Multistage Single Suction Centrifugal Pump

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General Description

D/MD/DF/DY series pump is multi-stage single suction sectional centrifugal pump with excellent hydraulic model, it has advantages of high-efficiency, energy-saving, wide performance range, operating safely and steadily, low noise, long life and convenience for installing and repairing etc. It can deliver heat water, oil, corrosive or wearable medium by changing material of the pump or coupled with extra cooling system.

D series pump is used in mine and urban project for delivering clear water without solid particles or other liquids which are physically or chemically similar to clear water. The temperature of liquids must not exceed 80℃.
MD pump is used to deliver neutral water with solid particles below 1.5% (viscosity less than 0.5mm) and other sewage water. It is suitable for using in steel factory and mine etc. The temperature of liquids must not exceed 80℃.
DF pump is used for delivering corrosive liquids without solid particles, the temperature of liquids is -20℃~105℃.
DY pump is used for delivering oil and petroleum liquid without solid particles and viscosity below 120 centistokes , the temperature of liquids is -20℃~105℃.
The inlet pressure of above pumps is less than 0.6Mpa.

Performance Range
Capacity: 6.3-600m3/h
Head: 22.8-650m

Instruction of pump type
For example D(MD,DF,DY) 85-67X3
D: Multi-stage horizontal centrifugal pump
MD: Multi-stage wearable centrifugal pump
DF: Multi-stage anti-corrosive centrifugal pump
DY: Multi-stage oil centrifugal pump
85: Rate capacity is 85 m3/h
67: Rate head is 67m
3: 3 stage(3 impellers)

Type D (MD,DF,DY) pump consists of stator, rotator, bearing and shaft seal:
1. Stator: main parts is suction casing, stage casing, discharge casing and Diffusor, they are screw up by poles to become a working house. The suction direction of type D pump is horizontal, its discharge direction is upward; the discharge direction of type MD, DF, DY pumps are upward, the suction direction is horizontal, they can be made upward according to user requirement.
2. Rotor: it is consist of shaft, impeller, balance disk, and shaft sleeve etc. shaft supplied power to impeller. The axial force is balanced by disc. The shaft sleeve is mounted on shaft to protect shaft.
3. Bearing parts: it is consist of bearing body, bearing and bearing cover etc. The bearing of type 85-67,155-67,600-60 pump is sliding bearing, lubricated by dilute oil; the other pump bearing is rolling bearing, lubricated by grease.
4. Shaft seal: it is usually adopted soft packing seal, consist of sealing house on suction casing, packing , blocking water ring, the seal house have some pressure water to cool. Lubricate and seal pump. Type D pump pressure water come from pump itself, type MD, DF, DY pump pressure water is come from pump itself or outer water, type MD, DF, DY pump usually adopt mechanical seal .
The pump is driver directly by motor through coupling. View from motor end, the rotating direction of pump is clockwise.

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Q:What made my water pump lock up?
Warranty on the first pump has run out, you won't get any help there. Parts, even new parts do fail, that's why manufacturers offer warranties. I would suspect however the pump that was installed was a rebuilt unit, and perhaps the re builder didn't properly grease the bearings. Another possibility for early failure is the belt being adjusted up too tightly which will wear bearings out quickly. When it is repaired this time, push on the top of the serpentine belt to see if it has some deflection. There should be about 1/2 deflection along the longest run of the belt.
Q:Well water pump quit working.?
Ok there are several possibilities one is that since pressure went to zero you stirred up sediment in the surge tank especially if it is the old style before bladder type also if air got into pipes that will loosen rust but these are minor and will clear with time and use but i would worry what is wrong with pump that goes to zero and makes noise you better check that out or your at risk it wont restart next time
Q:Who can tell me such water pump medium flow direction should be what kind of, from left to right, or from right to left, is low into the higher?
Look, the direction of the motor is the direction of that arrow. Point to the other side. That's the water out
Q:where is the water pump on 97 ?
Q:Water Pump Questions?
It wouldn't be a good idea to use a water feature pump or aquarium pump due to the lubrication on the Impeller which can contaminate the wine and make it taste weird. Ofc, if you're going to use enough wine then a small water feature pump will work without changing the taste, either way it is safe enough to drink. Your best bet though would be (something like) a chocolate fountain, but without the heater. Edit: as strange as this may sound, another idea is to use an air pump with an air stone inside a peice of tubing. This is commonly known as a sponge filter, where the uplift from the air rising pushes the liquid up.
Q:does anyone know how to remove the water pump on an 84 corvette?
The easiest way is from underneath the car . Loosen the nuts on the pulley first then remove the belt and the rest should be easy from there .
Q:Submersible water pump in aquarium?
No it should be no problem , but run it in the water before you put in the aquarium ..To clean out the pump..
Q:Question on water pump?
I do not know the kind of pump you are referring to. I will give my personal expertise. If it is a pump taking water from a tank, the piping might be loose, the knocking may be corrected with some air ventilation pipe. If it is pumping from a water tank: I suggest you look at a submersible pump capable of supplying water to 3rd floor. This kind of pump is less noisy. The noise at start, is the electric starter, and the noise at the end is when water returns and seals the stop valve. Also some air may be in the pipe, you need to purge the pump, as often as needed, try this first, and then the others. Good luck
Q:Water pump for distillation unit?
The only thing you might need a pump for is if you are distilling/refluxing something and it is not all condensing before it reaches the end/top of the tube, resulting in vapor escaping. In that case you would use a bucket of ice water with a submersible pump.
Q:water pump bolt broke. what can i do to fix it ?
Take the water pump back off. If the broken studs stick out of the block enough you can get a vice-grip pliers on them and remove them. If you can't get a hold on them then you will have to drill a small hole in the stud and use an Easy Out to back out the broken stud(s). Be sure to drill exactly in the center and not too big. Drilling off center or too big and you will destroy the threads in the block. THEN you will have to re-tap the threads and use a larger size stud. Likely you will have to modify the water pump to handle the bigger studs. So be careful. If you are not confident you can handle this then take it to a shop. Ava g'day mate. ) And good luck.

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