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1.Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Nylon

2.Back: rubber

3.Pile Height: 3-5mm

4.Pile Weight:280g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm

2. Our Advantage:

Technical manufacturing level

Competitive price with best quality;

Attracted designs available

Outstanding working team

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Q:I want to buy some Oriental Rug and Kilim for my new place. Anybody know of carpet or tapis store in Montreal?
Ikea for customer service and return policy. good luck
Q:Can you stain a carpet?
Hi they should be able to help unless you have a large bleach mark they just said use a very very!!! weak navy dye it fixed mine right up mine was yellow on a green carpet. When I thought about school yellow and blue make green DUH silly me.
Q:Can you make a rug using sheets, without a loom?
Nothing easier than braiding. Check out online sites that will give you step by step instructions. I won't put any links on. You can Google it yourself and find all kinds.
Q:Is there a way to bring life back to old carpet?
go all out and get new carpet.
Q:What do you do when the carpet is cleaned?
Carpet carpet due to long curly relationship, resulting in the bottom fiber elongated, after the end of the shop will be a bit upward, but in a few days should be gradually comfortable and open and flat (watering is to make it relax faster). When it is flat, it should be ready to be fixed again.
Q:Removing burn marks from carpet?
I had some hot coals fall out of a fireplace and onto the carpet. Vacuumed and got the stuff like you did. Then I got a really sharp pair of scissors and cut out the melted part that was discolored. Was very careful and it looked pretty good when I got done. Bleach will not work on melted plastic. You may also need to pick out the nape a bit to make the surface appear like the original carpet. The other thing I have heard of being done is to take a piece of carpet from a spot where it will not be seen and cut the exact same piece from the damaged spot. Use a little glue and swap the two pieces. The key to these is taking your time and being careful.
Q:best brand of carpet cleaner?
Best Brand Of Carpet
Q:Can you use a tapestry as a rug?
you can but if someone has spent months making it isn't a good idea to trample on it.
Q:How to make my rug smell better?
Quick fix: Febreeze. Won't clean it, but will hide the smell. Real fix: Clean with rag water then wash the whole rug in a (large) cold cycle with Woolite--NO dryer tho... hang it on a line somewhere. (Usually they're ok to wash; check for a tag on the rug that actually says it's ok first.) Also, don't overload your washer or you may break the washer. If the rug looks too big for your washer, you can always take it to a laundromat (won't get nastiness in your clothes washing machine either).
Q:I am currently in Afghanistan and need help picking out an oriental rug.?
if you are looking for a good rug you should know or learn the differences ...wool is the best but it should be worsted so it doesnt shrink as much or bleed colors.alot of those rugs are hand made which is good but alot are manufactured so be careful also beware of the prices obviously you have a laptop so do a lot of research on carpets their textiles and history of area rugs you can get some real good bargains but you will have haggle and jew them down on thier prices cause if they are say asking 200.00 you should pay no more than 90 to 100 understand happy rug hunting

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