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Powered by doosan,diesel generator power range 50-680kw 

ModelPOWER(KW)Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-D5550 55 DB5854/59
FKS-D7064 70 D114677/85
FKS-D10092 100 D1146T108/117
FKS-D145132 145 P086TI-1149/164
FKS-D175160 175 P086TI177/199
FKS-D240220 240 P126TI241/272
FKS-D265240 265 P126TI-11265/294
FKS-D330300 330 P158LE-1327/362
FKS-D370320 370 P158LE363/414
FKS-D400360 400 DP158LC408/449
FKS-D460420 460 DP158LD464/510
FKS-D505460 505 P222LE-1512/553
FKS-D503456 503 DP188LA502/552
FKS-D525480 525 P222LE532/574
FKS-D550510 550 P222LE-S552/603
FKS-D559507 559 DP180LB556/612
FKS-D608550 608 DP222LB604/664
FKS-D664600 665 DP222LC657/723
FKS-D680620 680 DP222LA670/737

Q:I don't see why I couldn't use my car's engine as a power generator. I would only need maybe 1000 watts. The car is a 1990 Ford F350 diesel.
You'd be wasting too much fuel, though it is possible. 1) replace the existing alternator with some super-heavy-duty ones, ones that go in minibuses and such. As you aren't going to power any AC or such, you can probably power two of them together or with a Y formation. 2) Disconnect the trans and anything else not needed (AC, etc.) This is to make sure th engine run at max efficiency, minimal drag. 3) Get a high-cap inverter, to convert the 12V DC back into 120V AC. This will need to have some serious cooling for itself. Depending on your setup, you should be able to generate 500-1000 watts depending on the capacity of your alternators and capacity of your batteries. I'd recommend you replace the batteries w/ some industrial-sized ones like 8D (about 120 LB each) and feed your power inverter from the battery. Don't forget a good UPS / surge protector just in case.
Q:What will be the effect of ambient temperature on diesel generators
Fully automatic diesel generator sets are more expensive than conventional diesel engines with the same brand, configuration and power as the unit is equipped with a fully automated system.
Q:I have read Wikipedia as to why Diesel Fuel can cost so much so please don't send me any links. Just want your opinion or 1st hand knowledge. My understanding is that Diesel is supposed to be the lowest cost fuel to make. but it costs the most. Why???
Blame it on taxes and gouging at the pumps. We farm and it's eating us up! There isn't much difference in off road diesel either.
Q:If it is not run continuosly in what intervals should it be stopped and what is the standstill time?
It is not good to run a Diesel generator throughout the year without stopping. It requires regular stopping for maintenance, at least once a week for cleaning or replacement of oil filters and replacement of parts.THE SHUTDOWN MAY LAST 8 OR !6 HOURS DEPENDING ON THE PARTS TO BE REPLACED.
Q:hiam in the process of purchasing a flat.under the electrical specifications, the builder has specifid the following. please explain me what does it mean by3 phase power supply with automatic change over switch and what does it mean by RMU Transformer with Advanced Features
This electrical specification describes some aspects of the electrical distribution system for a block of flats (apartment building in USA terms). A 3 phase power supply is 3 live wires and a neutral with 400 volts or so between any two live wires and 230 volts or so between any live wire and the neutral. Each flat would be connected to one live wire and neutral. A change over switch is a switch that can switch the load from one power source to another. It could switch between two mains connections from the power company or it could switch between the power company mains and a standby diesel generator set. An RMU transformer is a ring main unit transformer. The transformer would be the step down or substation transformer from the transmission line voltage to the 400 volt level. There would probably be one transformer for all of the flats, possibly two if there are two mains connections from the power company. The RMU designation indicates that the transformer includes additional components such as the change over switch and main circuit breaker as a single piece of equipment. Advanced features might include such things as transformer temperature monitoring, load monitoring, and remote indication provisions. Unless the features are enumerated, it isn't a particularly useful description. It may or may not include features in addition to the minimum required by government regulations. If you are purchasing only an individual flat, this might offer some assurance that the electrical system is modern and reliable, but it is a very poor description to offer prospective purchasers of individual flats.
Q:Have a big V12 Diesel Generator what is the purpose of the governor / actuator and also the Speed and Load Controller?
Governor Actuator
Q:I am considering buying a back-up generator system for my newly bought home, the only problem is that my home is 4,947sq. ft, and I seem to find a single generator that is capable of powering my entire, will buying a few portable or large sized stand-by generators solve my problem?
Either way you need to figure in the cost of the switchgear used to change over from utility power and backup power. Its best to get one unit to do the whole job.
Q:I have been trying to research the specifics of utilidor functionality for nearly two weeks and have come up with hardly any information. What I'm wanting to know is, at certain access points of utilidors in artic areas, is there something above ground that powers the tunneling below like possibly a transformer or a generator? I know it seems unfeasible to have either one out in the open to be exposed to the elements but I still want to know. And also even if this isn't the case now, was it so when the tunnel systems were first made?
What the hell is a utildor?
Q:I am trying to use a marine deep cycle battery and power inverter to power a chest freezer in an ice cream truck. The issue is that the marine battery will drain in a few hours. I was told told that I could connect the inverter to the car battery as well as the marine battery and while the engine is running, the car battery would be charge the marine battery through the inverter. Can anyone tell me how this works and how I should do the wiring?thanks
Just run heavy gage wire from one battery to the other, pos to pos neg to neg, no big deal, however your alternator ain't gonna like working that hard and will go see Allah in a very short period of time, so a high output alt will be needed sooner rather than later, and with the price of gas and seeing the shape some of those ice cream trucks are in, I see a lot of melted ice cream in your future. maybe a small generator would be more cost effective. almost forgot. if the wattage output of your inverter is not enough to power a freezer,which take quite a bit, you'll smoke the motor out of your freezer in a matter of days if not hours. yea lots of melted ice cream
Q:I am interested in what are the inherient differences and what are the different sets used for?
a Generator set can be AC or DC. More commonly AC, because most commercial machines and equipment is AC. Commercial DC gen sets are commonly found electromagnetic applications. Some are used in Traction applications like subways and trains. Some DC motor-generator sets provide the field currents for large commercial power Alternators/ AC generators as in hydro-electric dams. My experience AC generators have less maintenance issues than DC units. The control (switching) of large DC currents is much more demanding than AC and has a whole set of problems that are unique to DC. DC controls devices are typically heavier for the same power than AC AC current switching is easier due to the current wave passing through a zero point every half cycle. The AC voltage/ Power can be more easily manipulated through transformers. There is tons of information on this subject available on the net. Yours: Grumpy

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