Film coated 100% polyester exhibition carpet

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2000 m²
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200000 m²/month
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Quick Details

  • Technics: Nonwoven

  • Supply Type: Make-to-Order

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Nonwoven Technics: Needle-Punched

  • Pattern: Dyed

  • Style: Plain

  • Width: 1m or 2m

  • Feature: Breathable, Eco-Friendly, Tear-Resistant

  • Use: Agriculture, Car, Home Textile, Industry, Shoes

  • Certification: SGS,ISO9001

  • Weight: 200~600gsm

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: CNBM

  • Model Number: as per client required

  • width: regualr 1m,2m,max width 4m

  • length: regular 50m/roll

  • color: various

  • thickness: 2.0mm-5mm

  • material: polyester

  • use: exhibition or hotel lobby exhibition

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:with paper tube inside,plastic bag outside
Delivery Detail:7-15days


1.100% polyester
2.1m*50m/roll,200gsm~300gsm in store,various size
3.plain or rib or velour
4.20 years manafucture experience


100% polyester non woven exhibition carpet in rolls



Width1m,2m.virous size,max width 4m
ColorsTo order
Marterial100% polyester 
ThicknessTo order
Length of rollregular 50m/roll
Payment30% TT deposit,banlance will be paid before shipment 
Production cycle7-15days 
packingwith paper tube inside,plastic bag outside
Applicationsoutdoor exihibition,hotel lobby,wedding carpet, corridor  carpet


Advance of our products:

