1000Kw CE Approved Water-cooled Open Type Cummins Generator

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Product Description:

1. Specifications

1.water-cooled cummins generator 
2.open type generator 
3.ce certificate 
4.cummins OEM factory

2. 1000kw ce approved water-cooled open type cummins generator

1. Specification of genset
Gensets modelKH-1000GF
Prime power1000kw
Rated Voltage400/230V
Rated frequency(HZ)50
Rated Speed1500rpm
Power Factor0.8(lagging)
Dimensions(mm) (L×W×H)4950x2060x2350open type
Genset Weight(kg)12000
2. Specification of diesel engine
Engine brandCummins
Engine modelKTA50-G3
Number of Cylinders16
Cylinder arrangementVertical in-line
CycleFour stroke
AspirationTurbocharged, Air/Water cooling
Fuel SystemPT type fuel pump, EFC
Bore×Stroke (mm×mm)159 x 159
Displacement (Liter)50.3
Compression Ratio13.9:1
Speed GovernorElectronic
Cooling SystemForced Water Cooling Cycle
Total lubrication system capacity (L)177
Fuel Consumption at 100% Load (g/kw.h)197
Starting MethodDC24V electrical starting
3. Specification of alternator
Alternator brandKaijieli(China-French joint venture Leory Somer technology)
Alternator modelTWG404G
Number of Phase3
Connecting Type3 Phase and 4 Wires
Number of Bearing1
Protection GradeIP21
Exciter TypeBrushless ,Self-exciting, AVR automatic voltage regulating,100% Copper winding wire
Insulation ClassH
Telephone Influence Factor (TIF)50
Voltage Regulation, Steady State±1%
Transient State Voltage-15%~+20%
4. Specification of control Panel(with Kaixun controller)
The control panel is AMF control panel, with the display of voltage,current, frequency, water temperature, oil pressure. The genset with low oil pressure,high water temperature,over speed,over load protection function.
The features of Kaixun controller controller:
Kaixun controller is a new generation Automatic control module for single Genset, which adopts bran-new outline configuration, focus on the requirements of customers, and perfectly improves the performance of controller. It fully meets the auto control requirements of different kinds of Genset for user or special assembly factory.

1000Kw CE Approved Water-cooled Open Type Cummins Generator

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Q:can i run a 40kvh generator on a water wheel?
Water wheels generally turn rather slowly or would fly apart and pulleys would likely be needed (large on water wheel and small at generator shaft). The generator may function well only within a specified range of RPM. Try to determine the rated speed of the generator (or determine the rated RPM of the diesel engine above idle(?) and any gearing or pulley ratios to the generator. That may indicate in advance how practical your match will be. Perhaps the generator can slowly charge a battery (with a given water supply and water wheel) but may not support full load as on the diesel engine. Work out an estimate on paper (including battery and voltage regulator?) before turning actual nuts and bolts.
Q:how do i run electric in the woods with out a generator?
You need a 12 volt to 120VAC inverter that can power the pump. If you can get your car near the still, you can hook the inverter to your car battery. You need to start the car every so often and recharge the battery. I hope you car engine is quiet enough. Might want to have a spare battery in case you run it down too low to start the car.
Q:Diesel and electricity generation?
You need to google. Try looking up: 1/ The energy density of diesel fuel oil. 2/ The efficiency of a diesel internal combustion engine. 3/ The efficiency of a dynamo (alternator or electrical generator not turbine). Chuck in a bit of ineffieiency for the linkage between the ICE and the dynamo. Then just multiply the energy density of the fuel, by the efficiencies, and out will pop your answer.
Q:Which would make more sense? Converting diesel electric trains to biodiesel, or?
Neither. Much of the bio diesel out there actually comes from Palm Oil Hundreds of thousands of acres of environementally sensitive areas are being converted to plantations to make Palm oil for biodiesel. This does much more harm to the environment than using diesel from fossil fuels.
Q:Anyone know about generac or kipon generators?
Diesel Issues: Regular oil changes - about 2:1 to a gas-fired generator. Diesel fuel is may gel in very cold weather - you may have to use a kerosene mix. Diesel fuel has a shelf-life such that you will have to add fuel stabilizers and run out the fuel at least three times per year (more in a humid climate) to prevent breakdown. You will have to change the fuel filter at least once per year. If you run out of diesel and cannot get to it - you are out of luck. Which leads to liquid fuel storage issues, shelf-life and so forth. Diesel fuel is a bit over twice the cost of natural gas as a fuel in this situation. Go with the natural gas unit. It is new, has a warranty and you _know_ that it will have no hidden flaws. Now, if by Gas you mean gasoline - go with the diesel unless you are in a very cold climate. Hands down.
Q:I would like to power a light ,tv and vcr in my motorhome I?
Get a second battery, a battery isolater, and a power inverter. You may also want to add a 12 volt battery charger. For the second battery get a deep cycle battery. This will last you longer. Install the battery in a battery box and make sure the box is vented to the outside. When a battery is charged or in use it can produce hydrogen gas which if not properly vented could cause an explosion or fire. You can get these through any major auto supply store or any major department store that has an automotive department that sells batteries. You can also find them at boat dealerships. The battery isolater is like a one way valve for electricity. It will allow the second battery to be charged by your motor home's alternator, but won't drain the main battery so your motor home will start. You can find these at most RV dealerships. The power inverter will convert the 12 volt DC power to 120 volt AC power. Get a power inverter with enough capacity to run all of your items plus a little reserve. You can find these at most major auto supply stores. Your run time battery power alone will depend on how large of deep cycle you buy and how fully it is charged. If you add a 12 volt battery charger this will charge your battery when your motor home is connected to 120 volt power. Be sure to select a fully automatic battery charger so your battery is not over charged. You can find these at RV dealerships or they can be ordered through most major auto supply stores. It would also be a good idea to use heavy enough gage wiring to prevent any wiring problems. Also, strategicaly place fuses in both the 12 volt and 120 volt systems to protect your investment.
Q:question about propane generators?
who manufactures sportsman 7000 generators
Q:How do the Maldives get electricity?
They have various diesel generator power houses set up around the islands.
Q:Looking for a small, possibly diesel generator for emergency household power (UK)?
If okorder
Q:Essay helpppppppppp!?

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