Crawler Excavator 8ton with Korea hydraulic parts

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Quick Details

Model Number: WY85

  • Condition: New

  • Moving Type: Crawler Excavator

  • Operating Weight: 7760mm

  • Bucket capacity: 0.3m3

  • Maximum Digging Height: 6895mm

  • Maximum Digging Depth: 4045mm

  • Machine Weight: 7760mm

  • Max Digging Radius: 7330mm

  • Rated Speed: 2/3.85 km/h

  • Certification: ISO9001 IS14001

  • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

  • Engine Model: Yuchai YC4D80

  • Engine Power: 56kw/2200rpm

  • Overall Dimension: 7260*2088*2690mm

  • Back end swing radius: 1935mm

  • Max unloading height: 4780mm

  • Rotation speed: 11 r/min

  • Hydraulic system pressure: 28Mpa

  • Track shoe width: 450mm

  • Excavator color: Yellow / Blue

  • Manufacturing date: Made in 2014


Products Features for crawler excavator 8ton

1. As domestic first company , we design the machine by care design philosopy, create trasformers type excavator, ans acquire the national patent .

2.  The hydraulic system and Multi-value of Korea and Japan and adopt loop pressure compensation, load sensitive type valve, and no-pressure interference, so make the operation standard II.

3. The engine is the newest type YUCHAI engine, gets the national standard II.

4. Structural parts holes are made by full automatic numercial control fine boring , gap precision, well lubrication; surface with shot blasting, paint surface has strong adhesive force ; cab and covering parts are processing with electrophoresis, corrosion resistance is greatly improved.

5. Full- automatic welding, weld joint adopts ultrasonic flaw detection, get weld zero defect.

6. The cab shows the harmony of machine and human, comfortable zero seat, wide vision, equipped with the A/C, and sound. The inside design adopts the enviromental material, and make the inside cab elegant and fresh.

 7. Pass the agricultural machinery appraisal of Shandong province, enjoy nation subsidies.

 8. Cummins engine for your choice.

 Crawler Excavator 8ton with Korea hydraulic parts



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