1.Over 20 years manufacture non woven felt

2.The price depends on the material,size,weight,quantiy

3. Best quotation offer after receiving your sample.

4. We are the manufacturer with many years experience,the price wil be very competitive

5. A full quotation as your required will be offered within 24hours

Q:I used a carpet shampooer along with a solution of natures miracle and a small scoop of oxy clean to clean my carpets. My cat had peed a spot in one of my rooms, so i just went ahead and shampooed all the carpet areas. I know that the Nature's miracle says that the carpet has to be 100% dry for the odors to go away. Well it has been over a week and I have noticed that everywhere I shampooed now smells horribly like cat urine! It is overwhelming! The carpet shampooer is kind of old, it was given to me, and I am wondering if it had some odors in it. I took the shampooer outside and took it apart and sprayed it with vinegar but I am scared to use it again because i think that it distributed the urine odor all over my house :( I don't know what to do, the cat urine odor is just everywhere now! What do i do to get rid of i just need to get a new shampooer?
To freshen carpets, sometimes I use baking soda and a few drops of essential oils. I put about half a cup or so of baking soda in a container (jar or bowl that I use for that purpose only) then, add a few drops of your favorite scented oil. (You can get it at places where they sell scented candles). After adding the scented oil, shake or stir to distribute. Wait a few minutes, then sprinkle the mixture onto carpets. The mixture should be quite dry, not wet, so use only about 4 or 5 drops of the scented oil. Let it sit on carpets for about an hour. Then vacuum. Baking soda is a natural odor absorber. I hope this works for you. Good luck.
Q:My uncle was given a (real) polar bear rug by a little old lady, and it's vintage. We'd like to sell it, but we have no idea where to start. It's incredibly creepy to have this poor dead thing hanging out in your garage. Is it legal to sell it in the US? It does have some damage, it's missing part of a paw, and the nose is a bit sad looking. Otherwise, it's still soft and life-like.
This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I sell a vintage polar bear rug? My uncle was given a (real) polar bear rug by a little old lady, and it's vintage. We'd like to sell it, but we have no idea where to start. It's incredibly creepy to have this poor dead thing hanging out in your garage. Is it legal to sell it in the US? It does have some damage,...
Q:Some wax fell on the carpet(quite dense) and i tried the old trick ironing down a piece of paper on top of it to lift the wax off. It has worked for me before. But now, part of the paper has stuck to the carpet. I tried ripping it off real quick but now there's just a huge patch of paper stuck right into the carpet. How can i get it off/out ? Help ?
First, you need to determine if the carpet fibers have melted to the paper. If the carpet is synthetic and since you applied heat, it's a possibility. If it has not melted, use a wax solvent, available at the grocery in the cleaning products aisle to remove the wax and the paper. If the carpet has melted, the only way you'll be able to remove it is to cut it off. You can try, with very small scissors to go under the paper and trim the fibers to remove the paper. Remove as little fiber as possible, obviously. If that technique isn't feasible, you may have to replace a portion of the carpet. If you don't have any extra carpet, perhaps you can remove a piece from inside a closet. Using a carpet knife, cut a square out of the carpet removing the damage, use the cut piece as a template to cut a new piece to place into the hole. There is carpet binding tape available at most craft stores to bind the seams together. When placing the new piece, be sure the weave goes in the same direction.
Q:Alright , so we forgot and left the portable heater on the carpet and overnight it caught fire and burnt the carpet, its a pretty huge area.. Any idea's of how to make it less visible or even patch it ?Thankks MUCHHH .
yes, a carpet installer can patch it if there can be found a piece of carpet that closely matches it.if you can get it at a carpet store that would be the best,otherwise you can take a piece out of a bedroom closet or somewhere it won't be as can do it yourself but it is very complicated to explain on here.basically it is like a patch.
Q:my mom wants to get a big but not too big or expense dragon rug. Where can she get it online? That really looks like a dragon? every time my mom searches for dragons rug on the computer she gets weird and not dragon rugs or even close to it. We live in a small town so the stores around here do not any dragon anythings. sO where can she find one that is worth the prices and the right size and looks like a real dragon and not a blob?
Why not design and create it yourself. Rug hooking is simple enough, and their are sites that can give you other ideas for making rugs.
Q:I have an area rug that my poodle urinates on when she's mad at me. Long story short she did it again while I was out and I didn't find it until it was dry and smelling up my apartment. Does anyone have tips on how to clean the rug myself without renting a shampooer and maybe how to deodorize the rug. I've tried fabreese and the baking soda stuff you leave on the carpet and vacuum up later. they didn't seem to work before so If anyone has anything else to suggest I'd be most grateful.Thanks
Baking soda is a good one which you've already used. Mix baking soda and ammonia together and hot water. Put a few heavy towels or something absorbent under where your poodle urinates and just pour the solution onto the urine places and allow it to sit on those spots a good while to soak through it. Pull the heavy towels you had under it and put them into your washing machine. Grab more dry towels and put them under the spots again. Now pour white vinegar and hot water over the same spots and allow that to soak through again. Grab those towels and wash them too. It should have cleaned the area rug as much as possible this way. A lot of work but worth saving your area rug and getting the oder out. I bought a small green spot bot steam cleaner and use it on spots and the suction for pulling out solution works great for these jobs. You might have a lot of use for one these machines around your apartment. Best of Luck to you.
Q:At my house i want to replace my carpet, and i do not know what to do next after i take off my carpet?? can anyone please help me to replace my carpet??please help!!!
Are you trying to do it yourself? I've seen it done, I know you need a few special tools. Also, if you have to do a seam, then it has to be done right or the seam will show. Maybe contact a installer. I think Lowes and Home Depot have contractors who do that sort of thing.
Q:I spilled some dark nail polish on a beige carpet. The polish has hardened making it almost impossible to come out. I've tried nail polish remover, carpet cleaner, bleach and even bathroom cleaners and I don't know what else to try or maybe a different brand?
Bleach okorder
Q:We are doing a production of Anything Goes, and the script calls for a chair rug. I've done a little bit of research, and it seems to be a thick towel that you would put underneath you to protect from bugs and the slats of the chair. Can anyone give me a little bit more to go on, or better yet, tell me where I can find one?
It could also be another name for a throw and be a rug that goes over the top of a chair to hide the fact its all tatty underneath or something?
Q:I have heard that cleaning a carpet with a quot;carpet cleanerquot; can actually harm the carpet. How do I clean my carpet, which is brand new, without harming it? I heard you have to put scotch guard or something on it.....idk please help! Thanks!
My partner and I run a successful Carpet Steam Cleaning business and have heard every rumor going over the years. First a professional Steam Cleaner that knows what he is doing will never 'ruin' your carpet. Many less professional cleaners may not re-extract all of the detergent out of the carpet correctly and as these detergents are designed to attract dirt you end up with what is called 'resoling' with the carpet getting dirtier much faster than before but this in itself does not damage any of the fibers nor is it dangerous to any children or pets and much more likely to occur with a hired machine as the vacuum is usually not strong enough. However we have received many calls over the years by people who have incorrectly used hired machines and permanently damaged their carpets (Usually water related damage) in the process. Personally I wouldn't let one of those machines anywhere near my carpet they run too cold and have limited suction Call in a professional it's like comparing a moped to Harley Davidson Do not attempt to scotch guard your carpet yourself this really does need to be done by a professional (Most Carpet Cleaning Companies will do it for an extra fee) The scotch guarding itself is not difficult or dangerous however it needs to be done immediately after a professional clean. It works by creating a protective membrane on the surface of the carpet to prevent dirt from getting through but it works both ways any dirt still in the carpet cannot get out after application until it wears off in 3-4 years time In most Countries the local health authorities recommend getting the carpets cleaned Once or Twice a year

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