Crawler Excavator 8ton with CE Approved CT80-7b

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Product Description:

Crawler Excavator 8ton  with CE Approved CT80-7b

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CT80-7B


Type:Crawler Excavator

Usage:GM Excavator


Transmission:Mechanical Transmission

Drive Type:Internal Combustion Drive


Bucket Capacity:0.1~0.5m³









Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




Standard:SGS CE



Production Capacity:500PCS/Year

Product Description

Original Yanmar engine complies with strong power, high effiency, lower failure rate, low oil comsumption, lower noise
Imported hydraulic pumps, valves, motors ensure high, performance
Capacious and comfortable cabin with air conditioner
Advanced electric control system realizes the auto idling function, reduction fuel consumption

Operating weight  6820kg 
Standard bucket capacity  0.26m 3  
Track shoe width 400mm  
Arm length 1700mm  
Boom length 3260mm  
Model  Yanmar 4TNV94L  
Type  Natural aspirated  
Number of cylinder  4  
Max. power/rpm  37.9kw/2200rpm  
Max. torque  217N.M at 1000 rpm  
Displacement  3.054L  
Main pumps  
Type  Variable displacement axial piston pumps  
Max. displacement  63cm 3 /r  
Working pressure  25Mpa  
Hydraulic motor

SlewFixed displacement axial piston motor  
Travel  Variable displacement axial piston motors  
Slew speed  12 rpm  
Min. back slew radius  1650 mm  
Max. travel speed high/low  4.8/2.6km/h  
Grade ability  35 °  
Traction force  46.3kn  
Max. digging force of bucket  44.5kn  
Max. digging force arm  30.7kn  
Ground pressure  0.337kg/cm 2  
Tank capacity  
Fuel tank capacity  135L  
Hydraulic tank capacity  95.8L  

Crawler Excavator 8ton  with CE Approved CT80-7b

Crawler Excavator 8ton  with CE Approved CT80-7b

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Q:What's the difference between Carter 320C excavator and 320D excavator? Where's the difference?
Functional power: 320C engine power is less than 320D, 320C is 3046/3066 engine, and 320D is Carter C6.4 engine. 320C is slower than the 320D model. Carter 320C belongs to the direct injection vehicle, and 320D excavator is EFI, relatively speaking, 320D fuel quality requirements higher.
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Q:How long does the excavator take on the moon?
depending on how many people you have the time may very from 30mines-2hours

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