Horizontal Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump D(DF/DY)/DG Series

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This series is a horizontal, single suction and multi-stage centrifugal pump, which adopts the hydraulic model of efficient and energy-saving products recommended by the sate, playing a leading technical role in the industry. It has such advantages as high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable operation, low noise, long life and easy installation and maintenance.

  It can be used to transport clear water without solid particles (grinding materials) or suspended substances or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties as clear water. It can also transport hot water, oil products, corrosive or abrasive media and so on by means of changing the pump’s material (or the material of the pump’s flow-through part) and sealing mode and adding a cooling system.

  Our company has passed the certification of IS9001:2000 International Quality Management System. Our product design, production and service are provided with strict and standard control systems and our product quality is fully guaranteed.

By its application scope, the horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump includes the following types:   D pump can be used to transport clear water containing no solid particles with a temperature lower than 80℃ or liquids with similar physical and chemical properties as clear water. It’s applicable for water supply and drainage works in mines, plants and cities.

  DF pump can be used to transport corrosive liquids containing no solid particles with a temperature range of -20℃~105℃. The pump’s allowable inlet pressure shall be less than 0.6MPa.
  DY pump can be used to transport oil and petroleum products containing no solid particles with a temperature range of -20℃~105℃ and a viscosity less than 120cP.

  DG horizontal single-suction multi-stage centrifugal pump can be used to transport the clear water or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties as clear water. It’s applicable for the water supply in low/middle/sub-high pressure boilers as well as for the high-pressure water supply and drainage in plants or cities. The temperature range of transported medium is -20℃~105℃; And the allowable inlet pressure shall be less than 0.6MPa.

  In addition, our company can provide this pump series’ multi-outlet structure and function as required by customers. The user can select the pump’s material, sealing mode, structure, motor capacity and so on in a reasonable way in concentration, specific gravity and working temperature, the pump’s inlet pressure and so forth.

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Q:how to remove rear bolt from water pump?
Sometimes there are holes in the pulley and you can rotate it until the hole gives you access to the bolt. If there are no such holes, then you will probably have to remove the pulley. The pulley may be fastened with one, four, or zero bolts. If there are bolts for the pulley, remove them and proceed with common sense and use a puller if necessary. If there are zero bolts holding the pulley to the water pump, then it is pressed on and you will need to remove it with a specialty tool called a pulley puller which you can get as a loaner or cheap rental at many auto parts stores. The pulley must also be reinstalled with a pulley installer, also available as a loaner or cheap rental. Are you replacing the water pump or just removing it to do other work? If you look at a new one and it doesn't come with a pulley on it, then you know that the pulley must be removed to go on the new pump no matter what.
Q:Horizontal pumps, vertical pumps, which kind of expensive?
Not expensive, depending on the specific model, in fact, the vertical pump is not much
Q:Air Locked Water Pump?
If the possibility exists then relocating the pump below the level of the water source prevent air entering the pump. Having leaks in pipes and seals will let in air all the time and should be corrected. Many centrifugal pumps have a priming hole that is on top to fill the pump with water if they are not self priming but you need to make sure that the pump does not drain empty while closing the hole and starting the pump. Some pumps have a priming tank that is filled with water and then the opened to the priming port, these can be used with the pump already running and will collect the air bubles from the pump while it is starting. Positive displacement and self priming pumps create sufficient suction/vacuume to draw the colum of water intot the pump to get going and if these fail it is due to excess height above the suction water level or leaks in pipes or seals.
Q:Why can't vertical water pump use spring shock absorber?
Vertical pump power is small, the weight is limited, the pipeline vibration is limited, the general rubber shock absorber will be enough. It's no use. I'm sure you can't use the spring shock absorber.General construction, 7,5KW below is rubber shock absorber, above is spring shock absorber
Q:Solar Panels and Water Pumps?
The key is, as 96sentra says, where does the water have to go. We would need to know how high above bucket (minimum) water level will the other end of the hose be, and how fast (Liter or gallon per minute) shall the water flow. This determines the pump type, which in turn determines the solar panel size.
Q:Urgently need USB water pump please?
The USB output has a 5V power supply. USB2 delivers up to 500mA and later versions may be 900mA. USB hubs start off with less than this (100mA) but change as they are initialised. Some dedicated USB charging ports supply up to 1.8A. There are some USB power cables that take the output from 2 ports in a sort of Y harness (first link for example). The result of all this is that only a very small pump would run from most USB ports. I did find 2 rated at 5W and 8W but the voltage was not shown. I suspect they were mains operation, meant for large water bottles. If they were 5V they would use 1A and 1.6A respectively, so only run from special USB charge points or double cables, and only in some cases anyway. I assume you want to run from a Laptop/Notebook battery for convenience. The point is that even if the USB port can supply the correct voltage and current the battery would be emptied very quickly. It is probably cheaper to get a suitable pump, then power it from a separate and more suitable rechargeable battery or mains adaptor (wall wart), whatever it takes, taking into account how long it should run with a single charge. This is about the battery voltage and the capacity in ampere hours - the number of hours it can supply a given current. D size rechargeable (Ni-MH) would run a 6V x 6W motor using 1A for about 6 hours. C size cells are half that, and AA cells about half again. It takes 4 cells to get 5V. Get them as a pack though or at least with a battery holder, as they cannot be soldered. Then you need a proper charger. Recent laptop/notebook batteries are lithium ion types, 10.8V and 4.8Ah, so deliver 1A @10.8V for 4h more or less. Other types worth considering are for cordless drills.
Q:toyota water pump 1986 22re.?
what is the 22r fitted in as most run a thermo fan assy which is fitted to the front of the water pump if you have this then most likely the thermo is either just about to seize or it's still turn's then its in freewheel mode the best way to check is when the motor is cold check and se if you have a thermo fan fitted if so out one blade at 12 oclock and spin with one hand if the blade goes down past 3 oclock then you will need to open the coupling this is a simple job you will see 8 phillips head screws remove all and crack open the coupling but before this is done go to your local toyota dealer and purchase 1x 08816 10001 silicone empty this into the coupling and close this will fix your problem
Q:Water pump leaking after replacing coolant recovery tank?
A leaky pump usually means that it has gone bad. Water pumps are not designed to last forever. If your water pump is leaking after it has been on your car for a while replace it weather it is causing your car to run hot or not. Not replacing it will only lead to more costly problems because it will only continue to get worse over time. It might be a good idea to have your engine pressure tested to insure that you haven't caused any major engine damage from overheating while only replacing your water pump will seal the pressure in the system and showing any major defects such as a blown head gasket. You should also preform a check of your other coolant system components such as your fan(s), thermostat, hoses, radiator, heater valve, belts, and recheck the reservoir. Good luck.
Q:how can you tell if your water pump in your car is going bad?
Q:How much would it be in labor and parts to change a water pump on a new Dodge Durango?
2000 Dodge Durango Water Pump

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