Crawler Excavator 8ton with CE Approved CT80-7b

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Product Description:

Crawler Excavator 8ton  with CE Approved CT80-7b

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CT80-7B


Type:Crawler Excavator

Usage:GM Excavator


Transmission:Mechanical Transmission

Drive Type:Internal Combustion Drive


Bucket Capacity:0.1~0.5m³









Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




Standard:SGS CE



Production Capacity:500PCS/Year

Product Description

Original Yanmar engine complies with strong power, high effiency, lower failure rate, low oil comsumption, lower noise
Imported hydraulic pumps, valves, motors ensure high, performance
Capacious and comfortable cabin with air conditioner
Advanced electric control system realizes the auto idling function, reduction fuel consumption

Operating weight  6820kg 
Standard bucket capacity  0.26m 3  
Track shoe width 400mm  
Arm length 1700mm  
Boom length 3260mm  
Model  Yanmar 4TNV94L  
Type  Natural aspirated  
Number of cylinder  4  
Max. power/rpm  37.9kw/2200rpm  
Max. torque  217N.M at 1000 rpm  
Displacement  3.054L  
Main pumps  
Type  Variable displacement axial piston pumps  
Max. displacement  63cm 3 /r  
Working pressure  25Mpa  
Hydraulic motor

SlewFixed displacement axial piston motor  
Travel  Variable displacement axial piston motors  
Slew speed  12 rpm  
Min. back slew radius  1650 mm  
Max. travel speed high/low  4.8/2.6km/h  
Grade ability  35 °  
Traction force  46.3kn  
Max. digging force of bucket  44.5kn  
Max. digging force arm  30.7kn  
Ground pressure  0.337kg/cm 2  
Tank capacity  
Fuel tank capacity  135L  
Hydraulic tank capacity  95.8L  

Crawler Excavator 8ton  with CE Approved CT80-7b

Crawler Excavator 8ton  with CE Approved CT80-7b

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Q:Whats the name of the tracker that grabs dirt from the ground?
Its either a excavator or a wheel laoder, depending on what you mean .
Q:log book query and getting to australia?
If you're aged between 18 and 30, you are eligible for a 12 month Working Holiday visa, which can be extended to 24 months if you do 88 days of rural type work during your first 12 months. When you arrive in Australia, you will be required to have access to around AUD$5000 in cash, travellers cheques, bank account, credit card or a combination of those, to cover initial living expenses and you must also have either a return/onward air ticket or enough extra to buy one. At the end of your WHV, you will have to leave Australia. Excavator Driver (or Heavy Equipment Operator or similar) is not on any of the lists of occupations that are eligible for work visas and your occupation must be listed before an employer can sponsor you for one. If you're not eligible for a WHV, you're wasting your time coming as you will not be allowed to work. On a WHV, you are only allowed to work for each employer for up to 6 months which can make it difficult to get anything other than casual work. I don't know what's involved in getting a log book, but if it means that you don't actually have any experience or certification, that would make it even more difficult to find heavy equipment driving work on a WHV.
Q:the nature of subsoil, the width, the depth and the placing of the support system will governed the method of?
jawapannya..bukak sluar korek dlm bontot kau...hahahaha
Q:How much gas does the excavator use in a day?
Hitachi Komatsu good ~! Every hour generally around 220, comprehensive Komatsu: Japanese brand, excavator industry leader, the total price is high,
Q:Anyone have any reviews on the Zoomed excavator clay substrate? I would like to use this with a mixture w/sand?
if you have turtles you are not supposed to give them sand. they will mistakenly eat it which can mess up their digestive system, cause them pain, and possibly death
Q:akbash dogs? pros? cons?
They for more information on whether it would be the right breed for you.
Q:What kind of trailer do i need?
Hi as this is really a 7 ton unit which normally has to sit on a low loader a normal trailer will not do the job it needs to go on a flat bed articulated it exceeds the normal trailer weight. exceed this and the police will pull you over and the trailer and vehicle towing it would be impounded as being illegal. VOSN will take it off you as it is an irregular weight to be on a trailer with a ball hitch or clasp hitch.
Q:do we have to pay for a bounced check if sercices not completed?
He can always take you to court and sue you.
Q:How Does The Hydraulic System In Hydraulic Excavators Work?
No simple answer to this,basically fluid does not compress so when it's pumped into a cylinder is pushes the hydraulic ram outwards or inwards depending on the set up.
Q:Can I dig in archeological sites if I don't have a BA in Archeology but only an MA?
Huh? Plenty of people without degrees in anything have worked as supervised excavators and technicians on Archaeology digs. In fact, through organizations like Earthwatch or Crow Canyon, complete amateurs can pay to participate in field digs. So I'm not clear on what this person meant -- perhaps they misunderstood and thought you were asking if you could head up a dig yourself. In fact, at the University I attended Archaeology was considered a sub-field of Anthropology and you had to get your degree in Anthro even if you took the full curriculum for Archaeology. If you were intending to work on a field dig they would certainly prefer that you had taken courses that taught field techniques and standards so that you understood what needed to be done. Most Chief Investigators (who are directly responsible for the field operations and daily oversight) have PhD's in Archaeology. Even with a PhD you can't just go out and start digging anywhere you wish. There are protocols to be followed.

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