Maple Leaf Design Acrylic Hand Tufted Carpets

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Carpet Name: Handmade Carpet / Rug

Carpet Material: 100% Acrylic

Carpet Pile Weight:1500g/sqm---2200g/sqm available;

Carpet Pile Height: 0.7cm------2.0cm availabe;

Carpet Size : any size as your requirement;

Carpet Color : any color as your requirement;

Carpet Backing : 100% Cotton Canvas backing attached with synthetic latex adhesive;

Carpet Packaging: be rolled up;each piece of rug be rolled in an individual plastic bag.

Remark: For handmade technique we could use acrylic, wool, polyester and polypropylene materials. All the carpets are good quality with

attractive price


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Q:What is better for leopard geckos cal sand or rug?
No loose substrates...especially not sand. I use non-adhesive shelf liner. It's cheap, easy to clean, and can be cut to size. It's what I use in all my reptile cages. You can find it at any store.
Q:how do i rejuvinate my shag rug?
Vacuums can pick up all the loose dirt, but some of it gets matted into the carpet fibers and eventually weighs them down. Rent a steam cleaner or rug shampooer or have a professional company do it for you and you will be amazed at the results. Carpet should be cleaned once a year or every other year depending on the traffic they get - sounds like yours needs it once a year.
Q:What color rug should i go with?
Since you have several colors in the room already, I think a rug with a brown and blue pattern to match the sofa and curtains would look better than the burgundy. If you have too many colors in a room, it looks unplanned, and just thrown together with whatever you happened to have. What I would do, if this were my room, would be get rid of the blue curtains, since they don't match anything else. They're easier to replace than the sofa, or to paint the walls. Then look for curtains and a rug in brown and seafoam, or brown and white.
Q:Tell me the one way to remove the rug?
Dusting is the one method to remove your rug is then dusted thoroughly from both sides with our special rug duster. This step is very important because it’s easier to remove the majority of the soil while the rug is dry...They must be cleaned on a regular basis before they reach the point of total saturation...We have so many method and we can select our method from many site based on our comfort ability...
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of carpet laying at home?
The carpet carpet surface for intensive pile structure, has a strong ability to accept dust. This relatively reduces the amount of dust in the air, but on the other hand leads to too much dust on the carpet. At the same time, some carpets due to cleaning and maintenance is not timely, easy to breed bacteria, mites, long-term use will cause children bronchitis and respiratory diseases.Carpet cleaning is difficult to maintain. First of all, easy dust dirty carpet, often need to dust, secondly, because of the porous carpet, easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices clean up more difficult.
Q:What material is good for office's doorway carpet?
The door before the blanket or carpet. Chenille is more good-looking and comfortable, but it can not wipe the shoes
Q:How do I get grease out of carpet?
lick it up.
Q:New carpet...Do I need pad to??
Yes, you need new pad. Think of carpet pad as the foundation for your carpet....the stronger the foundation, the more durable what's above it. The better the pad, the longer your carpet will last. You can put an inexpensive carpet on a good pad, and have the carpet last longer than an expensive carpet on a cheap pad. I usually recommend and 8 pound 7/16 pad, but if money is tight, don't go with anything less than a 6 pound 7/16.
Q:What to clean my carpet with....I have ferrets..?
Any way you look at it, stuff like vinegar and baking soda seem the way to go. Use separately. If you have a steamer/extractor, run vinegar instead of carpet cleaner. You might also do some research to see if borax can be used with these machines, and if it is safe for carpets. Between uses, shake baking soda on dry carpet and allow to sit, and then vacuum it up. This is natural stuff that won't harm your ferrets. At the same time, they are powerful deodorizers that can handle the ferrety urine-y smell even when well as any occasional litter problems that they have. These items don't leave a lingering smell behind. Baking soda doesn't have a scent at all, vinegar has a whang but it dissipates easily as your carpet dries. Most important is that these are not chemical fumes that are toxic, even if overwhelming. As you know, you need to keep your ferrets bathed so they don't stink. And you may eventually decide to replace your carpet with something that is easier to clean.
Q:How to repair my area rug?
In most cases it's not going to be cost effective to repair a hand tufted rug. However there are instances where if you have latex glue, you could be able to reinforce the back with a paint roller. Between the trips back and forth to the local hardware store and the supplies needed, it may be advisable to consider the purchase of a new rug. Best of luck!

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