Excavator CE Form China (K80SD)

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Product Description:

 Excavator CE Form China (K80SD)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:XCG240LC-8



Usage:GM Excavator



Transmission:Hydraulic Transmission


Drive Type:Internal Combustion Drive

Bucket Capacity:1.0~1.5m³



Certification:ISO9001: 2000






Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




Standard:CE certificate



Production Capacity:500PCS/Year

Product Description

24T operating hydraulic crawler excavator
Equiped original Cummins EUIII diesel engine
Full electic control
1.2M3 bucket capacity
125KW engine power
23.32T operating weight

Rated bucket capacity1.2 m3
Operating weight23320 kg
Rated output125 kW@2100 rpm
Bore × stroke105x125 mm
Displacement6.494 L
Max. torque637.9 Nm
Batteries2×12 V
Hydraulic System
Main Pumps2xVariable displacement axial piston pumps
Max. flow2x235 L/min
Hydraulic motors
Travel motors2x Variable displacement axial piston motors
Swing motors1x Fixed displacement axial piston motor
Relief valve setting
Implement circuit31.4 Mpa
Swing circuit25.5 Mpa
Travel circuit31.4 Mpa
Pilot circuit3.9 Mpa
Max. bucket digging force152.7kN
Max. arm digging force94 kN

Swing System
Swing speed12.9 rpm

Max. drawbar pull200 kN/20408kg
Travel speed
High speed5.5 km/h
Low speed3.2 km/h
Grade ability35
Carrier rollers2x2
Track rollers2x9
Track pads2x49
Shoe width600 mm/800mm
Ground pressure47 kPa

Fuel tank390 L
Hydraulic tank190 L
Hydraulic system220L
Cooling system28 L
Engine oil21.5 L
Travel reduction unit2x5 L
Swing teduction unit4.4 L
Working Ranges
Max. cutting height9360 mm
Max. dumping height6702 mm
Max digging depth6616 mm
Max. vertical wall digging depth5473 mm
Max. digging reach10088 mm
Max. digging reach on ground9920 mm
Min. front swing radius3951 mm
Standard boom5700 mm
Standard arm2900 mm
Overall length9786 mm
Overall height of boom3256 mm
Overall Width2980 mm
Overall height of cab2946 mm
Counterweight clearance1130 mm
Min. ground clearance468 mm
Tail swing fadius3030 mm
Track ground length3640 mm
Track length4440 mm
Track gauge2380 mm
Track overall width2980 mm

Excavator CE Form China (K80SD)

Excavator CE Form China (K80SD)

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Q:I have a 6T 590 cummins in a case 888 excavator, it runs good but the fuel is in the oil. I changed the lift pump but the fuel is still in the oil. What should I do???? Is there a seal in the injection pump that can be changed without having the injection pump rebuilt?
Yes the shaft seal in the injection pump can be changed without rebuilding the pump, actually pretty common, not a job you want to do yourself if you don't have the knowledge though, in some cases it takes a special tool to align and compress the seal upon installation, and if you get in there and remove the pump without a clue and get it out of time you have basically shot yourself in the foot
Q:hi,does anyone know how to find excavator driving jobs in canada,i am a qualified operator of 15yrs?
As of yesterday, the list of people trying to get into Canada was over 900,000, and these are just the ones who can offer something to our economy........I wouldn't hold your breath hoping to land a job here. Good luck.
Q:Where are Kobelco Excavators made in Japan?
kobelco is an american company as far as i know and they have a huge plant in calhoun georgia.
Q:I'm 18 and I live in Massachusetts, I recently committed a Vandalism crime that included my smashing a few windows on an abandoned (seemingly abandoned) excavator with a couple of friends. The damage came to (based on the police officers quick estimate) upwards of $250. I don't know why I or any of us did it but we feel horrible. The police came a few days ago at the scene of the crime and took our information. They also told us we would receive a summons to court in about 6 weeks. I and all of my friends are 18 and we all have perfectly clean records prior to this. We did a stupid thing and want to do anything and everything we can to rectify what we did. With a clean record and the cost of the damage done in mind...what's the worst that could happen to us? And is there any chance that this won't be put on our records if we take the proper steps...?
Contact the court.
Q:I have two mechanics working on two Isuzu E120 engine (one spare) to be fitted onto Hitachi EX400 excavator. Here's the problem, both of them gave me two different firing order.Mechanic A: 1-5-6-3-2-4Mechanic B: 1-4-2-6-3-5I think i just realized something ... instead of clockwise, can it turn anti clockwise? because the engine is designed to go anticlockwise the numbers would make sense now.
If it's a 3.1 or 3.2 V6, order should be 123456, where #1 is 1st cylinder on the left when standing in front of engine.
Q:I have an old lego suit case full of random pieces and i want to play with my nephew but i dont want to buy sets because most i have no interest in and they can be quite expensive as i was looking at them in the lego store. I have no problem buying a few loose random pieces as they have a wall of all random pieces in any color you can think of. Personally id like to see if i can build him barney the big purple dinosaur, hes two and loves him. Or a construction viehicle like a cement truck steam roller or excavator. I saw in the store on display but no set for a golfer made of legos id love to build that since his dad is a golfer and google is failing me.
Try first site listed below. Its got an inventory list of parts and you have sign up but it appears free. The second and third site you buy instructions but might be worth it.
Q:I want to make a desert looking tank for my leo but I've heard of impaction and I don't want that to happen. Is there a sand that wont hurt the gecko? Also I feed mealworms on a dish so does that lessen the risk of him eating some sand when he goes to eat?
There is NO sand that won't be a risk for your gecko. I would recommend repti-carpet, but if you want a natural look try tile or hard clay. Leo's are from the more rocky, clay areas of the deserts in Pakistan. Not the sandy ones. Hope this helps :)
Q:I have a jd 490E excavator the boom function has very restricted hydraulic flow/power. I replaced the circuit release valve (two of them), which did not help at all.the problem was intermittent in the beginning, when boom control is used with stick control...quot;
Is it just the boom or does everything slow?
Q:I havn't quite gotten into the area of hydraulics yet, so I am hoping this question might generate some answers to a few questions I have.A design I have been helping review calls for the use of hydraulics to manipulate a blade and an arm for a small excavator. You guessed it, on the moon. Airless environment and a lot of nasty dust. the little talk I found on the subject of using hydraulics in space is 1 mention by the designers of the shuttle arm, but didn't go into detail. I am wondering if linear actuators would be better for the design over all due to the less complex nature.
Hydraulic systems are pretty well sealed and have the advantage of being able to be designed to move and manipulate very heavy loads. the space shuttle is loaded with quite a few hydraulic systems.
Q:can not stand ah, every time gank come to leave a piece of Xiang, how can you do not hate this?
No, his tunnel can't pass without time limit. Each tunnel can only go back and forth once within a certain time.

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