Red Popular Design Acrylic Hand Tufted Carpets

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Carpet Name: Handmade Carpet / Rug

Carpet Material: 100% acrylic  

Carpet Pile Weight:1500g/sqm---2200g/sqm available;

Carpet Pile Height: 0.7cm------2.0cm availabe;

Carpet Size : any size as your requirement;

Carpet Color : any color as your requirement;

Carpet Backing : 100% Cotton Canvas backing attached with synthetic latex adhesive;

Carpet Packaging: be rolled up;each piece of rug be rolled in an individual plastic bag.

Remark: For handmade technique we could use acrylic, wool, polyester and polypropylene materials. All the carpets are good quality with

attractive price


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Q:What are worms who live in carpeting where carpet beetles are found?
The worms are probably the larval form of the carpet beetles. Routine vacuuming effectively removes carpet beetles which are already present, as well as hair and lint which could support future infestations. Particular attention while vacuuming should be paid to the edges of carpets, along baseboards, underneath furniture and similar quiet areas where carpet beetles prefer to feed. Insecticide applications directed into infested areas are often useful as a supplement to good housekeeping. Products containing active ingredients such as chlorpyrifos, permethrin, bendiocarb and allethrin are effective against carpet beetles. Sprays may be applied to carpets (especially beneath and along the edge adjacent to the baseboard), underneath furniture and other likely areas of infestation where prolonged contact with humans is unlikely. Clothing and bedding should not be sprayed and should be removed before treatment. Control of carpet beetles requires patience and a thorough inspection to locate all sources of infestation. Elimination of widespread, ongoing infestations may require the services of a professional pest control operator.
Q:What is the most effective way to remove the stains on carpet?
Q:All in 1 layer rugs, opinions?
I've seen them advertised in the UK but off hand can't remember where - Rideway? Derby House? IIRC they are expensive. You could probably use three equivalent rugs and pay less for them but they wouldn't match prettily. Depends whether you want economy or looks. On the basis that two or three thin layers are warmer than one thick one they should be a good idea. However, I don't have direct experience of this 3 in 1 rug. I've been at it for long enough to prefer economy as long as the performance is satisfactory. Along with others at the yard I use a Morrison's First Home duvet as an under layer indoors when it's very cold.
Q:Base Moulding...Before or after carpeting?
either way is acceptable. if you put the base on first, space it up about 3/8 to 1/2 inch so the carpet will tuck under. Carpet installers like to have the base on after because it's easier for them and covers a rough edge.Carpenters like to do it ahead of time so they can be done and can cut in the house without carpet in place. that saves them a lot of steps. from the homeowners point of view, being able to paint the trim without danger to the carpet is a plus, but realize that the carpet installers will bang up the new trim some, since the stretcher usually pushes against the trim. So You'll end up touching up the trim anyway.
Q:how to disinfect a moldy carpet
Carpet usually can't sustain mold or fugus. It has to be somethin in or on the carpet for that to happen. Depending on how wet it got, you might have to pull the carpet back cut the pad out if it got soaked. The pad will act as a sponge keep everything wet thats where you'll run into problems. Take the peice to Home Depot to match it up replace it. Have the carpets professionaly cleaned
Q:what is a carpet rake that good condition?
That long shag carpeting is making a comeback, isn't it! Years ago my aunt used a carpet rake that looked alot like the bamboo lawn rakes you can buy at any hardware or home supply store.
Q:Does anyone know where I can get a black and gold area rug?
I answered your other question... sounds like you're pretty set on the black gold area rug? Did you check Lowe's? Home Depot? They also have some decent rugs, inexpensive ones. But remember, check them ALL out or as many as you can, cause you never know~ you may be feeling black gold now, but that's pretty taste specific, won't be as easy to change your colors themes. Of course it would depend on the design, too. What if you got an all black rug (not recommended just cause of the lint problem) then incorporated gold accents? Remember too, that your couch is a dark blue... have you seen those rug squares that you can make your own design with? They come in squares, that stick to your floor. You can make your own design, they come in every color imaginable, if you stain one, you can just pull it up replace it! You can find them anywhere, too they have them at Lowes also. Good luck!
Q:The best way to carpet deodorant
Clean the carpet surface with a vacuum cleaner first
Q:new carpet?
The Carpet Pad prices below do not reflect how much it will cost to install your carpet. Installation prices vary depending on what part of the country you live in; how difficult your project is; and what style and grade of carpet you select.
Q:A small red yarn yarn carpet carpet has what different
Small yarn carpet carpet is soft material by adding encryption to static material has dirty disposable nonstick dust features small yarn carpet laying high-grade good resistance to the foot pressure for the living room decoration this flag belongs to a disposable type yarn carpet, usually when you can use a vacuum cleaner, can local dirty rag. After wiping is bright! It's pretty convenient!

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