Excavator CE Form China (K80SD)

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Product Description:

 Excavator CE Form China (K80SD)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:XCG240LC-8



Usage:GM Excavator



Transmission:Hydraulic Transmission


Drive Type:Internal Combustion Drive

Bucket Capacity:1.0~1.5m³



Certification:ISO9001: 2000






Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




Standard:CE certificate



Production Capacity:500PCS/Year

Product Description

24T operating hydraulic crawler excavator
Equiped original Cummins EUIII diesel engine
Full electic control
1.2M3 bucket capacity
125KW engine power
23.32T operating weight

Rated bucket capacity1.2 m3
Operating weight23320 kg
Rated output125 kW@2100 rpm
Bore × stroke105x125 mm
Displacement6.494 L
Max. torque637.9 Nm
Batteries2×12 V
Hydraulic System
Main Pumps2xVariable displacement axial piston pumps
Max. flow2x235 L/min
Hydraulic motors
Travel motors2x Variable displacement axial piston motors
Swing motors1x Fixed displacement axial piston motor
Relief valve setting
Implement circuit31.4 Mpa
Swing circuit25.5 Mpa
Travel circuit31.4 Mpa
Pilot circuit3.9 Mpa
Max. bucket digging force152.7kN
Max. arm digging force94 kN

Swing System
Swing speed12.9 rpm

Max. drawbar pull200 kN/20408kg
Travel speed
High speed5.5 km/h
Low speed3.2 km/h
Grade ability35
Carrier rollers2x2
Track rollers2x9
Track pads2x49
Shoe width600 mm/800mm
Ground pressure47 kPa

Fuel tank390 L
Hydraulic tank190 L
Hydraulic system220L
Cooling system28 L
Engine oil21.5 L
Travel reduction unit2x5 L
Swing teduction unit4.4 L
Working Ranges
Max. cutting height9360 mm
Max. dumping height6702 mm
Max digging depth6616 mm
Max. vertical wall digging depth5473 mm
Max. digging reach10088 mm
Max. digging reach on ground9920 mm
Min. front swing radius3951 mm
Standard boom5700 mm
Standard arm2900 mm
Overall length9786 mm
Overall height of boom3256 mm
Overall Width2980 mm
Overall height of cab2946 mm
Counterweight clearance1130 mm
Min. ground clearance468 mm
Tail swing fadius3030 mm
Track ground length3640 mm
Track length4440 mm
Track gauge2380 mm
Track overall width2980 mm

Excavator CE Form China (K80SD)

Excavator CE Form China (K80SD)

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Cheap foreign labor? We never put concrete in our posts, but the ground's pretty hard here.
Q:is Excavator clay burrowing substrate safe for a adult leopard gecko?
its ok
Q:How do i get insurance on rental equitment?
Your BUSINESS insurance company doesn't offer it? Most of the time, people who rent heavy equipment, are contractors - and they already HAVE inland marine coverage which can cover rented equipment. If you don't have this coverage, it's pricey - it usually STARTS at $2500 - and you can't just cancel it three days later and get all your money back. Your best bet, is to try to buy the coverage from the equipment rental place - but expect it to cost a few hundred. Or try a different rental equipment place.
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1 to 35 is equivalent to using that model. 1 is 35 times as big as the object.
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To appear in the opposite view, the small map will always show purple fist, it seems that people can step on...
Q:Basic way of calculating soil excavation?
It seems the question is not complete, I think the ratio of clay and fill material is required, the bulk factors here is the clay density which is 1300 kg/m^3 , and fill material is 1150 kg/m^3 . As the total soil volume is 64800 m^3 and excavator efficiency is 180 m^3 per hour , then the total time is 64800/180 = 360 hours
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Too Funny, Personally I'd just let it run till it ran out of fuel, teach the idiot that left it there with the keys in it a lesson, But to answer your question it will run till it runs out of fuel weather it be 6 hours or 6 months, or till a mechanic gets there and figures out what some dumbass operator has done to disable the fuel shutoff solenoid, If you want to be a real pain in the @$$ behind the seat is the fuse panel, pull all the fuses, if that doesn't shut her down the dumbass operator has this poor thing rigged in such a way its best if it were just burn to the ground, guys a hazard to himself and anyone working around him. the fact the emergency fuel shut off is broken tells me that. Oh and if you want it to run out of fuel faster give it full throttle, wont hurt the engine at all, that's how it was designed to run
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I have several at work. I will P.M. you with the names and addresses tomorrow when I get home at or near 4:00 eastern time.

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