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Product Description:


1 Material : 100% polyester
2 Pile height:3-5mm
3 Pile Weight:1600-2400/sq.mt
4 Good price and quality, best service

Detailed description:

Material: 100% polyester with grey/white back or cotton washable

  1. Pile height:3-5mm

  2. Pile Weight:1600-2400/sq.mt

  3. Back: White-grey back with latex adhensive .

  4. Any Design: Modern design, children design, traditional design, Persian design,etc. Can make according to customer’s artwork and colors. Colors better control within 6 colors per design.

  5. Size and shape: Max size is 70x140CM, can make size as per client’s requirement.  Shapes are rectangle, square, shape size, etc. Our standard sizes are: 40*60cm, 50*80cm, 60x90cm, 70x140cm.  1.75’X2.75’, 1.83’X2.83’, 2’X3’, 5’X8’, 8’X10’

  6. Lead time: about 30-45days which depend on the order quantity.

  7. MOQ: 500SQ.MT per order.

  8. Feature: cheap, soft and affordable.

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Q:Where can I purchase black carpet?
Well, You have not mention where did you stay. My Answer you can buy near by your market or you can visit carpet showroom
Q:What color is the carpet color in the hotel guest room in general?
This is because the hotel is usually the comings and goings of the guests, if a guest is in the room accidentally dirty carpet, and the cleaning is not clean, not in words it will affect to the next housing guests to Check Inn Hotel is not good if the image is covered with blankets and it would be very difficult to change however, if the block blanket if you messed up the place directly to the carpet to get up again for a block. This will be much easier, so I suggest you have chosen the national standard fire protection class Cf1 carpet.
Q:Do I need an area rug for my living room? Are they just for decoration?
Though it is not necessary, rugs add a nice design touch to your space and help define an area. They add color and warmth. I think a room would look a bit bare without them. Your choice.
Q:does your baby like carpet food?
lol.. not only does my son like carpet food, but he likes carpet! We have frieze (sp) it's like a short shag carpet, he I will see him chewing on something and I run and get it out of his mouth.... it's carpet. If I see him eat food from the floor I try and take it, but I know he is fine. All kids put things in their mouth they shouldn't. Heck, tyler had the dog ball in his mouth yesterday......gross!!! But woke up healthy this morning. :) ~Oh, my son is 11 months
Q:carpet/hardwood floor question?
There are 2 types of padding in foam. One is solid and the other is pieces recycled and glued together called re-bond. Both have good qualities, but the thickness of the pad can make a carpet feel plush and comfortable or firm like a pool table. The thicker the padding the softer the feel, like a mattress.
Q:Is the living room able to lay a carpet?
Q:Carpet Staining with Sunny Delight?
Give this a shot!! Dish washing or fine fabric detergent, white terry towels, white vinegar, warm water, measuring cup, spoon, vacuum. Work on removing the stain as soon as you notice it. The longer the stain is left on the carpet the greater the chances are of the stain setting. In every case remove all excess wet or dry material before attempting to clean. Blot wet materials using a white terry towel (check helpful hints for a detailed description of blotting). Vacuum excess dry materials or gently scrape up materials with a spoon. Mix 1/2 tsp. of dish washing soap or fine fabric detergent into 1 (8 oz.)cup of warm water. Apply a small amount, blot or tamp and repeat until the stain is removed. Be patient. Complete removal may reqiure repeating the same step several times. Tamp down on the carpet, do not scrub as this may distort the texture of the pile. Cover the stain with the towel and press down repeatedly to absorb the stain material and detergent. Once the stain is completely removed, rinse the area with cold water; blot with a dry white terry towel until all moisture is removed. Repeat this process several times to remove cleaning solution residue. (Residue can attract soils). If the spot or stain turns brownish when dry, mix 1 part white vinegar and two parts water. Apply a small amount and blot. Repeat only once. Precautions: Never use a stronger concentration than is recommended. Never laundry detergent or automatic dish washing detergents because they may destroy or dye some fibers. Hope this helps...
Q:How can I clean the carpet?
Hydrogen Peroxide that comes in the light proof brown plastic bottle, is 3%. It will do no harm as an additive for sanitation purposes, but may not be effective in breaking down dirt,soil, cooking oil particles, found in the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners who use the hot water carpet cleaning process, will use a 12% version to treat obvious pet urine stains. Taxidermists, I'm told, use a 20% version to soak animal skulls in to remove every thing from the bone. Use only 50% per cent of the recommended soap, as these toy machines are famous for leaving a sticky soap residue in the carpet that later will attract soil/dirt/dust to the traffic areas of the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners use citric acid products to help remove soap pre sprays from the carpet, to freshen it, and also to lower the PH of the carpet to a neutral level. If your carpet is seriously soiled and hasn't been cleaned for over a year, consider hiring a professional hot water carpet cleaner. Good Luck.
Q:Carpet for house decoration, OK?
The answer is yes, ok! But in the use of attention should be paid to:1, and careful use of chemical fiber carpet, otherwise prone to static electricity and dust;2, the use of special indoor carpet slippers, carpet life can be extended;3. Clean carpets regularly according to use;4, do not put the sharp foundation on the carpet weight; 5, children's room should not use plush carpet;6. Use regular carpets to sterilize regularly;7, the arrival of life after the carpet should be replaced in time, not extended use.
Q:carpeting a subwoofer box?
Purchase subwoofer carpet, also known as box carpet. This material can be purchased from furniture stores or audio supply stores. Unravel the carpet with the carpet side down and the rubber side up. Place the subwoofer box on top of the rubber side of the carpet. Using a marker, trace out the edges of the box. Repeat with each side of the box. Use an X-Acto knife or scissors to cut out the traced patterns of the subwoofer on the carpet. Apply super glue liberally to the rubber side of the carpet. Affix the carpet to the corresponding side of the subwoofer box. Apply glue to the edges of the carpet piece. Wait for one piece to dry before attaching the next one. Use the hot glue gun to glue the edges of the carpet pieces together. Run the glue along all the edges of the box. This process will attach the pieces of carpet and also create a soft edge to the corners of the box. Use clear glue to maintain a clean look. Feel around the front of the box for the hole or holes in the subwoofer. Stab into the material with a knife or scissors. Cut out all excess material until the hole for the subwoofer shows completely. The edges do not need to be smooth. They will be covered by the subwoofer once it is installed. Look into the hole or holes on the front of the box. Locate the speaker wire port at the back of the box. Stab at that port with a knife or scissors. Cut out the material that covers that hole. Again this area will be covered by a connector port. The edges do not need to be perfect. Install subwoofers. The box is complete.

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