Brake Pads for Toyota Crown (41060-91255)

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100 set
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50000 set/month
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Product Description:

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WVA29125


Type:Brake Pads



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Packing:Box, Carton, Pallet

Standard:TS16949, ISO


HS Code:87083010

Production Capacity:10000sets/ Per Month

Product Description

Fh12 Fh16 FM9 FM12 Fl6 Brake Pads WVA29125 for Volvo
1). Material: Semimetal, ceramics, asbestos free
2). Delivery time: 15-25 days
3). Stable coefficient friction
4). Less noise, no dust
5). Pass ISO and TS16949 certificate
6). Small wear rate and dual wear
7). Good performance of heat
8). MOQ: 100 sets
9). Packing: Box+carton+pallet







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Q:Driving a sport motorcycle on a highway at 70mph or more, what do you must do to the handlebar, to your body, apply or not brakes, accelerate o decelerate, when you take a curve at sustained speed?
On a motorcycle you actually want to slightly excellent through a curve. It helps to stretch out the suspension and improves corning ability. Never brake in a turn (do it before the turn if needed), if you have to brake straighten the bike out first and then brake. As far as your body goes lean into the turn with the bike, you should still be sitting pretty much straight on the bike as it leans. Lean into the grip on the side your turning and it will make the bike lean into the turn just right for you. ***and for god's sake if you're not on a race bike doing over 140 keep your knees on the tank***
Q:I live in a cul da sac. One of the neighbors bought a motorcycle this summer. It is really loud even when it is just idling. He goes for a ride after work or on weekends. But he lets it idle for two minutes but the exhaust is so loud that it seems like forever to me. At 7:15 am on Saturday morning he fires up the bike and it woke me up. I wanted to sleep in. I hate motorcycles.
get out of the throttle, stay off the brakes, and make only the most gentle inputs, don't get cocky until the bike is stopped most wrecks happen when the rider thinks he's got it back under controll and disregard all the morons who tell you different. Ive been there always pre trip your bike and ride within your limits
Q:motorcycle brakes
ok first if the bike is new(ish) 84and up it has disc brakes front and rear and the reason for it taking soooo long was cost incurred rto the the mfg, now for the brakes this is going to sound weird but the rear brake is always more powerful than the front ie larger size rotor or drum or more psi applied to the braking surface having said that the front brake is always more effective for its size. that is why the front dives when you pull too much front brake, but the back never does, and they get hotter as they are used which is why the mfg started putting them on the front to begin with (disc cool quicker and have less fade- lose of brake action due to heat build up)
Q:Hi, guys!I bought my first motorcycle recently, and I‘ve been trying just fine. Today I drop for the first time in the cold, and I noticed issues keeping my bike on even after I had it warm.Well, today I was at a stop sign, and when I made a turn the bike stalled. Wasn‘t quick enough to balance myself and grab the bike so I dropped it.I broke the brake lever, and I noticed there‘s this circle mechanical thing attached. It‘s on the clutch too, but I‘m not sure what it‘s used for. I‘m referring to the chrome/steel circle above.I‘m trying to buy some new levers to replace both, but I‘ve noticed some levers don‘t come with the circle thing above. Even the OEM levers don‘t.So what‘s it for, and do I need it?
this is simply the adjuster of the span of the brake /cluch lever lets you tune it to your special requirements
Q:I am looking for some opinions on the aftermarket clutch and front brake handles sold on EBay.Specifically the ones from China and Taiwan. If you have used these handles what do you think about them.Do they fit properly? Will they last? Or are they just a piece of junk.
Specifically the ones from China and Taiwan. if your riding a Jap bike. the OEM is chinese or taiwanese.
Q:I‘m replacing my brake pedal and need to make sure that lights come on. However my motorcycle just died on me, so I can‘t check anymore. Is it safe to turn on motorcycle while hooked to battery tender?Thanks!
If you are just turning the key to the on position, its ok.that should be enough to test the switch, but dont start it when its hooked up to the charger and plugged in.
Q:can I use a bicycle brake lever as a motorcycle shift lever?
Well I think a bike has a certain margin for tire widths, if you wanted to raise the width past that margin I think you would need to do some swingarm work. It woul be best to have a shop do it because when your messing with your tires, it in your best interest to have a professional do it. Wouldn't want the damn thing to fall off
Q:is it difficult to switch gears on motorcylce.i suck at manual cars.swithcing gears i use automatic/standard
Unfortunately, if you suck at manual cars, you will probably suck at manual motorcycles. I know that is true with my wife. She just can't get the idea of shifting gears and knowing which one to be in at what speeds. Unless you are willing practice a lot, stick with automatic scooters.
Q:Beautiful loveA young couple rode motorcycle at night.they loved each other heartly. womandrive slow, i am affriad.reply man:no , this is very better woman i exquse you,i am affriad manwell, but you must tell me , i love you woman i love you,maybe you drive slowly man catch me strong womanok ,drive slowlymanok, but you must remove my hat to your head because with cosquet i can‘t drive good .next day newspapers wrotea motocycle accidents to a building and this accident which cut off the brake and one of that drive killed.young man knew that brake cut off .he did n‘t Informed her that problem and Tricked her to love.he fixed his cosquet on her head.and he want heared from her last timei love youhe died because she would live.that is real love.beautiful love
Beautiful love A young couple rode a motorcycle at night. They loved each other heartly. Gril:Drive slow, I am affriad. Man:No, this is better Girl: I excuse you,but I'm affriad Man: Ok, but you must tell me I love you Girl: I love you,now will you drive slowly? Man: Hold me strong Gril: Ok ,drive slowly Man: Ok, but you must remove my helmet and put it on because I can't drive good with it on. The next day a newspapers wrote A motocycle accident into a building and incidents. In this accident the brakes on the motorcycle were cut off killing one of the passengers. The young man knew that the brakes were cut off . He didn't informed her about the problem and tricked her to love. He put his helmet on her head and wanted to hear from her for the last time I love you He died so that she would live. That is real love. Beautiful Love
Q:Hello! I have a 2001 Honda Shadow Ace (VT750CD). My brakes work but need new pads. The front wheel is already off from something else I was doing. The problem is that the caliper pistons are sticking out a little bit, maybe 1/4 inch. With the new pads installed, there isn‘t enough room for the rotor to go inbetween so I need to push the pistons in some but I can‘t just push them in. Is there a problem with the pistons? While I have everything removed, I might as well clean the caliper. Can someone please explain the steps? Should I:Unbolt caliperPump brake until pistons begin to come out moreGrip and remove pistonsClean the bore and sand pistonsPut waterproof brake grease on pistons before installing againPush them all the way in flush before installing new brake pads???Should I remove the dust seals/o-rings before cleaning the bore? Any help is very much appreciated.
Use a c clamp to force pistons back All the way back. Or remount calipers and use a piece of fir or big, flat bar or screwdriver to push them back against the disk. Did you expect to get new, thicker pads in a hole that thinner, worn pads were in? Cant get 10 pounds of poop into a 5 pound bag! Dont Touch lever! Don't grease Anything! ,U can get it on disks/pads. Don't remove pistons or sand Anything! You brakes are your life line, Especially Front.

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