D series Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump

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Product Overview of D series Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Our horizontal multistage centrifugal pump can be applied for transporting clear water or liquid with physicochemical property similar to that of the clear water. There shall be no solid particle, abrasive material or suspended solid containing in the liquid.
Particularly, this multistage centrifugal pump can be used for delivering hot water, oil corrosive liquid or medium containing abrasive material through special employment of material, sealing mode, or cooling system.


Application of D series Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Municipal engineering ,Wastewater treatment ,constructional engineering
Agricultural irrigation , transfer water ,etc.
High-rise buildings water supply and drainage, and for fire working
Factory and mining for distance water supply and drainage
Circulation water supply for production process
Cooling systems of air-conditioning in hotels
Domestic water supply


Range of Parameters of D series Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump

horizontal multistage dewatering centrifugal pump
Working Principle: Centrifugal
Main applications: mine coal water,chemical water
Driver: Electric Motor or Diesel Engine
Max Liquid Temperature:  105°C 
Type of connection: Flange
Casing Material: cast steel, stainless steel
Impeller Material: cast steel, stainless steel
Seal: mechanical seal
Flow Range:  2~650m3/h
Head:  84~850m 
Speed: 1450rpm/2900rpm



Q: Is it really necessary to fit a bleed valve for the boxes?

A: It is always best to have a bleed valve as the gas produced by the fermenting sewage is potentially hazardous.

Q: If I increase the power of the motor, must I also increase the power of the inverter?

A: You must select the size of converter that allows maximum absorption of the electric motor.

Q: Do you have pumps with grinders?

A: Yes, the WQ models.

Q: How long is your warranty?

A: Unless otherwise expressly authorized in writing, by specifying a longer period or different conditions, CNBM states that, for a period of twelve (12) months from delivery date, all Products supplied are free from defects in materials and workmanship, and conform to the applicable specifications. Either the delivery documentation or the invoice must be provided to prove delivery date. In absence of such documents, the production date appearing on the product label may suffice.



D series Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump

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Q:how do i know if i need to replace the water pump on a 2000 kia sephia?
Your water pump should definately be able to be spun by hand. Generally when a water pump goes, or starts to go, it will leak antifreeze and or you will be able to shake the pulley slightly. Double check and try to spin the water pump again without any belt tension on it. A water pump can go at any time however, if your car has less than like 80,000 miles on it, it's probably fine.
Q:Was my timing belt or water pump replaced incorrectly?
It sounds fishy for sure. These repairs should not take so much time and if the timing belt is not synched correctly it can affect mileage. I suggest a second opinion by a pro.
Q:Which water pump do you recommend?
I've never heard of those brands, but your TDH is going to be approximately 25 feet (ground to middle of the 3rd floor) plus 92' for pressure (40 psi). Ad at least 5' clearance head and that's 122' TDH. That's also 53 psi, meaning you'll want a pump that with an on-off of 40-60 psi. A centrifugal pump will do that. You'll probably want a minimum of 5-6 gpm. See if you can find a pump curve for the pumps in question and follow the vertical and horizontal lines on the chart and see if it will produce 6 gpm (or whatever volume you want) @ 60psi. Keep in mind that you can compensate for a pump that's a bit shy in volume with a larger pressure tank. Chances are most 3/4hp pumps will do what you need. If you don't have a pressure tank already or don't want to plumb a separate tank to the pump, look for a pump/tank combo. Then all you will have to do is plumb an intake and outlet line. A very good and very reliable American made pump like a Meyers should be way less than $700. The pump itself will probably be half that and a separate pressure tank approximately $175. Steer clear of Chinese made pumps. They may be ok, but finding parts like seals can be nearly impossible. Spending a couple of hundred extra dollars for an American pump will be money well spent when it's still running trouble free 10-25 years later.
Q:Pump pumping small is what happened?
Multi pass is self-priming pump, right? Check that the water inlet pipe is connected. If there is a little leakage, the lift will not be high. If the submersible pump, impeller pump or screw pump, they do not have irrigation. If it starts small and then flows, it may be that the water in the well is not rising so fast, that is to say, the water is poor. This happens, too. If it starts small, which may be the well did not hit the good position. Suggest a little more. Is it used in your house? Still have other uses?. For home use. A bucket of water is enough.
Q:I have a 1998 Camary 145k 4 cyl my water pump just went out. My timing belt was changed about 25k ago.?
I would turn the crankshaft with the belt on until the timing marks line up, then remove the belt, do the work, then put it back together... if you take it apart with the timing marks out of alignment, then it will be more difficult to put back. just a tip.
Q:Could I replace a water pump myself?
Go okorder.com They have on-line repair manuals for just about every car. You'll be guided through entering your vehicle make and engine size/type. Find the water pump and read the directions they give you. I changed the one on my Buick this way. It's cheaper and easier than buying the manual. If it looks to complicated, then take the car to a shop.
Q:The diving pump in the aquarium stops and stops on the goldfish
The submersible pump has been on all the time.
Q:Can someone help with 91 Plymouth acclaim Water Pump replacement?
91 Plymouth Acclaim
Q:2001 Intrepid 2.7, water pump & timing chain?
I also own a 2001 Intrepid and recently had a water pump go bad which also broke my timing chain. The pieces of aluminum you found are probably valves or valve springs from the head. Mine broke every vavle and spring on one head when my engine jumped time and a few more on the other head that is probably what your seeing. Also you don't want to check for compression by turning the crank manually. It is an expensive job to fix but the cars are great but I wouldn't spend too much on them because they only go for about $3000-3700 in great condition nowadays. Good Luck
Q:Could my problem be with the water pump?
The only reason to replace a water-pump on such a new car is if the weep-hole on the bottom of the water-pump in-put shaft casting is leaking. If your upper radiator hose if hot when the dash temperature reached 195 degree's there is nothing wrong with the water-pump. Cooling systems plug when brand X antifreeze is mixed with the standard equipment, long life type. *Did your mechanic do an inexpensive *cooling system pressure test to look for external and internal coolant leaks? Is the radiator filled to the very top when the engine is stone cold? Is the plastic coolant recovery bottle at least 3/4 full when the radiator cap has been removed? Have you checked to see of the electric cooling fans are operating behind the radiator when the dash temperature reaches 205 degrees? It's less expensive to change the thermostat and radiator pressure cap than a non-leaking water-pump. An 11 year old car is do to have the cooling system drained flushed and *cleaned before having Fresh factory recommended ZEREX G-05 antifreeze added.

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