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my internet wont pick up my wireless adapter thing now, because the internet box was reseted. How can I change it to wired?
well basically for wired xbox live setup you need 4 things 1. xbox 360 2. internet connection ( like a bt home hub box or any form of internet box) 3. An xbox 360 4.An ethernet cable which is a two sided wire. ok so put the wire in the back of the xbox in the socket right below where the wired cable would fit. now with the other side of that cable plug it into the back of your internet hub box. Thats all there is to it really then the setting up xbox live is all on the dashboard
I own a 1990 Toyota 4runner 6cyl, 3L. it had a few performance issues when i bought it. ( just didnt seem to have any power idling at around 200), so before spending money on expensive items, i figured spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor. So i just changed the spark plug wires today, and immediatly the truck was runnin much better idling at 800-1000 , about 5 minutes into driving, the problem started again, i parked the truck, it was idling at 200-300 again, opened the hood saw a bit of smoke coming from one of the wires, so im hoping and assuming it was just smoking because the wire was touching a hot surface, i can hear a bit of a clicking noise that i dont remember hearing before, almost like a spark. what could cause the sudden problem, is it possible the wires could be connected to the wrong spark plugs ( i replaced the old ones one by one, so i know i didnt connect it wrong) any tips would be great
The wire burned on something hot and is arcing to ground. Replace it and use a wire loom to stand it away from the problem surface. That clicking sound is the arc.
when installing two subwoofers to an amp, can just normal speaker wires work or do I need any special wires to hook the subs to the amp?
speaker wires will do just fine
what gauge wires should i use for my 12'' alpine typr r SWR-1242D?
4 guage amp kit This one is the best SoundQuest SQK0 1/0 Gauge Copper-Clad Aluminum Wiring Kit Technical Details * 1/0 Gauge Power and Grounding Wires * Remote Wire, Speaker wire, and RCA Signal Wires * Fuse Block and Fuse * Various crimp style connectors
for standard electric wiring, do I cut the white wire or the black wire to not get shocked?
in case you have customary fencing up already and are only including a strand on the proper that your horse does not challenge besides, electric powered cord is okay. that's greater low-value; however the heavier gauge actual is far less risky than the skinny gauge IF the pony ever gets caught in it. Ribbon tape is safer. you may decide the only million/2 inch stuff for this objective. The signs and indicators are only small plastic or vinyl ones asserting that the fence is inspired. some screw into wood posts or rails, some clip suitable directly to the cord. Any farm shop has them the place the insualtors are bought. If young little ones are dumb sufficient to pour milk over the fence, they are too dumb to study signs and indicators. however the signs and indicators cut back your criminal accountability if one claims that they at the instant are concepts lifeless because of the fact they have been given bowled over. (Amber, that's a tongue-in-cheek remark.)
Replacing my 3 prong dryer outlet but there is a blk, red, wht, and a bare wire in the box. I know where the colored ones go on the outlet but what do I do with the bare one? I didn't remove the old one so I don't know how the old 3 prong outlet was wired with these wires. Thanks.
3 Prong Dryer Outlet
I've started cutting wire and bending it into shapes to create animals or images, but the problem is, I need to know how to make each piece stick together without any glues as they make the art dulled and the metal looses its shine :/ any suggestions?
If you were taking college sculpture class that required making sculptures of wire (as Idid) you would learn that you want to first try to figure out how to use one long piece and bend, or twist or encircle to get the shape you want. Nobody said this was easy - that was the problem we had tosolve without the use of metal glues, or soldering irons. The teacher advised us very little but did tellus to take a piece of board, either junk lying around, driftwood, or buy at one of the hobby stores those small placques in the wood section. Figure out what you want to make first, draw it if you can. Then figure out how big you want it and try to estimate how much wire you will need. With small nails, nail one end to the top side of the wood where you think you want to start. That would be the foot of a figure or the base of an abstract shape. Thenstart bending the wire to the shapes you want; remember that you dont have to make an exact reproduction of every line you have drawn. Ask yourself how you can make the illusion of a shape. When you have it pretty much how you want it, or have finished the other part of the bottom of the piece, cut the wire, then bend and shape it to be the last foot, and nail it to the board. Again, as Prof. Greene used to tell us - nobody said making art is easy. Art is hard work. I started by making small people. then an animal, then a tableau of several people in different poses. By the way, I made an A. a good book is: Start Sculpting Now! A good artist to research is Alexander Calder. This was his best work! Anothr good way to plan is to use the pencil in the Paintbox to draw it first on your computer - this willhelp you plan where to bend and twist to join in advance.
I need a little help wiring my ceiling fan.Coming from the ceiling:2 green wiresground wirewhite wireblack wirered wireComing from fan:green wireblue wireblack wirewhite wireCan anyone please explain what wires to connect to what.
the blue and black are hot. i think the blue is so you can control the fan on a seperate switch from the light. green and bare is ground, white is neutral.