Brake Shoe Brake Pads and Shoes K2311

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Drum Brakes Classification:Brake Shoe

Main Market:Mild East

Certification:ISO/TS16949, ISO9001

Type:Brake Shoes

Material:Ceramic Fiber



Export Markets:North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia

Product Description

ISUZU ELF NPR57 3300 F16 / 07/84-06/90

ISUZU ELF NKR66 4300 F / 08/90-06/93

ISUZU ELF NKS58 3600 / 08/87-08/95

ISUZU ELF NPR58 3600 F16 / 01/87-06/90

ISUZU ELF NPR59 3900 F / 07/84-07/93

ISUZU ELF NPR59 3900 F / 07/90-07/93

ISUZU ELF NPR61 4300 / 06/88-04/95






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Q:I am 39 years old, 5‘ 11 and 200ish pounds and looking to buy my first motorcycle. I want a cruiser and have narrowed it down to the Suzuki c50, Yamaha Bolt, or Kawasaki Vulcan 900. Any recommendations for one over the other or am I dealing with a personal preference? The C50 was my first choice, but I am thinking the Vulcan might be the better choice due to front and rear disc brakes. Recommendations?
I think you would be happier with a Vulcan 900, you need to take the safely course for motorcycles. It will help you a lot, also will help you on insurance. riding for 49 yrs
Q:2002 Yamaha fz1
Q:please tell me! im trying to change the brake fluid on my 97 yamaha motorcyle
Dot 4 Brake Fluid Motorcycle
Q:If a bike is heavily dropped on it‘s rear brake pedal causing it to bend, will this damage the internal mechanisms. Does the pedal need to be replaced or does the inner workings need to be checked out?
It's very possible that it will be damaged it if its repeatidly dropped on it and it should definitely be checked out as brake are one of the most important aspects of the motorcycle.
Q:Does the motorcycle have an anti-lock system?
At present, there is no real sense of domestic motorcycle ABS (anti-lock system), the market are pseudo ABS, in the hydraulic pipeline system to add a buffer tank, so that the brake soft, not easy to lock. But reduced the sensitivity of the brakes, sacrificing the braking performance.
Q:I installed an accent lighting kit on my motorcycle so I would become more visible at night to other drivers on the road.A couple of my friends thanked me for doing so because motorcycles are difficult to see some times.Is it legal in California to have a lighting accent kit on my motorcycle? Somebody told me it wasn‘t.
Q:i just took the MSF course and ive been practicing in an empty parking lot near my house. At the MSF course i was taught the B-C-D (Brake-Clutch-Downshift) for braking. However a lot of people have told me to pull in the clutch first THEN brake. Which is correct?
in an emergency its pretty much a simultaneous event. you'll want to react as fast as possible. but the instructors cant say clubradwnshft all at the same time. really once you release the throttle to brake your engine will slow you down. use clutch to downshift as you are slowing and pull your clutch in when coming to a complete stop
Q:I am looking to build a Cafe Racer motorcycle with good handling characteristics, hopefully something in the 80-100 hp I am hoping to mount modern super sport suspension, brakes and alloy wheels. The idea is an old school look with modern technology components. A bike I can have fun and drag knee, but that won‘t easily wheelie.
TO CORRECT YOUR ANSWER ABOUT MY SNAKE: I am not antagonizing her. Im not doing anything wrong. I never even used the word pissing off or pissed off You give false advice and you obviouisly dont know what your talking about since all your stuff is about motorcycles. And I found nothing about reptiles. DONT answer questions you know nothing about. Thanks:)!
Q:When I apply the brakes, I am hearing a loud, shrieking noise, coming I believe from the front tire area. Can someone please tell me what are the possible reasons for this, what to check, and if it is a problem that a non-mechanic like myself can fix?
Sounds to me like you just misjudged your speed when entering the turn. Its an easy mistake to make. Just plan ahead and slow enough before your turn to avoid needing to brake mid turn. As stated above, I dont see that counter balancing is gonna do anything at that speed. Its more neccessary when youre making a u turn in a parking lot or making a low speed turn into a parking stall etc. This may sound crazy but you kissing the pavement was a better option that drifting in to the oncoming lane. Learn from your mistakes and keep on riding! I should add that it may help you complete the turn by starting your right turn from the left portion of the lane. Just make sure you put your signal on ahead of time so cars behind you dont think youre going straight and try to undertake you to make a right turn of their own.
Q:Yesterday while riding my brand new yamaha dirt bike i had trouble understanding how to brake....My dad told me i had to hold the clutch and apply the brake gently ,and im trying to figure out if when i go to a complete stop do i shift back to first or apply more gas on the gear im currently on Please Help Thanks
Yes, you have to downshift to first. If you don't have the braking and shifting part of riding figured out yet, you should find a big parking lot (preferably an empty one) and practice braking and shifting. If you go out on the road or trails before you know what your doing the results could be extremely fatal. Take it from someone who knows. I'm not trying to sound like a know it all, I just don't want you to get hurt. Ride safe!!!

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