Stripe Blue Modern Carpet and Rugs

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Product Description:

Hand Made Area Rugs


- Material :  Acrylic

- Pile weight: 1800G/SQM-2300G/SQM

- Pile height:  10mm;

- Back : fine grey-white cotton back

- Loading quantity of 1x20'GP : 2300SQM for various size  

- Size: 120cm×180cm,140cm×200cm,160cm×230cm, 170cm×240cm,

          200cm×200cm,200cm×300cmOr size according to your request

- Package: Rolls in the polybags, your specific packing is available

- Delivery time : 45 days after receiving the down payment

- Payment terms: TT or L/C at sight

- H.S.: 5703300000

Remark: For handtufted technique we could use acrylic, wool, polyester and polypropylene materials. All the carpets are good quality with attractive price


- Low pile of 10mm brings thick & reliable touch feeling;
-  Luxury & high quality product;

-  Durable & non-shedding;
-  Popular in North American , European , Asia market;
-  Special quality acceptable: different pile length, weight, color etc, make your product different from others & more competetive.

-  OEM is welcome;


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Q:how can i stop the terrible noise the vacuum makes while vacuuming area rugs?
if it has a beater bar it is probably getting stuck the carpet is wrapping itself around it take the carpets outside and beat them unless you have another vac. or setting where the bar isnt going around or use the hose part if there is one.
Q:The cost of carpet replacement.?
Depending upon quality og carpet.
Q:Can pergo (laminate) flooring be placed over carpet?
Probably not a good idea. Physically it can be done, but I don't think you would be happy w/ the results and it would most likely crack. Carpet comes up very easily, why bother?
Q:Why does the new carpet has places to change color
Q:What is non-woven fabric? What is called a needle rug?
The exact name of the non-woven fabric shall be nonwoven. Because it is a kind of form that does not require spinning weaving fabric, but the textile fiber or filament for directional or random support, the formation of the fiber network structure, and then the mechanical, thermal or chemical methods and strengthening into.
Q:What shape of rug should i use?
A rectangular rug would look choose the correct size measure the length and width of the table and add at least 4' to each measurement, the chair legs shouldn't fall off the rug when people are seated at the table or pulling the chairs away from the table to seat themselves.
Q:HELP! Tiny crawly bugs in my rug?
They might be carpet beetles. BOMB! You can buy a couple of bombs in the hardware store. Close up the rooms and put a bomb in each room that has a rug. Take your pet(s) out for the day. Set off these bombs and leave. Vacuum EVERY day afterwards. Now, If the dogs are itching or if you look on their underbelly and see something crawling on them, it's probably fleas. If that's the case, you need to get meds from the vet and attack the problem with a vengeance.
Q:get candle wax off of a carpet?
get a clean white cloth and an iron. test the iron on the carpet in a hidden area to insure the setting will not melt the carpet. once you have established the maximum setting your iron can be at without melting your carpet then place the cloth over the wax and apply the iron to it. the wax will melt and should be drawn toward the source of heat and be absorbed into the cloth. if you have a lot of wax make sure you have extra cloths so you can quickly remove them as they get saturated with melted wax. before heating with iron, try to remove any large globs of wax that you can with out scrubbing or rubbing the fibers. keep repeating the melting and absorbing process until the wax is gone. be patient. you will be tempted to start rubbing or scrubbing when you see there is only a small amount of wax left. this will ruin your carpet by wearing the fibers, stretching the fibers and unfurling them, leaving a noticeable cowlick or worn are in the carpet. Do not use any kind of 'miracle' cleaner from the super market. they will only leave a residue behind that will act as a dirt magnet and you will have a nasty patch on your carpet in a month that will never go away. any remaining wax will eventually break down, and be vacuumed up with the rest of the dirt that gets into the fibers f your carpet. good luck. careful, don't melt your carpet.
Q:How do you deal with water stains on woolen carpets soaked in water?
Remove the stains and have the right way to clean the carpet so that it doesn't damage the carpet. So, when cleaning, pay attention to the following points:1, first wipe from the edge of the stain, gradually narrowing to the center, to prevent stains spread out.2, silk, wool carpet should not use ammonia water, lye cleaning.3, oxalic acid toxicity, use should be diluted in warm water, concentrated acid is easy to hurt fiber.4, wipe the force should not be too strong, otherwise it will damage the fiber tissue and surface.5, Potassium Permanganate is a strong oxidant, can damage the carpet, should be used with caution.6, turpentine, gasoline and other flammable materials, use of fire into the closest.7. Alcohol should not be used in glass fibers.
Q:How to quickly remove the formaldehyde of carpet?
Exposing to the sun for a day is enough.

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