Aluminium Stucco Embossed Sheet 5052 1.2mm Thickness

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:export standard packing
Delivery Detail:within 15-25 days after receipt of your deposi


stucco embossed aluminum sheet 
alloy: 1100, 1060, 3003, 8011 
thickness 0.02-1.5mm 
width 200-1200mm

 Stucco Embossed Aluminum Coil  

1.Introduction of embossed sheet

embossed aluminium sheets
stucco pattern




















 light rail,

vehicle steps,

stair treads,



semi-circle ball0.1-1.0mm800-1220mm

5 bars,

tread plate diamond pattern

diamond pattern0.1-2.0mm800-1220mm


 2.The base info. of  embossed aluminum sheet:
1) Alloy of aluminum sheet: mainly 1100, 1050, 1060,3004,3005 


2) MOQ: 3 tons 


3) Delivery time: 25 days 


4) Pattern: embossed, diamond, worm, pointer, 5-bar, 3-bar


3.Advantage of aluminum embossed sheet:
1)high temperature resistant
2)weathering resistant
3)scrubbing resistant
4)sound insulation
5)acid or alkali proof
7)light weight material is easy to construct and install


4.Appearance finishing quality aluminum stucco embossed sheet:


1) Chemical ingredients:According with the rules of GB /T3190
2) Physical property:The physical property testing of basis material under room
Temperature accords with the rules of GB /T8544-1997
3) Appearance quality:Clear patern and tidy without burr
4) Surface:No crack, selvedge, canker, hole




Aluminium Stucco Embossed Sheet 5052 1.2mm Thickness

Aluminium Stucco Embossed Sheet 5052 1.2mm Thickness

Aluminium Stucco Embossed Sheet 5052 1.2mm Thickness

Aluminium Stucco Embossed Sheet 5052 1.2mm Thickness


Q:I'm extremely confused on my homework right nowWe're learning how to calculate density and science and I don't get it; it incorporates some math which I'm not very good at xDSo if you can help me with this work, it would be much appreciated, you have no ideaI have to calculate the density:1Calculate the density of a substance with a mass of 200 g and a volume of 40cm3I have to answer it in a complete sentence towards the end.2Calculate the mass of 100cm3 of silver (density 10.5 g/ cm3)3Calculate the volume of 270 g of aluminum; which has a density of 2.7 g/cm3Please help me, I'm clueless.
1: density is mass divided by volume (as you can see by looking at your density equation in the second question) so take your mass (200g) and divide by volume (40cm3) to get 200g/40cm3, simplify to get 5g/cm3 2: generally if you're given a standard number for something (such as the density of silver 10.5 g/cm3) and another related number you can generally just mush them together to figure it outRemember that units (such as cm3) act just like numbers and can be multiplied or dividedIn this case you want to get rid of the cm3 to get the mass (in grams)So multiply your 100cm3 by 10.5 g/cm3The cm3 will cancel out and you get 1050g 3: this works similarly only this time you want to get rid of the mass (g) to get the volume (cm3)Because the equation is simply a relationship between two things (2.7 grams of aluminum takes up 1 cm3 of space.) you can flip the equation upside down and it still worksso you get 1cm3/2.7gThen multiply the 270g to get rid of g and leave only your volume (in cm3) so you get (270g1cm3)/(2.7g)This comes out to 100cm3.
Q:When i use aluminium foil for cooking, the fat that leaves the food, ends up on the underside of the foil and on the baking tray surface.
No, it is not I have done the same thing, and you have a leak in the foil, perhaps you laid two sheets overlapping, or a cut in one sheet The sheet has to be large enough to cover the entire tray with extra so the ends can be folded upOverlapping two sheets does not work.
Q:How can I clean discoloured horse brasses? Normal brass cleaner cream doesn't have much effectthanks.?
have you tried the reverse electroplating technique one uses to clean silver? In a stainless pot combine a sheet of aluminum foil, 1 quart very warm water, 1 tablespoon baking sodadissolve This will make the tarnish move from the brass/silver to the aluminumWorks like a charm.
Q:I know I may be going overboard with these questions but I'm clueless please forgive me:)
I wouldn't, because sometimes the foil flakes off, depending how long you leave it in thereI'd use wax paper.
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There are TWO Different kinds of tubes on a bicycleThere is the rubber Inner Tube which holds air in the tireCosts about five dollarsAnd There are metal Tubes (very similar to metal pipe) that the bike is made ofThe metal tubes are different from the plumbing pipes which carry water in your houseFrame Tubes cost more money if they are special alloysThe goal is to make the bike out-of the strongest and lightest material Mild Steel is very cheap, but the bicycle will weigh about 50 poundsChrome-Molybdinum steel is stronger than mild steel , so the tubes can be made thinner to save weightCr-Mo bikes will usually weigh about 35 poundsAluminum is lighter than steelan aluminum bike will usually weigh about 27 poundsTitanium is stronger and lighter than aluminum, but is very expensiveExpect the price to be over six thousand dollars, and the bike will weigh under 22 poundsCarbon fiber is a composite material, it must be glued and not weldedCarbon Fiber costs about seventy dollars an ounceA carbon fiber bike will weigh about 18 pounds and cost as much or more than $20,000.00.
Q:How to replace caulking around windows using a bag with caulking in it to fill large gaps ( 1 ) and make it look professional looking ? Not sure if the caulking is a mix or just the tubes emptied into the bag? Anyone tried this before? Please help me and thanks for your information.
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Q:im trying to bake chocolate chip cookies i ran out of foil.and i have no cookie sheet can i bake them on wax paper?
You can, but I would definitely advise against itThe wax paper burns extremely easilyA better alternative would be parchment paperYou can also use silicone baking matsThey are a bit on the pricey side, but you will rarely, if ever, have to replace themThey can be used up to 2,000 timesYou can get these at stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $20.00 for a set of twoThey practically last foreverOr, if you don't mind washing your baking sheets, you can go without lining them at allThese are all good alternatives for aluminum foil.
Q:1)Is aluminium foil a good conductor of electricity,more than brass sheets! what is the melting point of aluminium foils!can it be used to make PCB ,by cutting out the aluminium foil like a leads and paste it on a insulated board,and soldering the electronic components at its right place! 2)i have soldering flux,but i dont know how to use it!please can anyone teach me!
aluminum is difficult to solder to, and requires special flux and procedures. Melting point would be well above the char point of any plastic used for the substrate. Or, in other words, if the aluminum gets hot enough to melt, you are doing something wrong. It should not even get warm. IF the thickness is the same, aluminum is a little more conductive than brass, not enough to matter, Copper is a lot better. any are good enough for PC work. Resistivities are listed below for some metals. Lower resistivity is higher conductivity. resistivity Ag 15.9e-9 Ω-m resistivity Cu 17.2e-9 Ω-m resistivity Au 22.14e-9 Ω-m resistivity Al 28.2e-9 Ω-m resistivity brass 35e-9 Ω-m
Q:How can I purify water with a cardboard box, and piece of aluminum foil?
Forget paper, either parchment or waxedJust rub some oil on the foil, wrap the garlic heads in there and put it in the ovenWaxed paper, by the way, is usually safe in the oven to line cake tins, etcThe wax doesn't melt onto your food or catch on fire.
Q:stainless steel vs aluminium chimney linerwhat do I need for a gas boiler in a 100 yr old 2 story house?
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