Brake Pads for Toyota Crown (41060-91255)

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100 set
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50000 set/month
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Product Description:

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WVA29125


Type:Brake Pads



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Packing:Box, Carton, Pallet

Standard:TS16949, ISO


HS Code:87083010

Production Capacity:10000sets/ Per Month

Product Description

Fh12 Fh16 FM9 FM12 Fl6 Brake Pads WVA29125 for Volvo
1). Material: Semimetal, ceramics, asbestos free
2). Delivery time: 15-25 days
3). Stable coefficient friction
4). Less noise, no dust
5). Pass ISO and TS16949 certificate
6). Small wear rate and dual wear
7). Good performance of heat
8). MOQ: 100 sets
9). Packing: Box+carton+pallet







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Q:When being passed by a motorcycle,________.?
One more example of stupid Christians.
Q:Riding a motorcycle under the rain, safe or not safe? What to do and what not?
I got this from a website. It is a short hand version of what you learn in motorcycle school. (1) Wear full protective gear, including water proof boots, full face helmet, leather jacket, gloves, etc; (2) Wear a good rain suit that is preferably designed for riding motorcycles in the rain; (3) Do not accelerate or brake fast, take it easy; (4) Leave plenty of room between you and the cars around you. Try to keep a very good distance between you and the cars or trucks in front of you because their spray will impact your visibility, and as you know on a motorcycle we do not have windshield wipers; and (5) Take turns or curves very slowly and cautiously. It only takes a split second to eat asphalt if your motorcycle looses traction and goes out from under you. Above all, do not ride beyond your comfort level. If it does not feel right, it probably is not right!
Q:how do people ride a car or motorcycle after they loose a leg?
I lost my left leg from the knee down when a car ran a red a light and I hit it. My left leg basically went into my open primary. Since all my bikes are choppers I have since just fabricated a jockey shift with the clutch lever attached to the shifter. I just grab the shifter and pull the clutch at the same time.Another option is an electric shifter. Driving a car is easy if it has an automatic tranny since the gas and brake are operated only with the right foot witch I still have.
Q:How to ride a motorbike in city traffic and how to take a tight u-turn?
Mr. Fester Frump has given the perfect answer REALLY!! Take the course -- it is obviously you NEED it.
Q:BRAKE LOCK What is the meaning of the brake lock on a motorcycle?
Lock the handle
Q:My motorcycles brakes is broken.What should I do?
Q:Stopping motorcycle from first gear causes stall?
Pull in clutch when u come to a stop. Hopefully for ur bike u knew that to switch gears u pull in clutch too.
Q:Brake calipers service on motorcycle?
Keeping them clean is always worthwhile, at least twice a year I like to remove the calipers, take off the pads, give the calipers a good clean up (alloy wheel cleaner is good), pump out the pistons to almost completely out (use a strip of wood between piston and caliper to keep the pistons from coming out altogether), clean the sides of the pistons (nothing abrasive that could scratch them) and apply a small amount of silicon grease. You should also replace the brake fluid fairly regularly – and upgrading to steel braided lines is worthwhile – if you are unsure when it was last done you could replace the fluid at the same time and completely strip down the calipers and replace seals and bleed nipple while you are at it. The blue spot brakes on an fzs are pretty impressive stuff, mine haven’t seized, the only problem I have had is the discs are getting too thin and will need replacing soon.
Q:Suzuki motorcycle brake system is not generally there are problems?
No ah, Suzuki car I also ride a lot, not the case
Q:If a person is involved in a motorcycle accident?
Probably not much. Since there was no contact with the car, the crash damage was mostly the result of the rider of the motorcycle not being able to keep his bike upright during an emergency braking maneuver. That's called failure to control and often results in a ticket, regardless of the situation. Also, the vehicle in the rear of a two car accident usually is at fault for not giving enough room to stop. It's called tailgating and is illegal because it's dangerous. You aren't clear as to which driver got the ticket - the motorcycle rider or the car driver. If the car driver got the ticket, I would make a claim on their insurance ans see what happens. If the motorcycle driver (they are usually called riders) got the ticket, there is no hope for a claim on the car's insurance. I'm guessing since one person already got a citation, there will be no more citations in this case. The officer has already made their decision as to who was at fault.

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