Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Electric High Flow

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Name: Cast iron centrifugal pump electric high flow Material: Cast iron Pressure: high Pressure
Power: electric Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Product Description:

Company Introduction

My company has more than 40 years history, is the China general machinery pump industry association member units.

The company has organized product research and development team, experienced high, intermediate technical staff.Complete production and processing, inspection, testing (pump performance test platform), and other equipment, to ensure that product quality is stable and reliable.Over the department, provincial, municipal and industry product quality supervision and inspection (smoke), only one is qualified to go through.Timely quality perfect after-sales service in place, favored by the majority of new and old customers rely on and praise.

The company has successfully passed the national industrial products production license, ISO9001 quality system review replacement work.Relevant product standards (enterprise), metrology, standardization management system, etc., have been acceptance by the superior department in charge of the inspection.Related to product development, production management, sales and after-sales service, are performed according to the system management standard.







Product specification


Structure: single stage                                   Material: cast steel

Flow: 1.1-1960 m3/h                                      Head: 8.5-74 m

NPSH: 2-5.5 m                                               Temperature: up to 80℃

Mainly apply to delivery sewage water ,waster water and rain water contains solids and
*municipal project
*building construction
*residential area
*industrial sewage treatment
*eviroment protect

1. Hydraulic design with wide flow-path non-clogged structure ,allowed fibres(3 times
length of inlet diameter),particles(30% size of inlet diameter )
2. Excellent design,high efficiency and energy saving .
3. Double mechnical seals in series,made of hard alloy corrosive proof silicon
carbide,which is durable and .wearable ,that enable pump safely operation for more
than 8000 hours continous.
4. Compact structure, small volume, easy moved and conveniently mounted , no need build
pump house, greatly reduct the cost.


pump superiority

High efficiency

Reasonable design

Reliable operation

Long in service time

Easy maintenance

Low running cost


 Pictures show


Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Electric High Flow


Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Electric High Flow





Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Electric High Flow



Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump Electric High Flow










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