Wool Hand Tufted Rug Grey-White Backing

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Product Description:

Quality:Hand tufted carpet

Material:100% polyester

Designs:Various designs applicable

Size:Any size

Color:Any color

Pile height: 1cm

Pile weight:1500g, 1600g, 1700g, 1800g or 1900g /sqm

Rug back:Canvas latex back

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Q:Why does my rug keep moving?
An area rug pad will solve this problem. They are inexpensive and easily cut to the size you need. An area rug pad will also extend the life of your area rug.
Q:Should I get a new carpet?
We did the same thing in our bedroom when we first moved in. We refinished the floor and got an area rug for the middle of the room. I keep my slippers right by the side of the bed in the winter to keep my feet warm. Hard wood is so beautiful it's a shame to cover it all up.
Q:What is the best kind of rug to put in my dinning room?
Hi. okorder.com
Q:cute teen girl rugs?!?!?
I saw some bright colored furry rugs at Wal-Mart Supercenter. My daughter has a bright pink furry one and loves it.
Q:How to judge the quality of carpet?
Peeling power of carpet backing:On the back of the tufted carpet latex glued with a layer of cloth mesh, according to standard backing peeling strength greater than 25N force value index. Consumers in the selection of such carpets, you can use the hand to the bottom cloth gently tear, to see the degree of adhesion, such as bonding is not high, the bottom cloth and blanket body is easy to separate, this carpet is not durable.
Q:I need a rug idea to go with my vintage room idea...?
I'd stick to black or red though. With a room like that, try to bring it to life with accessories like wrought iron candle holders, clear glass vases, a classy lamp, mirrors, or chandeliers. Choose decor that really works with a french theme and you'll have a spectacular bedroom.
Q:can garment steamer iron the carpet
Of course, because it is steam, the water evaporates very fast, but it needs to be aired after ironing, or sun it.
Q:Vacuums and Carpets?
I know that under the carpet the spongy part never stays clean . everything that gets on top of the carpet dirt... drinks ... spilt food whatever tends to go to the bottom of the carpet all the way to the spongy part and theres nothing you can do about it unless you get the carpet ripped up ... carpets are really bad to have when you have pets because of this and the stink part stays for years ... next house i get is going to have nothing but floor due to this !!!!!!
Q:my cat is pissing my off by pissing on my new rug!!!!!!?
He may have a urinary tract infection. Is he peeing anywhere else and does the pee have any blood in it? You can try to clean the rug using something made specifically for cat urine since some cleans will just set the smell in. Lemons and limes tend to work well to keep a cat away. You most likely will need to get rid of the rug though. Sorry!
Q:How to clean carpets?
The best answer has a lot of good info but as a professional carpet cleaner the one thing that I see a lot with those that clean the carpet themselves is the improper rinsing of the carpet. Whatever method you use, you must rinse out the solution with water. Leaving soapy residues in your carpet cause rapid re-soiling and your carpet will get dirty rather quickly.

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