Passager Car Radial Tyre A607 with High Speed

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Product Description:

1,Pattern of CarTyre Description:

1. Comfort--Diverse blocks distribution upgrades softness while ensures tread strength, enhances shock absorption and increases driving comfort.


2. Stability--Special bead design ensures closer contact between inflated tire and the rim, avoids flying up of tire toe, and enhances safety.


3. Silence--Densely distributed small blocks efficiently offset noises made by air emission in the grooves. Simulated diverse and irregular pitch order decreases vibration noise.


2,Main Features of the Tyre:

High quality

Long life

More comfortable

With the advantageous straight-line

3,Car Tyre Images:


Passager Car Radial Tyre A607 with High Speed

Passager Car Radial Tyre A607 with High Speed

Passager Car Radial Tyre A607 with High Speed



4,Truck and Bus Tyre Specification:


Passager Car Radial Tyre A607 with High Speed 



We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:


1,How to guarantee the quality of the products?

We will give clients compensition if the tyre has manufacture defect.Clients just provide tyre NO.and some pictures.


2,How long can we receive the product after purchase?


It up to sizes you order.We can delivery immediately if the size is available.About 30 days after receiving down payment if it should be arrange production.


3,How to get the sole agent?


It up to the market.It should be 3-4 containers per month is small market ,like UAE.But 15-20 containers are requested if you from USA market.




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Q:i have a 96 ford f-150 4x4 and on the back i am running the right size tires but they are car tires ! according to the sticker on the door it takes 235-75-r-15 XL tires ! the front is already that size but would it handle any better on the road if i took the car tires off and run truck tires on the back ? i bought the car tires because they were cheap and i needed 2 tires at the time !
The one problem with the car tires is that they are not designed to handle the weight of the truck and a load. They have a lower load range rating. Depending on the car tires and the number of ply rating they might also flex a bit more than the truck tires which means a little more movement in the rear so not quite as good of handling. You may not notice a handling problem until you place a decent load in the bed of the truck. Then the car tires will show their weakness compared to the proper tires. Another problem is under a load the car tires may heat up more and this could lead to a failure of the tire.
Q:For optimum performance and mileage (I realize these may be independent of each other) do you run the tire at the tire manufacture‘s air pressure rating or the motorcycle manufacture‘s rating? For example MC‘s rating is 33 front / 36 rear. Tire manufacturer‘s ratings are 38/42
Ok, the tires say 38/42. Those pressure ratings are the necessary air pressures needed for the tire to support the amount of weight shown on the load rating. For example, if the rear tire's load rating is shown on the sidewall as 735 pounds, it'll need 42 psi to support that load. If you have a heavily loaded touring bike and both you and your rider are 200+ lbs, then you'll probably want 42 psi. However, if you have a bare bike and you weight 120 lbs soaking wet, you'll never ever come close to having 735 lbs on the rear. If that's the case, it's best to lower the tire pressure to say, 36 psi. That will let the tire flatten out some and put more tread on the pavement, giving you better traction AND longer wear. More air pressure than needed for the load forces the crown (center) of the tire outward, giving it a peaked shape. That puts less rubber on the road which means less traction and shorter wear life. It doesn't matter how much tread you have left on the outsides of the tire's tread, if the center is bald as a baby's butt, your tire's shot.
Q:Okay, I go outside, my rear passenger tire is flat. like most people, I look at the tire, and I also feel around the tire for a reason, there‘s always the chance the problem is at the bottom of the flat tire, but. finally, through alot of getting it to a very well known tire center, my car‘s tire not only has one, but two nails. One in the tread, and mysteriously one is in the sidewall and not at the bottom of the sidewall, which of course makes it a complete loss. I need not one tire, but two, as the sales clerk declares, according to their employee, because they will then match, and we can rotate them, oh and only $250. How in the you know what, or how, does a nail under any law of physics and volicity drive itself into the sidewall? The tire was not flat, the car was never driven on the rim??????
motorized bicycle. You can buy kits off OKorder and make your own. yes they are legal because the motor does nothing but help you pedal. It doesn't actually drive the bike.
Q:I just got back from wal-mart and the cheapest price for the tire i needed was $100.00 a tire. While in there waiting and talking to some people,other‘s were paying 300.00 for just 2 tires. Is the price of tires going up because of this oil spill?
Tire prices are going up because of the high cost of raw materials, particularly steel, the 80% import tarrif on tires produced in China, high transportation costs and the fact that tires are much larger and are built to higher speed ratings today than they were even 10 years ago. A decade ago 80% of tires sold were 13, 14 or 15 diameter. Today no new cars are sold with 13 tires, 14 is virtually non-existant and 15 is considered entry level. Today's sub $20k economy car often comes with a low-profile 17 or 18 high performance tire where a decade ago the same model would have had a 14 standard passenger all-season tire. The price difference between those is more than double.
Q:I have 30x10.5x15 tires on my Jeep Wrangler TJ 2004. I need new tires,have a deal on 31x11x15. Will they fit without at a lift?
You can fit 31s in there, but if you offroad you will stuff the tires in the wheelwells. If you want to go bigger, consider getting a $200 Budget Boost, which will give you a little more suspension clearance. The 31s will then clear easily, and you may be able to put 32s under there (but again you'll stuff them when you offroad). Also keep in mind the strength of your axle and the size of your engine. If you have a 2.5L engine, the bigger tires will cost you in power and highway speed.
Q:I slammed the brakes going 60 to avoid a wreck. The tires are a month old, and the brake caused little spots on the front 2 tires. When i drive its a little bit bumpy but nothing too crazy. Do you think these tires are safe to drive on??
Tire stores can shave the tires down to eliminate the spots. They often have to do it when replacing less than a full set of tires on AWD vehicles.
Q:tire is flat and separated from rim
They usually have a tube inside, just start filling it up like you usually would, it should set how it should automatically. (Only if tire is around the rim)
Q:this weekend on the highway my back passenger tire shredded and I was curious what the chances are my other tires will also?
It will happen all the time if you don't put air in your tires. A partially flat tire builds up tremendous heat and the heat helps destroy the tire. You MUST check your tire air pressure every month and before going on a longer trip. You should walk around the vehicle ocassionally to check for a low tire. The same is true of the fluids in your car. Don't forget the spare tire. When you have a flat tire on the road, what does the road service guy need? A good tire fully inflated for your car and the tools to remove and remount it.
Q:Which tire is better for recreational riding on a roadbike? Racing tires or training tires? Also, any recommendations? I was considering Maxxis Detonators.
Maxxis Detonators sound like an all right tire. Pez Cycling News thinks they are okay and the posters on Road Bike Reviews like them. I see where Amazon sells them for $23.00. For $10.00 more you could get Michelin Krylion Carbon at Bike Tires Direct. The both weigh 235g and are very puncture resistant, and they both last forever. It' a matter of budget. For the price the Maxxis are literally the best you can do.
Q:I have got TOYO tires for my town country minivan, these tires been graded B, can anyone explaine what does that mean? and what the differances between B and A grades on tires ? Thanks
The B stands for the load range. B would be right for a minivan, anything higher like a C or D would be used on a truck.

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