High Pile and Low Pile Tufted Floor Printed Carpet

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Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Polyester


3.Pile Height: 3mm

4.Pile Weight:270g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm


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Q:Area Rug Cleaning?
If the rug's been outdoors outdoors, it ought to've mildewed. If that's been out interior the storage, that's in all hazard ok. How lots do you need the rug you had? could it fee greater to scrub than that's well worth? Do you have carpeted rooms that must be wiped sparkling on a similar time save money? In shops there are a number of products for removing puppy stains/odors. If those do no longer help sufficient, call a professional for an estimate. We contacted a rug save (no longer a carpet broking) for innovations had a pair of small (3x5) Oriental rugs wiped sparkling for approximately $25 each and each.
Q:Define commercial carpet cleaning?
The assignment of keeping floors clean is an essential task in both private and business situations as its the first range that aggregates earth. On the off chance that left as may be, it can discharge toxins and defile the air. High pedestrian activity spots are particularly inclined to assembling earth. For customary family units, a floor brush, mop and a vacuum cleaner are all that is expected to keep floors clean. Anyway where the three neglect to work and where escalated cleaning is obliged, the utilization of extraordinary gear as scrubbers, polishers, steamers and weight washers gets to be vital. So do you need to buy every one of them? Not by any means, however an environment that sees a great deal of pedestrian activity like a house with an extensive family, pets or business foundations will advantage.
Q:help!! new wool rug driving me crazy! how do i stop these fibers going everywhere?
new rugs shed... fact of life... doesn't matter whether it's wool or a synthetic fiber.... use the vacuum often... empty it often.... keep vacuuming..... it can take as much as a year for it to settle down.... do NOT use a Rug Doctor on a WOOL rug!.... just vacuum.... LOL!!... get a black kitty or puppy and blame it on them!!....
Q:Moving into a house with all wood floors - do you have suggestions/info about rugs/runners?
OKorder.com has matching rugs and runners of all shapes and sizes. Also, JC Penny used to sell matching rugs and runners, maybe they still do. I have personally purchased two runners and stapled them, one after the other, onto my stairs. It was supposed to be a quick-fix but it turned out so well, that here we are 7 years later and it still looks great. If you select a runner with a boarder, begin at the top of the steps. Once you work your way down the steps, you may have to cut off the edge of the rug (boarder) and then some, so the cut lands at the end of a riser above a stair tread. If you want the boarder to show at the bottom of the steps, begin the second runner at the bottom of the steps and work up to the other runner until they meet in the riser crease. This will look like it is all one custom piece with a boarder all around the edges. Good luck. To protect your floors from further damage until you can get around to either refinishing the floors or installing wall to wall carpeting, I would certainly use rug pads under any runners or throw rugs. You say you are preparing for deployment. I wish you and your family all the best and I am grateful for our military. Thank you.
Q:Industrial carpet tile - experience, suggestions, source?
No carpet pad is needed. Carpet tiles have an integral pad built into them to keep the plywood seams from telegraphing thru the carpet. You should adhere them to the floor, and while I agree with the previous answer about quarter turning the tiles, you may want to lay a few out and see how you like it before you stick them down for good. There are many different ways you can position carpet tiles (very versitile). Check out Interface Carpet (yahoo search will give you the website). They have good ideas on installation methods. And 66 cents a sq. ft. is a great price!
Q:traditional colonial rug hooking?
There are many different rug making techniques still used today. A magazine called Piecework recently had an article about rug making similar to what you described. There are other publications dedicated to rug making. Try googling rug hooking and you can find a lot of information and hopefully can learn more about this technique.
Q:Carpet stain!!! HELP?!?
Is the zout you used for carpet? I ask, because I have never seen zout carpet cleaner, only zout stain remover for clothes. Carpet cleaners will state to try it on an inconspicuous spot to make sure it won't remove the color from you carpet. You may want to rent a steam cleaner at a local store, they work really well, and then your spot probably won't be noticeable at all. It shouldn't smell after you steam clean it either, it will make the whole room smell fresh and clean. Good luck.
Q:is there any good dust removal methods for the carpet with lots of dust at home?
Point out one point specially: Because of its natural lanolin. Sometimes the surface needs to be brushed with cotton dipped in cold water. 2, make it bright as new 3. Although the texture of the carpet will change in a long time.
Q:is it better to have industrial carpet at home than regular carpet? regarding collection dust?
Maybe you just need a self propelled vacuum instead. Granted, old carpets are notoriously dusty as they fall apart.....the backing degrades, etc. If you plan on being in the home for awhile and like the look of industrial, fine, but many prospective homeowners will be put off. The plush home carpet is much preferred. I've had the short pile carpeting in family rooms and liked it for resisting traffic, but didn't find it any better for stain removal. Also it was glued down and the stink was horrible for awhile. Hopefully they have low VOC adhesives now. A lot of water/staining wasn't good as the carpeting couldn't be lifted to dry, hence more prone to mold.....thinking back to when kitchens were carpeted. I fully understand where you are coming from, hallways are my nemesis for wear and dirt/stains. I too have (and continue to) think about industrial just in that area. Maybe you just need a shorter pile, but not as short as industrial. I'd also study up on the different type fibers and their wearability.
Q:California Law for the landlord replacing carpet?
theres no law about replacing carpet. Theres no law that says an apartment even has to have carpet. If you want it replaced you need to pay yourself

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