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Is the cement fiber outer wall plate affected by the blisters?
In particular, the water absorption of the sheet is very important, especially asbestos-free, the density is inversely proportional to the water absorption, the higher the water absorption, the lower the density, the resistance to freezing and thawing and stability The worse, the easier it is to stratify,
On the difference between the cement pressure plate, the fiber cement board, the Etter board
Steamed into a new type of building plate. With light, high strength, waterproof, anti-corrosion, fire, large format, good processing, improve construction efficiency and so on. Mainly used for internal and external walls, pouring walls, composite panel wall panels, fire door lining, external wall insulation panels. ? Ette board is a fiber reinforced silicate plate (fiber cement board), the main raw material is cement, selected minerals, by the high temperature autoclaved autoclaved, waterproof performance, can be used as toilet Wall, or outdoor roof roof, or external wall with the board can be in the long-term damp environment to maintain stable performance unchanged.
This would be around the bathtub area. Not sure whether to use the same cement board tape and mortar at the ceiling line or to switch to regular wallboard joint compound. Which is correct? Thanks!
If your tiling the ceiling you can use thin set to tape that corner joint. If you were not tiling the ceiling it d be different. Any questions you can email me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Will Titebond II (weatherproof) work? I have a 1928 home and am trying to duplicate one of the original exterior window sills to go on a new window. I need to glue a couple of 5/4 pieces together to get the right thickness and I want it to last. The originals have redwood but it's old growth I believe and more stable than what I can find now in redwood or DF. Correct me if I'm wrong there. Plus I have only two attaching points to work with on either side of the window so I chose the fiber cement product for it's stability. Nothing on James Hardie's site says what can be used to glue it with though.ThanksThanksChris
I would use gorilla glue which is 100 percent waterproof. or you could use polyurethane caulk which is very tough.
We are using quality 3/4 plywood as the base - can we glue the tiles directly to this wood or does there need to be something between the wood and the glue/mortar?
You can use two layers of 3/4 going cross grain to the bottom but there still is the possibility that the wood will swell and move if you don t glue and screw it together well. Its better to use a 1/2 cement board. And still use thin set between the 2 layers and nail ( galvanized roofing nails) or screw it well. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
What is the fiber used for cement foaming?
Polypropylene staple fibers are chemically stable and only rely on changing the physical structure of concrete to improve the performance of concrete, which does not itself undergo any chemical reactions. With the concrete aggregate, admixture, admixture of cement mixed with its chemical and physical properties and stability, and good compatibility with the concrete material.
How to install the outer wall plywood
Before installation, please determine the number of hanging plates and accessories according to the actual situation of the house. In addition, the use of some suitable tools and equipment during the installation will help to improve the installation speed and effect. Commonly used tools are: electric saw (desktop or portable), hand hammer, fine tooth straight knife saws, rectangular ruler, level ruler, tape, ink line, protective glasses, tool knives, iron scissors; Hole clamp.
Why plastic materials use glass fiber reinforced
Some physical properties of plastic are generally worse than metal, adding glass fiber can improve the modulus of plastic products, but also can enhance the heat resistance of plastic products, but after adding glass fiber, the plastic will become more brittle, toughness decreased.