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I need a new lacrosse stick so I was gonna buy one from a friend, I‘m 15 and have been playing lacrosse for a little while. One option is a gently used warrior kryptolyte with a warrior EVO pro head. Option 2 is a warrior dolomite with a warrior MOJO head, the shaft isn‘t in as good condition as the krypto. I‘m getting charged $65 to the krypto or $85 for the dolomite. Which should I take?
id say call the jeep people like off roader shops they should have the answer for you good luclk
Come on over honey and give your uncle dolomite a kiss?
Yes I would. A hard sprint through fire won't cause as much pain as just laying there to die for the fire to burn me completely.
I'm considering starting a small saltwater aquarium. What kind of fish, tanks, etc. would be good for an amateur.
More answer than will fit in this box. Best thing is to read a couple books on setting up and operating a marine aq.
Someone told me his pet rock was lazy and he might go home to punish it. If he does, do you think he will hit rock bottom?
No, I think he'll be gneiss about it. Maybe dolomite of pumice-ment out. Not much. He's too sedimental about his little coprolite.
who invented the fertilizers and pesticides here in the philippines?
It may actually hurt resale unless the interested party wants those mods. Most Corolla owners would prefer the better ride of the stock suspension.
latest rock fashion?
Dolomite is in for summer, but granite is still good for spring.
It‘s a lab question about chemical weathering, what influences the rate of chemical weathering? Our experiment was basically finding the change in mass day after day after soaking limestone, marble, and dolomite in hydrochloric acid per day
There are many factors which affect the rating of weathering depending on what type of weathering you are referring to. In your case some of the major factors would be temperature (higher temperaturemore energy to fuel reactionsmore reactions occurringfaster weathering), concentration of HCl (higher concentrationmore HCl available to reactmore reactionsfaster weathering), how reactive the substance being eroded is to your eroding agent (HCl) (e.x. limestone will dissolve much more readily than dolomite), and the length of time the substance is exposed to the eroding agent (longer exposuremore reactantsmore reactionsfaster weathering).
Suggestions for planting flowers this spring.?
Coleus is a heat climate plant. a fave for spring gardens are pansies and violas, they do no longer ideas the cooler nights. as long as you don't get an exceedingly annoying frost, they are going to bloom to nicely into previous due June. They drag alongside for the favorite areas of the summer season, yet come back for a 2nd tutor in fall while it gets cooler. You did no longer say something approximately perennials, yet there are various stuff that bloom early in spring, regrettably they might desire to be planted interior the autumn.