• Suspended Ceiling T Grid/ceiling Runner /Ceiling System System 1
  • Suspended Ceiling T Grid/ceiling Runner /Ceiling System System 2
  • Suspended Ceiling T Grid/ceiling Runner /Ceiling System System 3
  • Suspended Ceiling T Grid/ceiling Runner /Ceiling System System 4
Suspended Ceiling T Grid/ceiling Runner /Ceiling System

Suspended Ceiling T Grid/ceiling Runner /Ceiling System

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Aluminum Grid ceiling is one of the materials for ceiling system.It has various patterns and beautiful designs, and could be installed optionally to be more fashionable.  Moreover, it's very easy to be installed and disassembled.So these series are your ideal decorating material. 


Product Applications:

1) Supermarket, marketplace
2) Service station, toll station
3) Underground, air port, bus station 
4) School, office, meeting room
5) Hall, corridor and toilet


Product Advantages:

1) Surface smoothness and easy cleaning 
2) High precision, rigidity and consistency 
3) Strong corrupt proof, weather proof and chemical proof
4) Surface color stable for 10 years' indoor use 
5) Flexible suspension system makes it easily installed and disconnected
6) Easy to match ceiling 
7) Fireproof


Main Product Features:


1.Fireproof absolutely:the main material is fireproofing galvanize zinc plate,durable in use.

2.Reasonable structure:economic structure, the special connection method, convenient to load and unload, time saving and simple construction.

3.Good performance:Light weight,High strength,waterproof,fireproof,quakeproof, sound insulation,sound absorption.etc.

4.Attractive appearance bright colors shinning.

5.Short time limit,easy to construction.

6.Wide application:  it is widely used in marketplace, office building,hotel, boite,bank and large public places.

Product Specifications:

Suspended Ceiling T Grid/ceiling Runner /Ceiling System




Q:How many the warranty years of your products?
A:15 years for indoor used,20 years for ourdoor used.

Q:Can you show me the installation instruction?
A:Yes,our engineering department is in charge of helping your installation.any question,you can let me know.



Suspended Ceiling T Grid/ceiling Runner /Ceiling System

Suspended Ceiling T Grid/ceiling Runner /Ceiling System


Suspended Ceiling T Grid/ceiling Runner /Ceiling System

Suspended Ceiling T Grid/ceiling Runner /Ceiling System


Q:Paper gypsum board is B1 grade fireproof material, why installed in the light steel keel can be treated in accordance with A-class fireproof material? Partition wall is to have mineral wool, the ceiling does not seem to need it.
Can not, I am Kaiyuan City, Liaoning Province, brilliant production of fire board board manufacturers, used plaster board or decoration companies are aware of gypsum board it is not waterproof water and moisture is very serious, but also very vulnerable The force will be broken and broken, it is not suitable for home decoration and engineering decoration now, and now the fire board has become an alternative gypsum board to become a quality and cheap multi-purpose multi-purpose decorative plate, so subject to The market's consumers wide acclaim, and located in Kaifeng City, Liaoning Province, Qingyun Town, brilliant board industry is in the price and quality of fire board has done a very good demonstration and take the lead in its director Jiang Baoyu is the Fire board This kind of sheet through years of research and exploration, to produce a variety of fire board products, these products are affected to the insulation and waterproofing and fire not only the real green also save unnecessary renovation costs and prices, the current Kaiyuan City Brilliant plate produced by the fire products have reached the national A1 level fire standard, 135 and then 91000 is the last 140 hope to work with you.
Q:I have a suspended ceiling that is 2' x 4'- the guy at Lowe's told me I can use the USG Lace 12 x 12 tiles to interlock to have 8 of them fit in a grid...is this actually possible? Everything I have seen online says that those are to staple or glue up- not to be placed in a 2' x 4' grid.
I wouldn t think you could either. I would think that middle seam would sag after awhile,. Go with your gut and don t ... GL
Q:I would like to hang curtains from the ceiling to function like a room divider. But I can't make any holes in the ceiling, so does anyone know how I could do this? Or any alternatives to using some fabric as a room dividerThanks in advanced
you just go to legacydecors dot com and i think you can find best and stylish room dividers for your room decoration plz visit once if you want to buy quality and stylish room dividers
Q:Introduction of paint keel
In appearance and aluminum alloy keel is very similar, but also commonly used on the ceiling of a material
Q:I live in an addition to a older house (40 years or more old) in a college town. i live under a three season porch and i have a drop ceiling (with ceiling tiles in a metal grid) The squirrels are constanting running around on the drop ceiling and waking me up and just making a ton of noise. What can i do to deterr them? Ive already tried mouse traps and these Riddexx things u plug into the wall that are supposed to use the electrical wiring to deterr mice, insects and rodents from being around, but they're still here. Yes ive talked to my landlord and they dont seem to care, i only have 4 months left to live in this S*** hole, i just want something that will keep them away. (whatever it may be, please dont let it stink up my room)
Here's okorder /store/live-anima... Now, I'd just use a .22 or a shotgun, but if you don't want to take the chance of killing someone in the crossfire, this is an option. ------------- lmao, peanut butter and a hammer. That's too funny. Vote him best answer.
Q:Home decoration with wood keel good or light steel keel good
Specifically to see what kind of top hanging, if it is pvc wood keel of course, if it is gypsum board, of course, light steel keel. Integrated ceiling.
Q:GB keel, ordinary dragon brand gypsum board 9.5mm
Of course, the surface is high
Q:how do you level ceiling grid for acoustic ceilings?
use a level and adjust the wire hangers.
Q:Light steel keel ldu, cb, ldc, cs what it means
Light steel keel according to the use of hanging keel and cut keel, according to cross-section of the form of V-type, C-type, T-type, L-keel. (1) product specifications series of keel main specifications are divided into Q50, Q75 and Q100. The main specifications of the ceiling keel are divided into D38, D45, D50 and D60. (2) Product marking method The marking order of light steel keel is: product name, code, width of section shape, height, thickness of steel plate and standard number. Such as cross-sectional shape of "C" type, width of 50mm, height of 15mm, steel plate thickness of 1. Smm of the ceiling keel marked as: building light steel keel DC 5 0 XIS XI. SGBllg sl (3) the appearance of quality light steel keel shape to be smooth, angular, cut not allowed to affect the use of burrs and deformation. Galvanized layer is not allowed to have skin, from the tumor, shedding and other defects. For corrosion, damage, dark spots, pitting and other defects, according to the provisions of the method should be tested in accordance with the provisions of Table 2-81. Appearance quality inspection, should be 0.5m away from the product under the conditions of bright light, the visual inspection. Light steel keel surface should be galvanized rust, the double-sided galvanized: excellent products not less than 120g / m * m, first-class goods is not less than 100g / m * m, qualified products not less than 80g / m *
Q:Using the same concept of as that of a motor vehicle stater motor.
you will desire to be interested in a dynamotor. that's a unit containing a motor and a generator. Many militia radios from international conflict 2 used 12 volt ability from trucks and used a dynamotor to generate 250 volts to turn on the vacuum tubes. You seem interested in creating 33,000 volts from a thousand volts at 5,000 watts. this might artwork, however the main up-tp-date you will desire to draw from it would be 5/33 , that's 0.151515 Amps at 33,000 volts if it have been a hundred% useful. As actual everyone else noted you are able to not get extra advantageous than a hundred% performance, and in prepare dynamotors have been extra like 30% so the optimal modern you will desire to get may well be some million/20 amp. do not attempt it with out expert help with the aid of fact 33,000 volts will leap approximately 2 inches by air and a million/20 amp is extra beneficial than adequate to kill somebody.

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