Multi- structure Chinese Knot Rug

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chinese knot carpet          


cut pile



Face yarn


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Cotton cloth

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Q:Temporary fix for bleach stains on carpet?
There is a product that can dye the carpet. It's a pain to match the color you have to try a patch test first but try the local hardware store. You could also cut that part of the carpet out replace just the patch. A lot of flooring places will sell remnants cheap.
Q:How to clean the gum on the carpet in the fastest and the most clean way?
Preferred choice is adhesion remover, it will the remove chewing gum with no trace.
Q:Landlord wants me to replace entire carpet?
I think your age calculation is incorrect. Even cheap carpet should last 8-10 years. So let's say it's 8 years... the carpet is 4 years old. You made spots that can't come out, it's acceptable that they need to replace the carpet. Since there is still 50% life expectancy = you need to pay 50% of the cost.
Q:Need to know how to clean a white bath rug??
You know I would say yes but I would just wash it with mild soap and maybe shout the staines first! I use bleach on all my rugs but I have in the past have bleach eat right thru the back side of the rug did not do well. The ones I have now are 100 cotton and they take bleach well! Good Luck! Do not dry it if it does not get the stains off with the shout try it again before dry that sets stains!
Q:where can i order zebra print carpeting?
I think it would look unoriginal. Sorry, I know that's not what you wanted to hear. I also think you might outgrow it or grow tired of it faster than something less out-there. And I think the white part is going to show foot traffic big-time, becoming grey quickly. I'd suggest something that bold be a throw or area rug, more easily changed than wall-to-wall. Repainting walls when you've had enough hot pink is just a matter of enough coats. I did four to cover the blue in the room where I'm sitting.
Q:Are memory foam rugs good?
Sounds like a bad idea to me -- I presume you mean bathroom rugs. Memory foam is not very durable with heavy use and it would be wierd under a rug since it has such a slow rebound from pressure. The rug would be lumpy all of the time, leaving footprint marks wherever you walked. You also can't machine wash or machine dry foam rugs because they will break down from the heat and rough tumbling. It sounds like you like to keep them clean so that doesn not seem like it would be an acceptable option for you. Don't buy rugs with rubber coating on the back in the first place -- it always breaks down with time. If fading is a problem, stick to rugs made from synthetic fibers like acrylic polyester or olefin fibers instead of cotton or nylon. Those synthetics will retain their dye colors better. Buy good quality thick rugs with a woven fabric back or, better yet, that are reversible. I have had high quality reversible bath rugs in both polyester and in Egyptian cotton -- they have lasted beautifully for years with frequent washing and tumble drying.
Q:Carpet Fresh?
He might be allergic to it! Change it to a different one.
Q:where to buy contemporary rugs?
Q:how to repair flattened carpet?
I've used several methods to fix mine. If it's a small carpet (like an area rug) you can use a coin (like a quarter). Simply hold it on its side and rub it back and forth over the carpet. Another method is the spray bottle method. Sprits your carpet with water, let is sit for about 15 minutes, and vacuum. This will take 3 or 4 attempts. Always let the carpet completely dry before the next attempt. The last method is a pain, but one that I find works the best. Take a steam iron to your carpet. You'll have to do it in sections if it's a large carpet. After allowing the steam to penetrate deeply into the carpet, take a stiff brush and go over the area until the nap of the carpet it restored to its original condition.
Q:cat urintating on carpet?
Your cat may have a health problem. You should collect a urine sample and take it to your vet to run a urinalysis to determine if your cat has an infection or kidney problem. To collect the urine, you can use a urine collection kit, which your vet should have, or simply place an empty litter pan somewhere near his box and hope he goes in it. Keep it refrigerated until you can get it to your vet.

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