during the steam era when they had huge water towers out on the plains.
Q:install water pump on chev 5.7?
As John M said, they make special wrenches to remove the fan clutch from the water pump. It can be a pain in the... When I did mine on my 97, I ended up removing the fan and pump as one piece from the truck, then had to weld the impeller of the water pump to the housing to keep it from spinning, then use a big wrench on the fan clutch to get it loose!!! It was way too tight. Hopefully yours isn't that tight, but maybe it gave you an idea on how to get it apart. Good luck
Q:2001 mercury cougar water pump belt broke?
It seems to be a water pump failure, unfortunately that kind of failure is unpredictable and can easily sneak up on you. What happens is the pump fails and then the belt gets literally gets burnt off, this issue can be a cascade failure because the excessive engine heat can cause a number of COSTLY internal engine problems because aluminum engine blocks these days can't handle prolonged excessive heat. Hopefully not in your case, but just to give you an idea of the issue and everything surrounding it. The cost to repair at a shop can run anywhere from 200$ to 600$ depending on where you take it, you can do it yourself if you are mechanically inclined but i suggest a professional because they can also further detect any damage that the pump failure may have caused.
Q:The pump assembly and the pump are not a thing
Yes, all the auto parts are called assembly, and the pump is the same. It's called water pump assembly. Also, the pump half assembly is the water pump head.
Q:how does the simplest form of a water pump work?
The simplest form of water pump is a plastic spiral where the outermost spiral dips under the water and out as it rotates. The spiral can be driven by attached paddles if the water is flowing. As the water progresses down smaller spirals the pressure increases. The water exits through a rotating coupling at the centre of the spiral. A single stage pump can only raise water 15 feet (1 atmosphere) A windmill is a good example of a simple pump where a lever moves up and down, A valve closes at the bottom of a tube on the up stroke and raises the water by the length of the stroke. This water opens a second valve near the top of the tube as soon as the upstroke starts and the water is pushed up. This pump does not work by creating a vacuum. On the downstroke the upper valve closes due to the raised water pushing on it, and also due to its own weight, and the lower valve opens from the water below pushing on it as the cylinder descends. At the end of the downstroke the valve closes under its own weight and the weight of the water above it and the cycle repeats To raise water higher than 15 feet using a windmill, it is necessary to install a small tank at, say 14 feet, with a second lower and upper valve in a tube. The first stage pump fills the tank which the second stage pump then lifts another 15 feet, This process can be repeated until the water reaches the surface, but a bigger windmill will be needed to power multiple pumps
Q:About drive-belt, timing belt, and water pump of a Tpyota Sienna?
Change the the timing belt if it breaks you can bend a valve the smaller import engine have what they call a zero (0) tolerance.For the water pump it runs off of the timing belt so since your timing belt is already off you should change the water pump.Another words you will need to tear the timing belt back out in order to change the water pump not if but when it goes out.The dealer price is not bad for a dealer you might be able to save a little more if you shop around GOOD LUCK
Q:What's so good about having a water pump on my stand alone ice maker?
I imagine there is also a filtration system on the ice maker so you get clean filtered chilled water on tap instead of buying bottled water or waiting for a filter jug to do its work.Though I find tap water cold enough and tastes ok
Q:how do you change a water pump and on 2002 pontiac grand am gt?
type type in your info and look for a how to tyhey have many there an dother guy layed it out pretty well
Q:How to identify the motor series of pumps
With 3000 of the rated speed divided by motor, motor poles after rounding.The number of poles is two times the number of poles.

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